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[Open-2] Shadow of a Doubt

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Re: [Open-2] Shadow of a Doubt

Malakai Greenmantle III | Warlock; Elementalist

Posted on Sun May 14, 2017 10:39 pm

“Earth.” Thought that had been obvious from the cocky display I’d offered up to her in the forest. Pulling a crystal from the ground. Suppose in some ways it was ambiguous. Especially if she hadn’t had much dealings with Elemental based Warlocks and Witches before. Sometimes elementalists could grasp one spell from a completely unrelated elemental tree. Learning that one spell would take years of practice but it wasn’t unheard of. Utterly pointless in my eyes considering the time required that could be put to better use on spells that came naturally.  

Lifting my head from my phone I looked over to Daphne. Family was extremely important to me so I did enjoy hearing about others. Was easier to see her as a person, a caster, rather than focusing on what Magick she wielded when I focused on what her upbringing had been like, how strong her relationship with her parents was, or whether or not she had siblings. “How is it you came to discover what you are then?” Harry Potter references were running like wildfire through my brain. Just couldn’t help myself. I’d met all manners of different witches and warlocks but the ones that fascinated me the most were those that hadn’t had a strong coven backing when finding themselves. Shane had said he’d had his eyes opened by a spirit. While I hadn’t been consciously trying to feel Daphne’s magick it had been hard not to when she’d literally used it to save my life. It was strong. Had to admit stronger than my own. Shocking to consider she hadn’t had a Grimoire as a teacher. Naturally gifted.

Returning to scrolling through the inventory lists I nudged a stack of books with my foot gently. “Eventually that’s exactly what I want it to be. I recently met another Necro who didn’t even know what he was until a wandering soul enlightened him.” While I didn’t like Necromancers I wouldn’t wish that lost feeling on anyone. Not even those that dabbled in the darkest arts. “If a place like this existed here then maybe those drawn to Index that don’t know why can be informed. Not to mention it would be a bevy of knowledge for all. Witches, Warlocks, Vampires…Wolves.” I tentatively added that last species. Inviting them into the building was a bit of a death wish. However my business did not discriminate and the Museums upper floor was to become the hub for Idiom. “I’ll be creating a physical office here for my business too, so it could also become somewhat of a marketplace.” Also a meeting spot. Wasn’t going to open the doors to pack chats or harbour full nests but it would be a safe place for everyone to commune. “Have a wanted advertisement listed for some help. What with this, my business and everything else. I’m swamped.”

As I’d been talking as well as trying to scan the names and backgrounds of various items that were currently tagged as being in the lobby, I almost missed it. Almost. “Here’s why it’s strange. Don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. I shouldn’t be able to see them right? Here’s why I can down there.” Standing behind her I lowered my phone over her shoulder on the details of one of the objects in question. “Trust me normally I’m more organised than this so when someone sends me something that doesn’t fit my criteria, which happens more than you’d imagine.” A laughed slightly. “I send it back. Right now I have two Owl statues of Muut. I’m betting they produce an aura. They’re Cahuilla so don’t fit the Native American exhibit I have.” The screen stated a brief description. Muut was the personification and messenger of death in the culture of the Native American Cahuilla people of southern California and northern Mexico, and was usually depicted as an owl or as the unseen hooting of owls. “Can you see it? I know its here.” Like it was just beyond the bookcase next to us. Peering through the cracks.

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Re: [Open-2] Shadow of a Doubt

Daphne Collins | Witch; Necromancer

Posted on Sun May 21, 2017 9:52 pm

Ah, I said, thinking back to the spell he'd used in the woods. I hadn't spent a lot of time thinking about what his specialty was, especially compared to the amount of time I'd spent thinking about how he'd responded to my specialty - childish, but at least it'd been remedied. My lack of knowledge of things in general was rather frustrating. My mother taught me what she thought to be important, the culture of elementalists, for example, did not meet those requirements, but understanding them and their magic more deeply would be an asset, doubtlessly, if Kai would be willing to share.

My life in London had become so separate in my mind from my life in Index that it sometimes felt like a dream. The details had blurred together until it was sometimes difficult for me to recall how exactly I'd come to be where I was. Still, I remembered clearly the witch who had changed the course of my life so suddenly. I met a witch who identified me as a medium - I hadn't quite come into my power at the time. How exactly it had gone down was not entirely clear, but I still remembered her face down to the last blemish.

Spirits were tricky things to deal with. Learning what you are from one would be a difficult way to do it in the sense that it would be very easy for it to manipulate you and your power. Even knowing what I was, I had been manipulated with some ease by many spirits early on - it hadn't been all bad, but I ended up in some dark places in part because of the things that they whispered into my ear.

I considered the implications of what he was saying. It would essentially be some kind of neutral ground for supers, I supposed, although such a thing would likely be very difficult to achieve. I valued the possibility of having a database of supernatural information available to me, but not all had such a respect for knowledge and learning. Wolves, for example, had never struck me as the educational types. Allowing them, vampires, and warlocks to all occupy the same space sounded like it would end going up in smoke.

I read the description he presented me with and then looked around the room again, in the corner of my eye I though I saw something flit towards the corner. When I turned my head, it was gone. I frowned and then turned back, This may be a good sign then, I said thoughtfully, The statue is amplifying it temporarily somehow. I think it will become more corporeal if it gains more power over you. The idea that the shadow people were connected to us psychologically worried me more than the fact the Kai's had been trying to hurt him physically. Battling something that was in your mind was much more difficult than stepping out of the way of a falling bookshelf.

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