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[Closed] I guess you just drive...

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Re: [Closed] I guess you just drive...

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Fri Mar 17, 2017 2:12 am

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Okanogan County | Clear | Just after dark.

Part 6 of 14.
Day 21.

There was once a mighty wolf... We all sat huddled around the fire. Pixi sitting right beside me, and Port on the opposite side. The stars twinkled above, only dimmed where the tallest trees blocked the sky. I held a stick over the fire, at the end of it roasted meat, and I pulled it away from the flames as Port began his story for what felt like our hundredth story night. I passed Pixie the stick, grinning at the thought. He was not alpha, he was not warlord. But a mighty fighter! The strongest and bravest of his pack. - Even stronger than the alpha?! Pixi asked with enthusiasm, already completely absorbed in the tale. I nudged her on the shoulder with my own, No ones stronger than the alpha. My eyes flashed white and she giggled. Ports eyes darted to mine, Even stronger than the alpha. He confirmed, grinning as he looked back towards Pixi.

He was tasked by his ancestors to find a very important pup. She'd gone missing. But this pup was special, and needed to be protected at all costs. Pixi tilted her head sarcastically, looking up at Port from under a heavy unamused brow. Daddy... Was her name Pixi... She asked bluntly, completely onto him from the start. I hid my laugh behind the back of my hand as Port narrowed his eyes on me. His eyes returned to Pixi before he answered, Of course it wasn't. There's only one Pixi. Her name was... Stix. I blurted out, Yes, stix. Port confirmed, and Pixi scrunched up her nose. Doesn't sound very important to me. She said with a shrug as she tore more of the meat off of her stick with her teeth. Well she was. Very important actually. So important that the mighty fighter was sent into vampire infested woods to rescue her. - Alone? Pixi's eyes widened at the thought.

Ports voice changed with every line, growing more and more dramatic to set the mood. Completely alone. - He traveled for miles. The only thought on his mind was Stix. He didn't seek glory, he only wanted to rescue the girl, so she could grow up and change the world. But he'd lost her scent... And needed to seek shelter in a dark, scary cave. Completely unaware that he was stepping foot right into a nest of vampires - What kind of vampires? Pixi asked casually, her eyes focused clearly on her food. Ancient ones. She stopped eating, her jaw dropping and eyes growing wide... And I smiled. He was surrounded! Ports voice got louder, and when Pixi jumped I wrapped my arm around her, wiping the smile from my face when she looked up at me so I could give her a serious look and a nod.

Vampires, eight of them, they bared their fangs and hissed at the fighter! My top fangs emerged and eyes glowed a bright white as I hissed at Pixi, she screamed as I grabbed her shoulder with my free hand, and erupted into a fit of giggles as I began tickling her. When I stopped she propped her skewer against her leg and leaned forward, propping her elbows onto her knees as she stared at Port through the flames. Was he okay? She asked with such concern. It didn't look like he would be... Until the ancestors sent down the spirits of his family. His sisters, his brothers, his father... - His mommy? She asked, her eyes now sitting below a sad brow. Yes Pix... His mommy too. For that one line in the story, his tone had changed. But then he picked right back up where he left off. The spirits of his family helped him battle the vampires! But even though he'd escaped with his life, he was not victorious... He still did not find the pup, the girl, Stix. When he left the cave, the spirits of his family followed, and with their help, he was guided to where he needed to be. The girl had been hidden underground, and after he'd pulled her free, they howled, victorious. - So did she? Pix asked, Did she what? I asked in response. Did she change the world? I returned her question with a look I couldn't even begin to describe. Whatta' you think? Of course she did!

Can I hear another one? She asked, and Port stood. Next time Pix, it's time for your little butt to hit the sheets. She whined, and I stood. I'll take 'er. I said as Port sat down, somewhere inside already knowing that I was going to offer.

I'd passed Pixi her doll, and pulled the blanket up under her chin, kneeling down beside her bed to tell her goodnight when she stopped me. Are you our pack master? she asked, and I took a breath. I didn't know how to answer that question. It was harder to answer than telling a kid where babies come from. I'm not. I admitted, staying true to my belief it was best to be honest with kids when certain topics came up. Why not? She asked, and I felt it right then and there. This question was even harder than the last, and honesty or no honesty, I simply didn't know the answer. I guess because... I started, trying to grasp onto a thought, any thought at all that would provide me with a good enough answer. I guess it's because I haven't asked you if you and your papa want me to be your alpha yet.

I stared at her, a question of my own forming. Do you want me to be? I finally asked. I think so. Daddy would too. She answered before turning her head and closing her eyes as if to tell me she was done with the conversation. Then I will be. I pulled myself up and walked towards the door, only turning when I heard her voice one last time. I'm gonna miss you. Was her intuition that good? Did she know I was gonna leave before even I did? The thoughts consumed me, even as I finally started moving again and closed her bedroom door, it's all that occupied my mind as I headed back out towards the fire. I'd been with this man and girl for what felt like forever, and even I couldn't figure out why I hadn't brought it up to Port. I knew inside I wasn't going to stay here forever, so why hadn't I offered? That only instigated another series of questions. Like why I knew I wouldn't be here forever, but I still couldn't see myself leaving, and still hadn't left? It didn't make sense.

I think I'm ready. I looked at Port as I sat back down, his expression was... One I hadn't seen before. It was serious, but also some twisted combination of sad and angry. The statement seemingly came out of nowhere, and I looked right back at him from under confused eyebrows. Ready? I asked, shoving my hands into my pockets, but my eyes stayed focused intently on his. To poke the elephant in the room. My confused look only grew. The one thing we both know, but haven't talked about. Out of all of our conversations... What's the one thing neither of us have mentioned? Fuck, there were tons of things neither of us had mentioned, but the way he worded it seemed like it was something we both knew, but simply never said. And my stupid head was so wrapped up in what Pixi had said I assumed it had to do with me becoming their alpha. Until he opened his mouth again. About what happened to my pack, and what I assume happened to yours.

The Supremacy.

We don't need to talk about it, Port. In fact, the little bit we just did was enough. It's out in the open now. You don't wanna be burdened with my details, and I sure as hell don't need yours. The picture is already painted. - Fair enough... He exhaled, stretching in his seat. But there is something else we need to talk about... I'm... Fuck, if I'm honest, I don't really want to. I mean I do, but I just... I can't figure out why I haven't brought it up sooner, and I don't want you to get the wrong idea... Onyx... I invited you in after finding out you mutilated a bunch of animals in the neighboring field. I'm sure whatever it is, I can handle it. I laughed, nodding in realization of just how true that was. Okay... Here 'goes... I exhaled, pulling my hands from my pocket so I could cross my arms and lean back against the tree behind me. I'm not exactly... In hiding... Or on the run... I know. He replied casually. And I opened my mouth to say more, but had to backtrack when I realized what he'd said. Wait, you know? I asked, completely confused. Three days in, you had to mysteriously head to town to do some mysterious things. Wolves on the run don't need to head into populated areas where they might be seen to do ''mysterious'' things. He had a point. And I wondered when he put the pieces together, how long exactly he'd known. Well shit... Then I'll just get to it. I have a pack, wolves that are still alive, and more keep comin'. I guess I'm askin' you if you and Pix wanna come back with me and be a part of that pack?

He smiled, as if he was waiting for that question since he first realized I was a pack master. And then something happened... That smile went flat... His expression morphing into something that was almost somber. I would want nothing more than to give Pix a family again. He replied, and I was three seconds away from wakin' up Pix and hittin' the road. It was weird... That urgency to get back home, the same urgency that had been hidden from me this entire time suddenly rushed back and I was actually ready to leave with Pix and Port at my side. We needed to leave. And then a word came out of him, a single word... But... But? I replied quickly, as if he couldn't elaborate soon enough. I can't. We, Pix and I. We just can't. Whatta you mean you can't? Of course you can. Both of you can. I'm telling you, you can. I can make it official right now to prove it to you. He laughed, but it wasn't mocking, or sinister. It was just a laugh. I believe you, Onyx. I believe that you have a pack, and that you want Pix and I to be a part of it, I even believe you'd bond blood to blood right now and make us family. And you need to believe if I could, if Pix could, I would hold you to that promise and cut your hand open myself to make it official right here and now. But we can't... You remember when I told you I wouldn't ask you any questions you didn't wanna answer? I nodded, but the look on my face was complete shock, confusion, disappointment, even anger. I'm hopin' you'll return that favor right now. And just take me at my word. We can't come back with you.

I stood up, I was angry, angry that he was using his words against me, as if I'd made that promise. He was the one that made that promise, not me. And now I was bound to it as if I'd said it myself. Can't, or won't. I asked, looking at him as he sighed... I thought an answer was comin'. But it didn't. He just stayed silent.

I'd only known this man and his kid for seventeen days. Seventeen days was all it took for me to fall in love with that kid, to bond with him like a brother. Seventeen fucking days and I understood him. I slept on his couch, witnessed him and his kid struggle to live in the shitty situation they were forced into, watched them find joy in simple shit that most kids and men today wouldn't even understand. I watched them find joy and happiness in things like it came natural to them, despite what I assumed and now actually knew happened to their pack and family. I fucking bonded with them, and they were pack to me. And now he couldn't even tell me why he wouldn't come back with me. And I knew I had to go back. And I'd have to leave them here. Everyday I'd have to wonder if The Supremacy got to them. If they starved to death, or froze to death. And he couldn't even answer me. Yeah, I was pissed. I was disappointed, and fucking heartbroken because for seventeen days they made me love them. And he knew all along that eventually, I'd have to leave them.

It was fucked up.

This was fucked up.

When I spoke again, my volume was normal, but tone was clearly angry. I'm just gonna go to bed then. I paused again, waiting for him to say something, to say anything. I gave him a chance to change his mind, and he didn't.

...So I went to bed...

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Re: [Closed] I guess you just drive...

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Fri Mar 17, 2017 3:22 am

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Okanogan County | Windy | Sunrise

Part 7 of 14.
Day 22.

It's incredibly important that if you haven't read all of the previous parts to this solo, that you do before reading this part [part 7]. The impact will be completely lost unless you've read all previous parts. ESPECIALLY the one right before this one, (part 6). Go ahead, check and make sure you've read 'em all, lol. Taking note of the days these posts take place is mildly important as well. [E.G. this one takes place on day 22.]

When I woke this time, something felt different.

Scents were different. Even the silence was different.

I took in a deep breath, eyes still closed. It smelled like rotting wood and stale and dusty fabric. I groaned, wondering what kind of garbage Port unearthed to ''improve'' our living situation. Whatever it was it stunk. That's when I remembered the conversation I'd had with him the night before. It only made the scent worse when I remembered that I'd offered him a way out of this god forsaken house.

I rolled over, expecting to see Pix in her usual spot. The creepy little thing had made a habit of watching me sleep, which was really the only unnerving thing about her. She didn't hesitate to tell me about all of the snoring and drooling either. But when I opened my eyes she wasn't there. In fact, scents, sounds, and an empty spot where Pix usually sat weren't the only things off today. The appearance of the place was different too. It felt different, it looked different, it smelled different, and sounded... Just... Different.

The house was rundown. I'd made that observation the second Port first invited me inside. But for some reason, it was more noticeable today. Like it'd been hit with twenty years without repairs or cleaning overnight. I didn't know how I didn't notice before, but I was suddenly in the mood to tidy this shit up. No wonder Pix told me I was snoring, my air passages were getting clogged with thick layers of dust and dirt. And most likely, this new revelation only came to me now because my pack invitation was declined with no explanation. Like my subconscious had suddenly given up all hope and wanted to force me to remember just how shitty their situation was when I was gone. It was pretty fucking typical, really.

I scratched the back of my neck as I pulled myself upright. Shivering when the cool air hit my side. I pulled my shirt down and wiggled my toes in preparation for the icy floor. It was practically a morning ritual at this point, and I was never prepared.

My feet finally hit the ground and I inhaled sharply through my teeth. I'd gone so long without coffee, I almost needed that jolt in the morning to wake my ass up. I almost liked it... In the way anyone would like an effective alarm. A love, hate relationship.

I pulled myself to my feet, reached for the same plaid flannel I'd worn nearly every day, and the same black beanie. I slipped them on, instantly hit with that same stale smell. Shit needed to be washed. Only problem was, we didn't have the luxury of a washing machine here, and washing by hand was for mothers and the eighteen-hundreds. I groaned, exhaling as I stretched out my sides and shoulders, suddenly realizing that as much as I pretended, I really did need a cup of coffee. Fuck, I'd probably sell a toe just to catch a whiff of someone elses cup.

I took a step forward, slipping one foot into my boot in the process, and then the other. Hey Pix! Where ya' hidin'?! I yelled out, pausing and smiling as I waited to hear her usual flurry of giggles. I didn't pause long, and immediately started looking for her. I started in the kitchen, then roamed down the hall, peering into her room for a split second, which was more than enough to see it was empty, then down to Ports room where I did the same thing. Pixi! I called out. Assuming she was either playing a game of hide and seek, or she was outside with Port.

I turned when I heard the bathroom door creek, a room that was never used because running water was a thing of the past in this house. My smile widened as I tip toed towards the door. Shoving it open and jumping in the doorway, Gotcha! My smile disappeared instantly when I realized the window was open and the breeze was rushing in. I glared at it and took a step inside just long enough to pull it closed.

When I left the bathroom I traveled straight for the kitchen, the back door in particular. I was pretty much certain at this point they were in the back. Probably burning yet another campfire. Which I wasn't complainin' about at all. In fact, it was one of the great things about being here. Even if it wasn't the best living situation, I could always count on a good fire.

I turned the handle and stepped outside, and a piece of glass from the window on the door fell to the ground. I glared at it, then at the hole in the window. Who broke the window? I said, loud enough for Port and Pixi to hear and answer. I kicked the glass away, not wanting Pix to cut herself, and used my sleeve to bust out the rest of the shards, then kicked those away too. Gonna have to forage for some duct tape this time, Port, that window- I spoke as my feet carried me out back, but stopped.

I stopped talking. I stopped walking. I stopped breathing.

The inside of the house wasn't the only thing that felt different. There was something new out back. Something I'd never seen.

I stepped forward, slowly, a knot in my stomach, a ball in my throat. Another step forward, hands shaking, and a feeling of fear that could only come from a really good sense of intuition.

There were two mounds, two holes, filled. The same two holes I'd seen Port digging a while back, the same two holes I'd helped him dig. But they weren't freshly filled, they were covered in dead leaves and snow. The kind of covering only nature can provide after a long time of untouched ground.

At the ends of the mounds were two standing crosses made with sticks. One large. And one small. I gripped my chest, what my eyes were seeing and what I was feeling contradicted what I believed. What I knew. But it wasn't just the mounds, and the handmade grave markers that sucked the air out of the world around me.

It was the doll sitting up against the smaller cross. The dirty old doll I'd seen day after day in Pixi's little arms. The same doll she carried with her everywhere. She fed it, she changed its clothes, she cradled it every single day, and here it was now. Not in her arms. But sitting up against a cross, it's dress covered in dead leaves and stiff with frost and ice.

No. I said firmly as I rushed back into the house. PIX! I yelled as I busted open the door. PORT! My feet carried me quickly down the hall, busting open every door violently along the way. PIX! I yelled again as I started my way back down the hall. Pausing in her doorway. That's when I realized that thick layer of dust covered everything in her room. Her bed, her shelves, which weren't as full as they were the days before.

My breathing started increasing, faster, more shallow and more erratic with each inhale. NO! I yelled, PORT! I called out again. This time louder as I marched back into the living room and my blurry eyes widened as if that would make what I was seeing more clear. Empty chairs, empty room, empty house.

I went out back again, this time my feet carrying me with purpose as I went straight for the mounds. I fell to my knees and started digging violently with my hands. Grunting and breathing erratic with each violent swoop into the dirt. My eyes became even more blurry the deeper I got. I stumbled to my feet, moving quickly as I reached for the same fucking shovel I'd helped Port dig with and dug it into one of the mounds. My voice joined with my grunts as I pushed my body to dig deeper and faster.

And then it hit me... The smell.

I threw my hand over my mouth and fell back onto my ass, tears welling up in my eyes because I knew. The smell was her. The smell of death was overwhelming but there was still that same lingering scent of Pix. I knew it was her. And judging by the smell, she'd been dead for quite some time now... I clenched my jaw and threw my fist into the ground, fangs emerging and eyes glowing a bright white as I started to growl. A growl that started loud but faded out as it morphed into my voice. A sound I'd never heard myself make.

I didn't fucking understand. I didn't fucking get it. What the fuck is happening?! I  yelled out, the words containing more growl than the previous.

And then it hit me...

The holes... He couldn't join my pack... The warrior and the pup... The story.

"...Until the ancestors sent down the spirits..." - "...and with their help, he was guided to where he needed to be..."

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Re: [Closed] I guess you just drive...

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Sun Mar 19, 2017 1:47 am

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Chelan | windy | Some time after noon.

Part 8 of 14.
Day 22.

Every large bulk of italics separated by a line break is a flashback.

"There are other hideouts... I've sniffed 'em out. Not sure if there are any wolves left in 'em, but there could be... The things are scattered around everywhere in these parts. Makes sense too if ya' ask me. Nothing but empty land surroundin' the towns 'round here means lotsa room to shift safely in the open, hunt, and high tail it to town if you find yerself faced with a pair 'a fangs. You know fangers, won't risk exposure." I thought back to the conversation I'd had with Port a few days prior. I hadn't asked him much about it, which struck me as odd now. Even when I'd asked him where some of these hideouts potentially were, it felt more like small talk than information I could use later. My mind had been completely fucked for the past twenty-two days, so I guess that's all I had to blame. Even if it didn't feel like enough reason.

The truck clanked and squealed as the wheels started to slow. A knocking sound was followed by a flood of white smoke. I was surprised I'd managed to even get the thing started, and I honestly didn't even expect to get as far as I had... I'd gone completely through Brewster, then Pateros, I even got a chance to see the black patch where the Pateros sign used to sit before the fire a couple years back. The truck struggled up the winding hills to Chelan, but it'd made it far enough to pull me to the edge of town. And as it came to a complete stop, I looked out at the big blue lake below, and the town that sat at it's tip.

I fell to all fours, my fingertips digging into the fresh soil I used to refill Pix's grave. My other hand reached forward and tore away the flimsy crosses made of sticks that sat at the ends of each one. And when I was done, I sat on my heels, shoulders slumping as I tilted my head back, closed my eyes, and breathed deeply through my mouth, my chest puffing with each inhale, and shrinking with each exhale. The heavy wind that rushed by barely carried anything with it, all of the dead leaves and dirt were weighed down with moisture, ice, or snow. It was just an empty breeze, the only thing it carried was icy cold air and white noise. I exhaled when my head fell back to it's normal resting position, and my hands slapped against my knees as I used them to pull myself to my feet. I stumbled backwards for a moment before catching myself, and twisted my body to the side, leaning over to my left to grab the two crosses I'd fashioned from the broken door.

My lips tucked into one another as I endured the pain in my back to kneel once again, grunting regardless of my attempts to prevent it. This time I'd knelt closer to the ends of the grave sites, and reached for the nearby sledgehammer I'd found in the shed, placed the crosses at my side, and lifted up the end of my shirt to wipe the sweat building up around my forehead away. All the while little droplets of sweat slid down my back and my eyes were already burning red from the ones I didn't catch in time. I exhaled out of my mouth this time, and took in a deep breath before placing the end of the larger cross down towards the earth. And I swung, hammering it in deeper and deeper until I reached the line I'd marked, telling me when to stop. Then I turned, and did the same with the smaller cross, grunting louder and louder as my muscles ached more and more with each one. When I was done, I tossed the sledgehammer off to the side, letting my arms fall and rest for the first time in about two and a half hours...

I fell to my back, my body sprawled out over the tops of the graves, mouth wide open as I breathed, one hand resting over my stomach, and the other over my chest, staring at the clouds passing by above. My head tilted to the side to look at the crosses I'd built using nothing but a rusty old handsaw and recycled nails. At the front of each one, the crosses read simply, "Port", and "Pixi". I'd carved their names with a handheld flat head screwdriver, and the letters were crooked and jagged. And now... Here I was. With nothing to occupy my mind, no tasks absorb myself with, nothing but that empty breeze, feeling just as heavy hearted and empty as the wind itself; As I did before I'd started.

Everything was so quiet now. Everything was too quiet...

Sunlight warmed the skin on my arm, where shadows weren't obstructing it's path. I stared ahead at that same big blue lake down below, unable to shake this feeling that the version of me from twenty-three days ago would have found it a lot more captivating. But I swung open the door anyway, determined to push on. My hand reached for my pack, and a photo slid out of the opening and onto the seat. It reflected blinding white light over my eyes, rattling, the light shaking as a passing semi zoomed by and threw dry vegetation up against my back. The snow had melted throughout the day, but didn't make the top of the big hill I was parked at any less deserted and dry.

I stood directly in the center of the hallway, right in front of the opening of Pixi's bedroom door, peering in at her dusty blanket and pillow on her bed. The only thing to keep me company was the creaks and groans of the house and the howling wind as it rushed by, outside. A beam of soft light ran down the length of the hall from Ports room at the end of the house, and my long shadow spread out along the opposite end of the hall, merging with the darkness in the living room. half of me illuminated by it, and half of me dark. My eyes narrowed at the thought, and just how fucking relevant it was.

When my feet started moving, more sound followed, the sound of my boots dragging across the wood floors, and knocks as the weight of my body pushed into my heels. Willingly stepping into the darkness, only so I could stare at the empty chairs one last time, my eyes closed tight. When I opened them, the room was still empty. Suddenly dead quiet with a break in the wind outside.

When I traveled through the kitchen, I ran my fingers over the old beaten counters, feeling every ridge, every crack in the cheap tile. I only pulled my hand away to take the picture off the wall. Smiling at the faces staring back at me from within the frame before stepping outside; Picture still in my hand.

And I didn't go back.

I threw the pack over my shoulder, pulled the beanie tight over my head, and slammed the door closed. As I passed through the remaining white smoke I brought the yellow cloth towards my nose, inhaling deeply that familiar scent of Pix and Port, but mainly focusing on that third scent. That third wolf. It was so faint I'd have had more luck hitting the jackpot and sensing wolf by sniffing the exhaust filled air. A scent that only grew stronger as another semi passed by. So I gripped that cloth closer to my face, stopping in my tracks to take in a big long deep breath of it, before taking another step towards the town below. All the while I recited the same words over and over again to myself. Fairway... Hillcrest... Gala... Ridgeview...

The truck was running, and I stood in front of the two graves out back. My arms hung loosely at my sides, and eyes stared, tired and unblinking at the two crosses, more specifically, the names carved into them. The wind picked up again, and an empty can of beans rolled up against the base of the larger cross, faintly clanking against it's base as the wind dulled and sped up over and over again. I knelt down to pick it up, staring at the label before chucking it towards the tops of the tress. I watched it fly, but didn't see it land. My eyes had moved on, specifically to the doll laying face down in the dirt. When I reached for it, I picked away the twigs stuck to it's dress, and pulled it up to my nose. I inhaled deeply, allowing myself one last faint scent of it's owner...

As I inhaled I squeezed it closer to my face, my neutral expression slowly transforming into tight eyes and tense eyebrows. I pulled it away looking at it with wide eyes, eyebrows still pushed low above them. There was more to this doll than I thought. My claws emerged slowly, and I cut away a piece of the fabric attached to the dolls dress, setting the doll down gently against the smaller cross, while at the same time pulling the piece of yellow fabric against my nose. When I pulled it away I smirked, the scent of an unfamiliar wolf still lingering around my nose. Thanks, Pix., a small laugh followed as I looked at the grave sites one last time. And when I turned, I knew right then and there, there was nothing here for me anymore.

Fairway... Hillcrest... Gala... Ridgeview...

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Re: [Closed] I guess you just drive...

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Sun Mar 19, 2017 3:03 am

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Chelan | Windy | Evening

Part 9 of 14.
Day 22.


I'd wondered what I was going to do once I reached Fairway street, and wasn't expecting it to sit so far out of town. Looking at it now, it was easy to see The Ancestors weren't done throwing me bones. A single house sat at the end of the street. The other houses either featured for sale signs overcome by weeds, or were sitting on crumbling foundations with busted out windows. All but one, two windows in the front sitting on either side of it's big brown door. The house itself was at the very tip of the street. From where I was standing at the opposite end, it was easy to see how the road cracked the further down it went... Decaying asphalt transforming into dirt. And that dirt lifted off the ground, dancing in the heavy breeze in the distance. I could even hear smaller pebbles produce light ticking sounds as they crashed into the two windows at the front of the house. I looked up towards the sky, the stars invisible due to daylight, but they were still there. Okay... I get it, Port, fuck! I spoke to the heavens before moving my feet again, walking directly down the center of the street.

The wind seemed to push harder the more steps I took. Shoving my body in the direction of the home. A particularly large gust yanked the beanie right off my head, and the wind shoved it down the center of the road in bursts of movement. Every time I'd take a step forward to reach for it, it blew away from my hand, further down the center of the street.

I groaned, but stopped in the middle of it, going completely silent, and completely still. I sensed someone, and my eyes instinctively looked to my right. But the sound of a closing door had me turning my head quickly to the left. And then another, this time coming from the right. I didn't even look to see where the beanie had blown to, and slowly pulled my body upright from it's kneeling position, my eyes glaring at the doors attached to the run down homes that surrounded me. Another gust, one so strong it had me stumbling forward, and shoved my head down, forcing me to look at the ground below, and the beanie that sat on top of it. Right at the base of the stairs of the only home that looked livable on this entire street.

I slowly reached for it, my attention turning upwards towards the brown door as I pulled myself upright, mouth open, and eyes curiously examining the metal frame from the top, all the way to the bottom. It's silver, isn't it? I asked, and the wind answered with a bone chilling, somber howl. Figures. I mumbled as the weight of my feet stepped onto the creaky wooden stairs. So... Do I just knock? I asked again, not actually believing I'd receive another ''grand sign'' from above. Until I did, and the wind sent another forceful gust at my back, forcing me to trip over the stairs and land face first into the door. A muffled MOTHERFUCKER! exploded out from behind my hand as I gripped my mouth. When I pulled my hand away, saliva and blood settled into the creases of my palms, and I spat pink tinted spit to the side, wiping my bloody lip with the back of my finger.

I used the same finger to to lightly tap at the door. Why I was filled with a sudden overwhelming feeling of hesitance, I didn't know. In fact, it almost pissed me off that I was suddenly consumed by that particular feeling. Something told me I knew exactly where that feeling was coming from, and I brought my knuckles up to knock on the door louder this time just to spite it. Fuck you, I'm drivin' today. I mumbled before knocking again. When I still didn't receive an answer, I pressed my ear up against the door to listen for any sign of life inside. The wind howled again and I tore my head away, spinning around angrily to look down the street. What the fuck do you want me to do?! No ones fucking home!  I glared down the road, as if someone was actually standing there for me to yell at.

When I turned back around, a flurry of ''fucks'' and ''shits'' came mumbling out of my mouth as I stared at the door handle, which appeared to be made out of the same material the door frame was. I groaned again, this time overcome by dread as I rolled my eyes and took in a deep breath. Fine, fucking fine. Mother fuck... I spoke sharply, beginning to breathe rapidly as my hand hovered over the doorknob. Fuckin' just do it pussy! I yelled at myself, and gripped the handle swiftly, immediately after. My skin began to sizzle, but it took a moment for the pain to hit. My voice merged with a growl as I struggled to turn the knob, my hand paralyzed with pain. Louder and louder until the door opened a crack, just enough. I tried to pull my hand away quickly but instead my fingers peeled away slowly, my skin practically welded to the metal, and the bones in my fingers stiff, calcified.

When my hand tore free I gripped my wrist, staring at the burnt flesh in my palm, and beads of sweat tickled my neck as they slid down my skin. Still gripping my wrist, I used my foot to push the door open. Even though I had boots on my feet, I still looked below at the silver threshold that separated the inside of the house, from the outside. I knew I was protected, but I still opted to step over it, which proved to be the wrong idea. The floorboard produced a clicking sound... And immediately after two sharp pains sprouted from out of nowhere. I instinctively brought my hand up to grip my neck, where the pain was emanating from, and when I pulled my hand back down, two little darts sat in my palm.

Then... Everything went black.

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Re: [Closed] I guess you just drive...

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Sun Mar 19, 2017 4:58 am

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The House with the brown door... Chelan County | Still | After Dark

Part 10 of 14.
Day 22.

The first thing I noticed when my eyes opened was pain. My head... It was pulsing, waves of throbbing pain coming in and out. That pain was written all over my face as I brought my hands up to press the butt end of my palms against my forehead, wincing and groaning and... I felt sick? Really fucking ill, actually, and that feeling seemed to hit me in one swift moment. I could barely open my eyes, just enough to realize the cushy feeling behind me was actually a bed, and I swung the blanket off of me, groaning louder as each movement seemed to send a rush of nausea throughout my body. It felt like I was laying in damp sheets. Burning hot and ice cold sheets all at once. Whooooa, there darlin'. A woman's voice sounded out from above me, and a gentle touch pushed my shoulders back down. I didn't have the strength to fight it. You've got more LS in your system... Her voice faded out, and then back in. ...Put them hunter's to shame if ya' ask me.

I wanted to ask who she was, where I was, what the fuck LS was, and what the fuck was wrong with me, but the only sounds I seemed able to produce were sounds of agony. If we'd known you were one of our kind we mighta disabled the... Her voice faded out again... But I could smell her perfume... It didn't make me feel any worse, in fact... It smelled like lilacs... Like real lilacs... Good thing I decided to stay late tonight, can't imagine how you'd be able to get through this without my... It faded out again but I'd heard enough to notice she could talk a tornado off its path if she wanted to.

Where am I? I managed to get the words out, but there was no power behind them, just a whisper. Even then, it felt like I'd wasted all of my energy just by opening my mouth, and I wasn't sure if I had enough left in me to keep breathing. Her voice went quiet as I spoke, and stayed quiet for a moment after I'd actually voiced the question. In fact, it stayed quiet for long enough to make me wonder if I'd even said anything at all, or if it was just in my head. You mean you don't know? She asked, and I swallowed as I barely turned my head side to side. Well I'll be... Coulda swore you was a wolf. Ya' smell like one. Judgin' by how hard the LS hit ya' can only assume yer scent aint lyin'. Unless yer a fanger, in which case I hate to break it to ya' honey but 'doesn't look t'me like ya' got much a fightin' chance in yer current condition. I may be lady but I'll put a fanger down if I gotta, been known to put a few down in my day like you wouldn't... Her voice faded out again, I hadn't even realized she was running her fingers through my hair, pushing it back gently, over and over again.

And I was beginning to feel... Better. It wasn't much, but I did finally manage to open my eyes. Her blurry face came into view, her mouth moving but no sound hit my ears. Long strawberry blond hair fell down past her shoulders, beyond her waist, the ends dangling around her hips. Big brown eyes stared back at me, and deep red lips flapped on and on as her voice started coming in clear, like a radio station as you near town. ...You'll like Runner, that boy can outrun lightnin', 'seen him outrun more than a few fangers too. Where is that boy anyway? For a kid as fast as he is, 'ee sure knows howda fail t'arrive on time... I forced myself up, finally realizing what had happened. Ah, see, told ya'. Good thing I was here, innit? Got you feelin' good as new, and as soon as Runner gets his quick lil' butt through them doors we can get ya' sorted. Who sent ya' anyway? Maybe we can get ya' set up with some familiar faces. Oh and don't worry 'bout that lip o' yers, healed up with the rest of ya' when I- Who are you? All power had returned to my voice, and I glared at her, rotating my legs around off the edge of the bed to stand... Realizing then I was wearing plaid pajama bottoms with a matching shirt... What the fuck...

Most call me Thera, not my name, not even mah wolf name... Come to think ovvit, I'm not even sure what that's short fer anymore. She looked confused, but shrugged her shoulders and smiled wide in my direction like any thoughts she had in her head moments ago were completely gone, empty. I was... I was fucking confused. She was wolf, that much I'd gathered... And Runner? He had to have been wolf too. But she'd been ramblin' on about hunters and vampires and... Getting me ''set up''?

I hadn't realized I'd been scratching, my legs, my arms, my chest... Everything was itchy. Ah, sorry, lil side effect. I can speed up the healin' process but not much I can do about the itchin'. Could be the fabric too, I won't lie t'ya'. We sent out all the good stuff with the wave that came in yest'rday mornin'. But don't you worry your head with that, once we get ya' settled in one'a'tha terr'tories, they'll take care 'a ya'. Got food, water, clothes, anythin' you could possibly need. You'll be just fine. Wait a minute, wait a minute. Slow down, Thera, was it? Right'eo, see, quick as a whip aren't ya'? I shook my head as I put my hands up, palms facing her, trying to figure out what the fuck was happening. And more importantly, why her yammering wasn't pissing me off?

Slow it down, please. What happened? What... What is this? I gestured to my attire, then to the house around me. Salvation. She replied simply, blinking at me over and over again with raised eyebrows. The same eyebrows fell moments later, and she tilted her head to the side, crossing her arms. Din't yer referer tell ya' the name of the place he was sendin' ya'? What referer?! What does that mean?! Oh dear.. Ya' weren't pullin' my leg then? ... You mean t'tell me, you just stumbled upon this place by chance? That's some good luck ya' got there. If it wasn't past curfew I'd prolly drive yer pretty lil' bottom down to Mill Bay t'test that luck on them one armed bandits. She grinned again, this time even wider, pressing her eyes up into little upside down crescents.

I realized getting answers out of her wasn't going to be a problem due to any form of secrecy... No, getting answers out of her was going to be a problem because she had the most severe case of A.D.D. I'd ever witnessed. Fuck... I didn't even know wolves could have A.D.D... Let alone wolves that looked like they were in their twenties... Can you please just tell me what this is? What is Salvation. A halfway house of sorts. A voice, this one belonging to a man, came from outside the room, and he leaned up against the door frame to light a smoke. I exhaled like I'd just laid my eyes on a room full of cash. Completely distracted from his answer, eyes staring at his smoke like it was the holy grail. He looked up at me with his eyes, his body still propped halfway  between the room I was standing in, and whatever it connected to. Without a word he passed it to me, and I opened my mouth to speak, Don't mention it. He replied before I could even get a word in... Which seemed to be the theme for the night...

Thera... Why dontcha get the man a glass of water... He waved his hand, motioning for her to leave. I'll take somethin' stronger if you got it. The room fell quiet, and Thera looked at both of us, eyes darting as if she was waiting for permission. Ya' heard him. Get'im somethin' stronger. She rushed out of the room without a word, and more than anything, I was curious how he got her to stop talking...

I would have asked, but in my fingers was something really fucking special. I took my first drag, and as I exhaled, everything relaxed. My entire body felt like it was gonna melt into the fucking floor in the best way possible. Whatcher name... He asked, stepping into the room so he could sit in the rocking chair that sat in the corner. Onyx. Now tell me, what do you mean by halfway house? I asked, tucking the smoke in between my lips as I crossed my arms, realizing whatever intimidation factor I possessed simply didn't work while wearing matching pajamas... Kinda the reverse of what you may know about 'em... Wolves come here to find safety. And we provide it. Ya' tell Thera who your referer was? He asked and I pulled the cigarette from my lips, smoke slowly pouring out of my mouth. I don't know what a referer is. I don't know what any of this is... In fact, I'm curious as to what kind of shit you people have in those booby traps of yours. So if you could explain both I'd really appreciate it.

Referer's are scouts, with specific jobs. They find wolves... Lones, what's left of the Pacific... What's left of other packs, and they send them back here. And we send them to territories, which is just Thera's way of dressing up the word ''hideout'' so it doesn't seem as bleak as it really is. Got whole communities scattered about up here and further north. Heavily guarded with those so called booby traps. Took you down, didn't it tough guy? He laughed. Yer particular encounter injected you with enough liquid silver to take down an aged vamper. Had ya' not passed out before reachin' the living room, you'da been hit with enough liquid silver to kill a senior too... Still a work in progress, I haven't perfected the formula to stop an ancient, but more and more hunters are gettin' brave, and stupid if ya' ask me. Leavin' their toys around has provided us with the means to keep ours nice and safe. He leaned back, staring at me with a cocky smirk on his face. So what are ya'? I glared, Well I'm not human if that's what you're asking. I mean... Are you a warlord? Gotta be, if you weren't even Thera's healin' touch wouldn't'a been able to bring you back this soon.

I moved to the window and took one last drag before flicking the smoke outside. Staring out at the street I remembered walking down as I opened my mouth to answer. I'm not a warlord. I said simply, my eyes moving to the side to catch his. Which were blank... But when he caught on it was obvious, because his jaw dropped and eyes went wide, and mine tore away.

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