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[Closed] I guess you just drive...

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Re: [Closed] I guess you just drive...

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:21 am

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Salvation | Still | After Dark

Part 11 of 14.
Day 22.

Got that drink for ya' darlin', it's a stiff one too, hope ya' like 'em strong. Thera's voice came up from behind me, and I was hit with an immediate feeling of calm. How do you do that? I asked as I took the glass from her hands. Well it's no secret 'round here that I got a few tricks up my sleeve, but I promise ya', it's notta secret recipe passed down from gran, it's just gin babydoll. Pure gin. No... I smiled, shaking my head. How do you... Make everything seem... Okay? I sneered, dissatisfied with my choice of words. Ooooh, that... She brought up her hand, shielding her mouth from the guy in the rocking chair, and whispered in my ear. I gotta way with the good ones. She said quietly, then pulled back to her original position. How else ya' think ya' made it outta that LS induced nightmare? Better yet, dontcha think if I didn't have a special gift with pure souls, you'da been beat six ways to sunday while ya' were still weak and helpless? Ya' may be handsome, butcha ain't a devil. She pinched my cheek and gave it a slap before pushing her hip out and resting it, and her shoulder against the wall.

She's a level six healer. The man said, his tone annoyed and exhausted. You betcher sweet behind I am. Gotta way with wounds, even the wounds people don't like t'talk about. She brought up her hand to shield her mouth from the man again, and whispered loud enough for him to hear anyway. Yanno... Wounds of the mind... Whack jobs. She pushed her lips up and pointed in his direction before crossing her arms and smiling just as big and bright as she had before. It was infectious, like a stealthy infectious disease, I didn't even realize I was smiling right back. The answers I was getting weren't very clear, but I gathered she had a way with people... She was a healer, but she was something more. She brought something with her I'd only seen good Spiritual Leaders surpass. It spread like wildfire.

Thera, why don't you stop flappin' those gums for once and ask this fella what he is. The mans voice dominated the room, and he violently pulled himself to his feet. I glared in his direction, the drink I was bringing to my mouth fell back down to my side as I gripped the rim of the glass with my fingertips. Go'awn! Ask 'im! He yelled with grit and stared at her, but her eyes stayed glued to the floor. She'd gone from happy and bubbly and outgoing to timid and afraid in an instant. He thrust his arm forward and gripped her tight by the arm to pull her away from the wall. My glass fell to the floor, eyes began to glow a bright white, and I growled a fanged growl in his direction before pulling him away from her. He smirked at me, putting his hands up in defeat as he stepped back several times, still smirking, expression unwavering. And Thera looked at me with a look of surprise like I'd never seen before.

Oh my stars! She said dramatically, reaching forward to grip my upper arms with both hands as she examined my face like I was new expensive item of clothing she'd never seen before but couldn't live without. Then she looked me up and down, her look of shock morphing into one of shock but also elation. When she finally released me and stepped back, she popped her hip out to the side, placed her hands on either side of those same hips, and smiled. Now di'n I tell ya'. I got a way with the good ones. And yer as good as a jar of cold peaches on a summer afternoon aren'cha'? Now don'cha go callin' me a liar now. This proves I'm anythin' but. She turned to the man, of whom I still didn't know the name of, like nothing had happened at all. This i'nt one'a yer new toy's, Thera. Stop actin' like it's some blessin' from above. She glared at him, shaking her head through her reply, Well why on earth shouldn' I act like it's a blessin'. If it talks like one, looks like one, and feels like one, it is one, Rider. I think itsa'bout time ya' take yer own advice and pull yer head outta that rear end'a yers and start seein' things from my perspective. She nodded once, and without another word spun on her heels to leave the room. And I just stood there. I felt like I was in some shitty sitcom surrounded by southerners... And fucking gin...

I looked down at my attire, growling as a realization hit that I was a fucking alpha and I'd been acting like a subordinate idiot. I turned to the man, of which I assumed now was called Rider, Where are my clothes. I asked, but it came out sounding more like an order. You gotta mess to clean up. He nodded to the floor. Yeah, I do. But not the mess on the floor. In fact, I'm lookin' at someone right now that doesn't look like he has much to do right now, and has more than enough time to pick up a rag and wipe up the floor. Tough now? Now I wonder... Where 'that comin' from exactly? Thera bats them big brown eyes of hers at ya', makes ya' feel big and strong, and now ya' got a leg to stand on? Where was that fire before? Or does the big man only come out when he's gotta woman fawnin' all over'im like he's the last alpha on earth? You're not my pack master, and I won't clean up your messes. So I suggest you save those white eyes of yours for the women, they don't work on me. His accent seemed to fade in and out. And his general dislike of me wasn't odd at all except for a funny feeling in my stomach...

You're a lone... Aren't you? I asked, finally realizing what that funny feeling was. And finally, I had a cocky smirk of my own to throw in his direction. Aren't you? We all are now, so don't go lookin' for shit that ain't there. No, I'm not. And something tells me that scares you more than those ''white eyes'' of mine that seemed to send you from zero to sixty. You're not just a lone, you were one before, weren't you? Then all hell breaks loose, chaos, and you do what any lone does, you see an opportunity, and you take it while everyone's weak. You're probably the top dog, tell me I'm wrong? I leaned back, examining his face, my smile growing. You are, aren't you. A lone that found his in. I bet you run this entire thing, and lemme tell ya', it seems fantastic, but here's the thing. I have some experience with lones. They're selfish. You're selfish. You don't wanna protect these wolves, you wanna protect your authority. Because as far as you see it, you have a pack now. A lone that rose to alpha status through death and misery. You don't have to be an outcast anymore. You have people relying on you, but more importantly, you have people that fear you. Oh and you like that don't you? You like knowing that even if one of your pillars fall, you have the other to hold up the rest of the house... Even if by some miracle your ''territories'' become self sufficient, you can fall back on scare tactics... Or, if for some reason that fails, you have the power to keep them weak, to put a little detour on supplies... Maybe disable some of those booby traps you pride yourself on, put people at risk so they have to come to you...

He lunged at me, slamming me against the wall and bright white eyes stared right back at me. I could feel the drywall crumbling from the hole my head had made in the wall. I couldn't get air, his hand was pressed against my throat, I didn't even have a chance to react to the color of his eyes. It felt like my blood was thickening... My claws dug into his arms... I only had a limited view, but when I saw my hands, my veins were bulging black under my skin. A pain in my chest followed, one I'd never felt before. Even when he let me go, that feeling didn't disappear. My muscles spasmed uncontrollably as I fell to the floor, coughing up foam. RIDER! Thera's voice yelled out as she rushed to my side. She kneeled, cradling my head in her lap firmly as I jerked around and tried with everything I had to get air into my lungs. She gripped tighter, and my eyes focused on the only thing they could, the only thing in my line of sight, the doorway. All I could hear was the sound of boots, and then I saw them, Rider's boots carry him out the door.

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Re: [Closed] I guess you just drive...

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Sun Mar 19, 2017 8:39 pm

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Salvation | Sunny | Morning

Part 12 of 14.
Day 23.

The rest of the night had been brutal. The only thing that got me through it was Thera, her touch, her voice, her scent. She talked and talked and all I could do was listen, stuck in some twisted form of paralysis for hours on end. But I did manage to get some questions answered, without even having to ask. It turned out she wasn't just a healer... In fact, that wasn't the right word for it at all. Her gift in it's rawest form was acceleration. She could speed up what was already there with her touch, the healing process primarily, at least, that's all I'd experienced so far. But the rest of her, the scent, the oddly soothing tone of her voice that never seemed to go silent, that was all... Some form of therapy... Like pain killers, antibiotics, and antidepressants all wrapped up in one tiny little person. I could only assume that was a part of her advanced abilities, but something told me it wasn't just her abilities that made her that way, she was just that way.

I'd also learned some other shit... It was really the only thing she'd said about Rider. She called it "Secretion". I guess it was in his touch. Something to do with skin on skin... He'd essentially injected me with enough poison to drop a bear. Paralysis, involuntary convulsions, pain, a feeling of drowning in a straight jacket while having a heart attack was the best way I could describe it... Throw in the blackened veins for a horror flick effect that gave Lilith a run for her money, and you had a grade A douchebag on your hands.

I'd had plenty of time to stew over his white eyes too, coming to conclusions that I'd convinced myself were facts. I wasn't a ray of sunshine, I knew that, but I could tell a bad guy from a good one, and he was definitely a bad guy. And while I'd gathered the Ancestors lead me here to save the wolves in hiding... Or ''Territories'' as Thera liked to put it, I wasn't sure how they expected me to deal with the obstacle widely known as Rider. I could only assume he was the dictator here, and frankly, my experiences with other alphas didn't extend beyond Odin, and the siblings, all of which had been on my side, excluding Odin, but even he wasn't like Rider in the slightest. Odin's games were hidden manipulations. But Rider? Something told me he wasn't going to give me some speech about  the importance of unity then go find himself a vampire God to fuck me sideways from the great beyond.

Thera had disappeared. The sun was out, which I'd learned meant that curfew was over. So she was out front, preparing a car and filling it with supplies. She'd been an angel, really. I had a fresh pack of smokes in my jacket pocket, freshly washed clothes on my back, and a belly full of ham and eggs as I stepped down the stairs, and onto the front porch. I sat on the steps outside, lighting a smoke and watching as she ran around, every door in the car spread wide open as she loaded everything up. The woman wouldn't even let me help, every time I'd tried she'd grab me by the ear and drag me right back into the house. Fuckin' shit hurt too.

She shot me a look, hands on her hips and bags full of food dangling from each one. Stubborn one, arencha? She asked, Naw, lesson learned. You won't be gettin' any help from me this time. I smiled as a gust of air rushed by my left side. Who are they? The voice of a boy sounded out behind me, and I turned to look. In his hands, the picture of Port and Pixi... And my backpack was no longer by my feet, but draped over his shoulder. Runner, don'choo go botherin' this poor man. He's recoverin' from Rider's Secretion. The boy's jaw dropped. No shit!? He looked really fucking excited about it. Another gust of air, and in a blink of an eye my backpack was returned, sitting by my feet, and the boy was sitting beside me gnawing on a piece of jerky. Tell me 'bout it? Was it like they say? Did you spit up foam? I just looked at him like he was an alien. Yeah... I said hesitantly, it almost sounded confused. That's so awesome. He said, then looked at me like I was a new piece of tech, completely amazed. What the fuck was with these people looking at me like anything but a wolf?

Runner! Help a'lady out over'ere. Thera said through exhausted breaths, popping that hip of hers out to the side as she wiped the sweat away from her forehead with the back of her hand. Sure thing. Every word out of the kids mouth was spoken as quick as he moved. Only seconds later and the entire care was loaded up, all of the doors closed, the engine running, and he was in the back seat typing on his phone so fast his thumbs looked like flesh colored blurs. Energetic lil' thang ain'tee? Thera grinned, and I just nodded, jaw dropped as I stared at the kid in the back seat. he couldn't have been any older than fifteen, sixteen tops. And his ability still put mine to shame...

Now you getcher butt down here and get nice and comfy, I'm gon' take yer pretty blue eyes t'see yer pack. She opened the driver door and got inside, and I followed, opening the passenger door and setting my pack between my feet after getting in. We'd talked some before sunrise. I hadn't had much sleep, and neither had she. But I'd learned that Hillcrest, Gala, and Ridgeview held more significance than I'd originally thought. They weren't just random locations, they were home to refugees from my own pack. Mostly made up of stragglers from northern factions, and other wolves, pack and non-pack from the entire western half of the United States. Hillcrest contained the most wolves overall, Gala and Ridgeview had been growing, but were small in comparison to ''the city'' that was Hillcrest. ''City'' made it sound huge, but Thera insisted it was larger than I was imagining.

I'd also gathered from the way she talked, she was conflicted. While she didn't say much about Rider at all, I could sense a loyalty there... And a disloyalty as well. She kept talking about ''The Outcasts''. In fact, she'd talked about them so much I almost felt uncomfortable, like she was spilling her guts to me on day one without knowing a damn thing about me. It was that thought alone that sent my eyes to the back, looking at the kid, Runner, with his headphones jammed in his ears and volume high. As the car started taking off, I looked to Thera, a question on my mind that I couldn't ignore anymore. Why'd you tell me about the outcasts? I asked, 'Cause ya' asked. Din'cha? I shook my head, No... You brought it up. No darlin', y'aren't hearin' me. You asked. I looked at her, confused and glaring. I didn't ask. I knew for a fact I didn't ask. How the hell could I ask about something I'd never even heard about before? She looked right back for a split second, then put her eyes back on the road. Everyone 'round here knows you don't keep things from'a Alpha. ''If an alpha asks'ya, ya'tellim. Truth, loyalty, an' honor." Words us that've been left behind live by. We may not be'uh pack, but we gott'r own ord'r. Our own laws. An' we live by'em. Part of it was quoted, I could tell by how her tone changed. And it was all becoming clear. They must have been Riders words, but Thera here had found a loophole. I smiled, realizing she was far more than a pretty face and a gentle touch. So... If those laws apply, and I'm assuming they apply to alpha's, plural. Then why haven't you told Rider? I asked bluntly. At this point I wasn't completely certain, but I voiced the question as if it was a fact, and waited to see if my assumption had been correct.

And she looked me right in the eye. 'Cuz he di'nt ask.

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Re: [Closed] I guess you just drive...

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Wed Mar 22, 2017 10:06 am

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Hillcrest | N/A | Midday

Every large bulk of italics separated by a line break is a flashback to earlier that day.

Part 13 of 14.
Day 23.


My ankle throbbed and burned. I gripped my side, streaks of blood dripping down the side of my head. Another snarl crackled through the warehouse like thunder. His hot jaws bit down on my forearm and I was tossed once again against one of the metal pillars. I was face down against the cold cement, blood pooling beneath me. My muscles quivered as I slowly pushed myself up again, managing to get to all fours before his large wolf form thrust into me again, knocking my back hard against the pillar. I was on the ground again, but I still tried to pull myself up, spitting out a spray of blood against the already blood stained cement floor.

It was a display of his strength, or so I thought. Wolves surrounded us like we were in a wrestling ring, and watched as I took blow after blow. He was unscathed, any pain he might have been feeling was of his own causing. I used the pillar behind me as support, aiding me to my feet, my hand still gripping my side, weight shifted to my uninjured leg, and face streaked with deep red. He shifted back, his human form walking heavy around the open floor. His eyes darted around the faces that surrounded us. The faces of the outcasts. He said I've kept you all prisoner. His voice carried an echo, the building projecting his sound to every corner, to every wolf. He said you should all stand up and fight, not hide! He immediately stopped walking aimlessly and marched towards me, gripping me by the jaw, his claws digging into my cheeks. But look at him. He wants you to fight for him, but he won't even fight for you! If you feel this is a prison, you're all welcome to leave. You're not my pack! But not a single one of you can deny that I've kept you safe! Not one of you can deny that I've fought for you, just like I'm fighting for you now!

The in between was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

You're touched by the ancestors. Astral. She was a spiritual leader. Not an elder, but weak and dying. She looked ill, any vibrant glow a spiritual leader normally carried was sucked from her skin. She looked frail... Her voice lost all power, and eyes could barely open at all. I was almost angry when I found out they had a spiritual leader tucked away in the basement of an old warehouse. Angry because they had an alpha, and a living spiritual leader, both of which were the last remaining wolves of their particular pack. And no one cared to share this information with me, or even why Astral and Rider hadn't reformed? Why the hell they had a den held up in an old warehouse, but hadn't even accepted these wolves as their own? I guess Thera had a thing for dramatics, because she let me find out on my own. Witnessing Astral now in her current condition, I could see... There was barely enough power in her to speak, let alone enough to engage in reformation.

I would eventually learn that her pack was highly spiritual. And Rider... Wasn't the villain I was predisposed to believe he was, not entirely anyway. I guess if I had to sum up the story in a few sentences or less, it went something like this... Supremacy attacked, and Rider managed to escort his Spiritual Leader to safety. But when he returned, his pack was dead. It was pretty fucking tragic, honestly. Saving his Spiritual Leader had to have been a priority, since they were the initial target, at least within my own pack. The irony was the fact that he saved his Spiritual Leader in order to save his pack, but the second his wolves were either killed, or collared, his pack was lost anyway.

Now if the story had ended there, I might have even been able to muster a half-assed apology for the prick, but it turned out, according to Thera, who I was inclined to believe because her mouth poured out so much truth it was almost fucking uncomfortable to listen to half the shit she said... That while Rider's actions may have been perceived as heroic, he had been dealing fanger blood to a select few of his warriors for some time before his pack was murdered. And his selfless act was accompanied by a selfish one... He'd been scraping off the top, and not only owed a nest of fangers money, but also owed them some blood from his very own spiritual leader, and pups from his own fucking pack. When he didn't pay up and his pack was attacked, he panicked, assuming he was being punished for his unethical business deals, and they were comin' to collect.

The story got even more fucking ironic and depressing. Their pack was so spiritual, that Astral immediately grew ill the second their wolves were killed. But the wound that had left her in her current condition, the mortal wound that smelled so much of death it hit me before the door was opened to her cave, wasn't actually inflicted by The Supremacy, but that same nest Rider had been dealing with. It'd happened days prior to me showing up, and she was on her last legs. It was fucked up, but it also made so much fucking sense. I now knew why Port and Pixi vanished when they did. If I'd arrived any later, I wouldn't have been able to speak to her, unless you counted talking at her grave as a solid conversation.

I don't feel like I am. I replied. I can see it. In your aura. They're with you now. I didn't need anymore confirmation. But it was reassuring to know a Spiritual Leader could completely erase any doubt I may have had about the mission I was on. And you're here to take these wolves away from Rider. Hold up a minute, I'm not here to take anyone away from anyone. I added, almost fucking insulted by her accusation. Yes you are. But I suspect it's for the best. I glared, suddenly confused at the accusation... Which was immediately followed by a positive tone. How would you know? I asked, throwing my own bitter tone into the question. I may not be a leader, but I'm still spiritual. Or maybe I'm just foolishly optimistic. Something tells me you'll come to your own conclusions regardless of my rank. She wasn't wrong, but it left me feeling like I was the fucking foolish one for some reason...

So why did you want to speak with me? She asked, wheezing and coughing after. I didn't... Exactly. It wasn't a lie. Thera had practically dragged my ass to the door and locked me in without explanation. In fact... I'd been at Thera's mercy since I met her. I lost my patience when I lost my health. So if you don't have anything you wish to ask me, let me ask you something before I go... There was a break after her voice, and her fingers raised. I had a feeling, so I went with it, gripping her hand with my own. All the while, I found myself hung up on her conversational fuck up. As far as I could tell, she wasn't even capable of taking herself to the shitter, let alone capable of 'leaving' my company. I wanted to correct her, but I bit my tongue. Will you save them? Fuck me that was a heavy goddamned question.

Silence filled the room. I uh... I looked anywhere but at her face, as if I'd find the right answer to her mini quiz written somewhere in the room. I'll try. I answered simply, my eyes landing back on her face as a small smile cracked into it. Her eyes closed, and the exhale that followed was long. Then silence returned. I stared at her, glaring, then lightly jerking back as realization began to set in. Astral? I jerked my hand away, feeling something in my palm. When I looked I realized she'd passed me something, a necklace with a small white gem in the center. I stared at it before looking back at her, finally fully realizing that she was gone.

I won't just fight for you all, I'll kill for you if I have to! He yelled out, blood from my cheeks and jaw dripping down his fingers. My eyes closed tight, and when they opened they were burning white as I raised my uninjured leg and kicked him back. As his body flew backwards, his claws tore from my skin. Oh, so now that they've all seen you're a coward, now you're gonna fight? I'm not fucking fighting you! I yelled, fed up with this shit. I tried to stand tall but fell back against the pillar once again, a lightheaded feeling consuming me. Kicking him with my good leg meant I had to hold my weight on the other, an action that seemed to suck any energy I had left right out of my body. What's goin' on?! Thera's voice broke through the crowd, and they parted as she passed through. Her wide eyes red and raw, looking at both Rider, and myself. Y'all've gotta be kiddin' me! She yelled, tears filling her eyes as she gripped my wrist, but didn't hesitate to glare at me beforehand. I could already feel myself beginning to heal rapidly. But Thera's once gentle touch was now ferocious, she had a tight death grip around my wrist, that only grew more and more painful as the pain from my other wounds started to disappear.

He took Astral's last moments from me, from all of us! And now he's tryna take our wolves Thera! How can you stand there and heal him when all he's done is take from us?! I didn't fucking take anything! She gave it to me! I yelled, back, every ounce of power now returned to me as my wounds healed. I tore my wrist from Thera's grip, and dug into my pocket for the necklace, and held it up for everyone to see. Where'd you get that? I could hear him revving up, I'll fucking kill you! He lunged at me, finally exploding in rage, and Thera gripped my wrist again to try and pull me out of the way. My eyes went supernova, STOP! I yelled, a growl merging so loudly into the word it echoed throughout the building like a roar.

And the unexpected happened.

He stopped.

Rider, enough! Thera yelled out, pulling herself away from mourning over Astrals dead body to yank him away from me. He'd just planted his fist into my jaw. Fighting with me around his dead Spiritual Leader like I was to blame, as if I'd murdered her myself. I didn't fucking do anything! I yelled, my hand against my jaw as I glared back at him from the floor. This motherfucker made my outbursts look fucking sane. Git out! Thera yelled, shoving him back with both hands over and over again. Both of their eyes glossy and filled with tears. She gave him one final shove, I said git out! She screamed, and he finally turned to storm up the stairs.

I'm sorry Thera, I'm fucking so sorry. I immediately started apologizing, feeling like I'd just broken some mysterious sacred thing by being a part of this shit. By being here when Astral died, by somehow magically sending Rider off the edge. This shit was fucked, it was just fucking fucked. You. She stuck her finger in my face, Jus' stop that righ'now. Ya'ven't done a thing wrong. Her voice shook as she tried to swallow back her tears, immediately turning away from me so she could return to Astral. Should I... I should go. I quickly pulled myself to my feet and dusted off the dirt that clung to my hands from the floor. My feet started carrying me towards the stairs. I'm sorry darlin', I jus' need a min'it. Don't go too far ya' hear? I nodded, then followed the same path Rider had. Up the stairs.

When I opened the door I was greeted by his face. He was leaned up against the hallway, facing the door, with arms crossed. A sour look on his face so strong I could practically smell the imaginary shit that caused it. I looked at him for a moment, playing along with his little staring contest before closing the door and starting down the hall. He stopped me, putting his hand out to prevent me from moving. Get up! He yelled so loudly my hands shot to my ears. Every one of 'ya! Get up! He yelled again as he shoved past me and marched down the hall.

I hesitantly followed, and had nothing to blame but a sick curiosity and slight concern. I had no fucking idea what he was doing. C'mon, Alpha, why'oncha get on over here and show these wolves which of us is better suited t'lead 'em? He flexed, like a true fucking wank, and I rolled my eyes. GET YER SORRY ASSES OUT'ERE! He yelled again, this time louder. All I could hear was whispers as people started emerging, slowly flooding into the big open room of the warehouse, looking at him, some curious, some afraid. Those that weren't looking at him, were looking at me... Those were the ones that were whispering. You're not my enemy, Rider. A dick, definitely a fuckin' dick, but not my enemy. I said before turning to head towards the door that lead outside. I felt a hand on my shoulder, and I was yanked back. When I turned, he was an inch away from my face. Yer not goin' anywhere. He said with glowing eyes. I'm not gonna fuckin' fight you! You want me to PROVE myself to these wolves by bloodying up the guy that's kept them safe? By fighting you?! By fighting another WOLF?! You're fucking insane. That's NOT how I'm gonna fucking win these people over. And I'm not gonna waste my fucking energy on you because you're fucking threatened by me. I save my fightin' rage for my real enemies, fangers. Not fucking wolves. I tried to turn again but he growled, yanking me back harder this time, his claws digging into my shoulder and tearing free as I was tossed against a metal pillar.

I pulled myself upright. Are you deaf?! I'm not fucking doing this. We're not in a fuckin' prison movie, I'm not fighting you while the crowd watches, fuck! I tried to leave again, but he growled louder, shifting and snarling at me as his wolf form walked circles around me.


I was confused... Then shocked... Then confused again. Did he just... Stop because I asked him to? What the fuck was happening? Back the fuck up. I ordered again, trying to play it off like I actually knew what was fucking happening, trying to hide the confusion I was truly feeling. Then it got fucking weirder... He obeyed. My eyes dimmed out, and Thera's grip loosened, her wide eyes looking up at me in just as much shock as I was feeling. What the hell did you do? What the fuck did you do to me?! His breathing was rapid and erratic as his eyes shifted between Thera, the crowd, and myself. Had I... Did I just compel him? My eyes lit up again, and I looked directly into his, Be quiet. I ordered, his jaw opening shortly after but no sound coming out, and the panic in his eyes growing.

I turned to the people surrounding us. I know some of you are content here. I won't try to change your mind. And I know some of you already have homes waiting for you, I know Thera has helped you find packs out of the country, and you're just waiting for transportation. I won't try to change your minds either. Despite what Rider has said, I won't even try to convince those of you that are loyal to him, to switch to my side. Because as far as I'm concerned, as wolves, we're all on the same side here. But those of you that don't wanna hide, those of you that don't wanna run, you can come back with me, be a part of my pack. It won't be easy, I won't lie to you. If you come back with me, you'll have a home, you'll be surrounded by some of my pack that survived, but also, you'll be surrounded by wolves just like you, wolves that lost their home, and are just looking to make a new one. But you won't hide. You won't run. You'll fight. For your old pack, for the family you lost, but also for your new one, the family you'll gain, you'll fight. I'm sure those of you that actually want to fight will have your own reasons too, and that's okay. It can be personal for you, I won't force you to fight for me, regardless of what Rider says. All I want is for you to fight for you. I looked around at the faces staring back at me. And maybe I already knew that Hillcrest was where most of Thera's outcasts were... Wolves that weren't entirely loyal to Rider... Wolves that didn't want to hide or run... But not all of the faces staring back at me were ''outcasts''. I still felt like I was at a slight advantage for knowing about 'em, but fuck, no one needed to know that.

I wish I could give you guys time to think about this, but I need to get back to my home. To my pack. The train leaves at sunset, I'll be waiting by the 97 bridge for you if you decide to come with me. When I turned to leave, Thera followed, and Runner shortly after. No one said a peep all the way to the car. Until we got in, and Thera looked right at me.

So? Gala or Ridgeview next?

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Re: [Closed] I guess you just drive...

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Wed Mar 22, 2017 6:06 pm

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Index - West Woods | Foggy | 11:37 P.M.

Part 14 of 14.
Day 23.

The Final Chapter.

Runner. Chamber. Skye. Six. Manic. Nexxus. Flame. Bolt. Dibs. Minsi. Olcan. Blue. Galaxy. Louisiana. Tanker. Plague. Marks. Trigger. Tricks. Whisper. Brawl. Fang. Shield. Roukan. Onai. Arrok. Manga. Bricks. Honi. Runt. Freak. Purity. Saturn. Axle. Axe. Meadow.

One by one, they appeared and introduced themselves. I'd had a long talk with Thera as I waited by the bridge. She'd been long gone before the first of the thirty-six wolves appeared. I was definitely disappointed when she told me that she wouldn't be coming with me. I probably would have been angry if she hadn't given a good reason. She was going to stay with Rider. Not out of loyalty, but out of a selfless need. She wanted to continue helping provide wolves safety. We'd even made a deal, that any newcomers that actually wanted to fight would be sent my way. She even gave outcasts a new name in honor of that deal, The Resolute. But most importantly she'd promised me that when this war was over, she would find me and join Reprisal without hesitation. Her optimistic use of the word ''when'' was almost encouraging.

I was actually surprised at the number of wolves that showed. I hadn't expected more than a handful, but I guess when they were faced with two miserable options, life in a strict safe haven, or life outside of their own country, away from their own land, it was easy to accept my offer. Especially when you considered the fact that they all shared one particular thought. In this one way, we were all like-minded. They were all hungry for vengeance, for justice... And they believed that potentially dying for their vengeance, potentially dying for justice, surpassed hiding or running.

Out of the thirty-six wolves that showed, not one was younger than thirteen years old, and not one was older than forty five. Out of the thirty-six wolves that showed, fourteen were women and twenty-two were men. Out of the thirty-six wolves that showed, ten were from my own pack, seven from Adams Faction, two from the Benton Faction, and one from the Columbia Faction. Out of the thirty-six wolves that showed, eight were between the ages of thirteen and nineteen. Twenty were between the ages of twenty and thirty. And the last eight were between the ages of thirty-one and forty-five. And every single one fit right into the bracket for potentially strong fighters. I couldn't help but feel fucking proud at the sight of them. A feeling I hadn't had in a long time while in the presence of wolves.

Once we'd cleared the streets and hit tougher terrain than human feet couldn't traverse, we shifted. Runner stayed at my side the entire time as I lead the rest in the direction of home. At first, everyone had stayed quiet. This lasted for a couple of hours into our journey. Runner was the first one to break the silence. From there on more and more opened up. And I learned about where each one came from, what they were like, why they joined me...

Axe and Axle I'd gathered were military men, brothers. Neither one had told me this specifically, in fact, when they did speak, they hardly said anything at all. Whisper was similar, but I learned that she never spoke. Apparently she hadn't said a word in years. Six, Skye, and Saturn were also siblings, from Arizona, and they liked to talk. Which was putting it lightly. Marks and Trigger we cousins, real backwoods too. Bricks and Shield were the last two living wolves from their pack, central California is where they came from, as did Runt, Purity, Meadow, Flame, and Honi. Galaxy and Louisiana were our only rank... Galaxy a potential Spiritual Leader which was pretty damned surprising, and Louisiana was a Warlord from Nevada... Which I didn't quite understand considering his name. Bolt and Dibs were firsts, and Minsi was their daughter. Freak was another quiet one, he talked a bit, but anything he said was usually completely fucked, blunt, or off the wall. Tanker I'd learned wasn't very... educated, didn't even get past first grade, but was as big and strong as a damned tank, but as softhearted as Ghost had been before she was killed. Plague and Tricks seemed to stick together like glue, despite seeming so vastly different. Plague was pessimistic, while Tricks seemed generally upbeat, even if he was a mischievous little shit. Fang I assumed was named for her appearance. Her fangs were abnormally long and stuck out beyond her chin. Chamber, Manic, Blue, Brawl, Roukan, Arrok, and Manga were all from the Adams Faction. Olcan and Onai were from the Benton faction, and Nexxus I'd gathered was the last surviving wolf from the Columbia Faction.

Every single one of them had a story, every single one of them seemed motivated in their own way, for their own reasons. They were willing fighters, some more experienced than others. Axe and Axle for example, came from a pack that hunted fangers. They'd been described by Saturn as ''wolf bounty hunters'', of which neither Axe or Axle said anything in response to, which told me it was likely true. The stories didn't end with them either, and the more I learned about each one of them, the more pride I felt. The entire journey those that talked, shared, and those that didn't, still let others share for them. Even the bitter personality types seemed generally optimistic in their own way, excited even, at the idea of not only me becoming their Pack Master, but also at having a place to call home again. Nexxus was the only one excluded from that list. While he didn't blatantly express his negative opinion of me and Reprisal, he didn't vocalize his support either. Not like the others had.

The journey wasn't long, in fact, being able to cut over rough terrain meant we were able to make shortcuts we wouldn't have been able to had we been driving. I paused, looking back at seventy glowing eyes staring back at me through the fog. When I turned, the last two glowing eyes were right in front of me, and Runner bounced on his feet, hopping from side to side in front of me, obviously excited. Can we go now? He asked before Six zoomed past me and tackled him to the ground. They wrestled one another at my feet, their bodies bumping into my front legs lightly at first, then more and more roughly, eventually nearly knocking me over. Laughter resounded behind me as I planted my feet more firmly in the ground. You wanna fuck around, or 'you wanna go? Both Runner and Six fumbled to their feet, panting as they ran circles around the group. Some of the other younger ones joined in, and I growled, mildly annoyed at their energy.

Let's go. We're almost home. I said firmly, and started to lead them to the den.

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