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[Private] Work and play

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Re: [Private] Work and play

Gayle Shaffer | Vampire; Ancient

Posted on Thu Apr 20, 2017 11:42 pm

No plan in the history of anything was ever perfect. No plain was ever certain, but even if this plan failed I couldn’t help to be excited about the fun we’d have trying. I’m so glad you’re on the same page. This had been my plan for a few months, and while simple I still had more details to give to Noelle. I felt I had waited too long; for I was excited now about the beginning, about pushing the “go” button, and she was only just learning about it. I wanted to wait now, perhaps. She was new and while with age came wisdom, new blood was also important. She was a child of this time. She understood what it was like to be born into this time as if it was her beginning. I saw the evolution and the background of it. Her thought processes were so different in such a beautiful way. She might be spared some of my flaws which were so prevalent it was even easy for me to see. And some were counter intuitive, for example, I might have understood the implications of literally having all the time in the world, but I was extremely impatient.

I scooted closer to Noelle, resting a hand on her thigh and my head on her shoulder, taking in her scent and even the smell of her blood behind her golden skin. There are a few beautiful parts of the plan. The first thing is that in a way, we might not stop the Supremacy. I’m not a fool and I don’t plan on being overconfident. I pushed her hair away from her shoulder and to her back. I wasn’t attempting to request anything with my posture or body language. Nothing other than her presence. Even though we were speaking business, I could still find enjoyment in the presence of my progeny. But you know this has been our agenda for a long time. This kickstarts it and it’s all but impossible for them to stomp out at least that goal. The other positive is the fun we’ll have doing it. I haven’t even told you how it begins. I wasn’t ready yet - her anticipation, her excitement, I was reveling in it like a parent teasing about Christmas presents. My lips were permanently spread in a smile. I would love to stay with you, dear, I think I will take you up on that.

Oh, how I hated to let her down, but I made mental notes of her suggestions and would make it up to her, hopefully ten fold. I would take her to both of those places and bring the rest of the world to her while she was there - but for now, I was working literally around the clock. My control issues had gotten the worst of me, and this was actually the largest “break” I had allowed myself. While I didn’t plan to travel, I was set on making it special for her. Of course, after business.

I shifted back in my seat and watched her basically open the largest present. The diamond ring, the keys to the sixteen year old’s car. I wasn’t disappointed and neither was she, it was clear. Lilah is complicated. She’s shy and yet a force at the same time. Have you met her behind closed doors? My grin turned… mischievous, and my brows raised. To put it bluntly she likes to fuck. She isn’t shy about that, and yet will do anything in her power to avoid a security camera. I brought my index finger to my cheek and rested my chin on the rest of my fingers for once not imitating or exaggerating my level of thought. There was still so much I didn’t know about Noelle and it suddenly struck me and bothered me that I knew more nuances of Lilah’s personality than my own progeny. Sure, I had known Lilah for decades longer than Noelle. Just how gluttonous with her sex did Noelle like to be? It wasn’t as if we had never been there, but we had so many other things to experience together. Was it intimate for her? Or would she love to have pleasure come at her from all angles? I had one more important part - the initiation of the plan, and then - dinner. And for dinner I wanted to celebrate. I wanted gluttony in every form.

Of course, I said, moving myself against her again, pushing her hair behind her again, I want you to be a part of this as much as possible. I want your input. The back of my hand moved across her cheek memorizing the feeling. The plan is just a baby, ready to be molded and shaped by those with better ideas. I want your honest opinion on the initiation, because - well. This idea while fun, isn’t the way we typically work. I cocked my head to the side, wanting to soak every bit of body language she would give me. I wanted to know her true opinion. The first step I have planned is to send people to the emergency rooms in masses. I want them torn and tattered but not killed because they need to live to tell the story. They can’t be compelled to forget. It has to be a substantial number, something the public cannot ignore. Then what happens? What is it they call it? Good cop, bad cop? And that was where I was… unsure. A part of it even for me felt like I was betraying myself. We come in and advocate their “safety”. We’re the worst of hypocrites and introduce a blood substitute we wouldn’t bother to touch a drop of. They no longer ask if we exist. We skip that question and go to, what do they plan to do about us?

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