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[Private] Near Journey's End

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Paul Thacker

Re: [Private] Near Journey's End

Paul Thacker | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Thu Apr 06, 2017 11:33 pm

I'd learned, at least in times like this, it was best to give the young ones tasks. Something that spent their energy but also made them feel both important and trusted. There was an insane amount of psychology in being a leader. But also, it wasn't being manipulative. It was teaching dependability. I watched proudly, as they began to set up, actually talking among each other, only stopping to ask me the occasional question about what I wanted. A tent was forming and a fire was burning and we were finally resting. It would have been nice if we weren't already in the midst of enemies. I caught the glint of the shiny can Matrix was pulling out and I smiled. I always bit my tongue when he drank that stuff, I knew I was enough of a buzzkill without that. I didn't like eating or drinking anything I couldn't reproduce myself in my own kitchen. But that didn't mean everyone else had to live like me.

It is. It's much worse, I looked around me, I kind of like these woods, though. It smells more... earthy here. Back home the trees were almost so tall there was not much foliage at the bottom of the forest. Less brush, more trees reaching for the heavens. It was drier, but no desert. This was mossy, earthy, but almost moldy. It was just different.

We have to tell him, but we have to be careful. We don't know just how far up her ass he is, I said before taking a sip from my canteen. Sitting here by the fire, I wished that I had some shine on hand. I'd kept it away from my immediate belongings for a reason. While Vega was in my care, I wasn't going to compromise myself. You remember Nebula before she went MIA? She had this crazy ability to share memories. Would be so convenient to have around, no? Of course not everyone believed what they saw, but anyone with an open mind - it was a fucking perfect method of arbitration when people didn't see eye to eye.

I removed my bag from my back, laid it on the ground and scooted closer to the fire, using the bag as a pillow. I stared up at the stars, wishing I was also looking at the reddish sequoia trees back home. I can't make a plan just yet. I'm not uncomfortable doing it, I just need more information. I need to know how many people are going to miss her and how far they'll dig. For all I know, they'll throw us a parade when it's done. I stopped and lazily rolled my head over toward Matrix. Practicing won't hurt you know, and the less shit you have your body trying to fix the more energy you'll have to use. I grinned, hoping to let him know I wasn't actually lecturing him but just picking instead. Although, right now I think we could all use a little vice. It was a shame, I had been really hoping to meet the pack master tonight, but I wasn't ready in the least to confront Luxx. I almost wondered if I could find some way to lure him away. To get him to venture out here to speak with us. Might have you use that ability after all, unless we want to push meet and greet for tomorrow. I wouldn't complain about a decent night of sleep.

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Re: [Private] Near Journey's End

Keon N Ravelich | Wolf; Warrior/Fighter

Posted on Mon Apr 10, 2017 5:00 am

Didn’t care how excellent Apollo’s nose was, there was no way this place smelt anywhere as good as home did. The Snoqualmie forest sounded as if it was huge enough that I would find that no reception sweet spot if I delved deep enough but did it have the natural wonders we’d had? I gave my Warlord a tired smile though. He wanted to think positively so that would rub off on the rest of us, I knew that. Didn’t want him to think that it wasn’t working. “Have to go camping to get a feel for the place.” We’d often bumped off the majority of the pack in peaceful times to bust out the four wheelers and just….leave. Everyone knew how to contact us, by howls, so we weren’t shirking responsibilities. It was just nice to take a break and just appreciate the wilderness.

“Yeah, I remember her.” Just one of the pack who had decided that the call of civilization was more potent than that of the forest. I liked hanging at the odd nightclub here and there but she had practically lived in them. Was probably at one now, wherever she was. “That would make things simple. Just show the Alpha that…night.” My voice faded off. Apollo was the only one who had…seen. Reaching out I rested my hand on his shoulder and squeezed slightly. I felt guilty for being thankful for not directly witnessing what he had. Was bad enough imagining it. “But hey, maybe all the luck has gone in one direction. Everything else is shit because the stars have aligned so that this Alpha has a clue.” Even as I said it I wasn’t remotely convinced. We weren’t lemmings and yet we had been turned into sheep.

I nodded, a small smirk touching my mouth before I lifted the can to my mouth. Apollo was always throwing the odd jab about my addiction to two things in particular. Was tame compared to the ragging some of the others got. “You know my favorite color is green.” Had no idea if Guarana was in fact green. The can I was drinking out of was so that was close enough. At least I hadn’t pulled out my weed. “Fair enough. Scope him out, what the others think and then…” I mimed wrapping a noose around my neck and made a choking sound while sticking my tongue out.

“What do you want?” He was right. I needed to get working on my ability. Never really had the motivation before but now it would be an invaluable tool. Wasn’t going to happen right here in front of the campfire though. What I had to offer was limited. “I can try to tell you how far away her phone is to make sure she isn’t where we are heading.” As much as having a nap sounded like fun I also felt like, that we should just, get right in it. Get it over and done with. The whole introduction thing had my nerves shot. We had no clue what the reception was like for all these new wolves. Wasn’t like we were strolling in with just a few either. “Could do that and maybe we just, rock on up, just me you and Nova…if the coast is clear.”

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