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 [Closed] Where is my Mind?

[Closed] Where is my Mind?

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[Closed] Where is my Mind?

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Mon Feb 06, 2017 3:25 pm

Thread Details
Forest, At Lil's favorite place | Cloudy | 2am

This is the final dream in a sequence of Lilith controlled sexual nightmares. A trigger for Lils to try and detox off the Vampire blood...and well....a reason to write smut haha. As always with hidden tags you will need to post in order to read. No shame guyz <3

No introduction. Left without context. I had no idea how this had started. The dream had just begun without warning. As if I’d turn on the television and was thrown into the middle of an episode of something that came with a mature rating. Late night screening. At first it was only the sound of my heartbeat rising in tempo in my ears. Then it was the sensation of burningly insistent kisses that I automatically responded to with a growing urgency. Heavy hands. A violent possessive grip restraining me against a warm muscular body. Scent filled my nostrils. Of the forest and a certain Alpha whose smell I could apparently duplicate to perfection even when asleep. The guttural groan from his mouth to mine sent my head into a tailspin. Every sense was heightened. Everything so real it was difficult to remind myself this was just another nightmare.

I sat bolt upright. Drenched in sweat. Scrambling around myself I half expected to find Onyx’s naked body laying nearby. It had felt that real. No, just a dream Luxx. Just a fucking nightmare. Flopping back onto the rock I’d passed out on later on in the evening I tried to block out the climax that actually still had a chemical reaction rolling through my limbs. My clothes were nearby. I’d curled up in wolf form after drunkenly playing about in the snow. Now I was fucking freezing having somehow reverted into human form in my slumber.

Needed to stop these dreams. 
Had to stop them.

Had to.

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