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Amieechu | Out of Character Account; Member

Posted on Wed Dec 28, 2016 7:53 pm

Vampire | Blake's Missing Husband


"Art is anything you can get away with"

Lawrence was once a very accomplished artist who would go town to town to sell his work. After losing yet another apprentice, he set up shop in a small rural town in hopes to find someone to replace his last. He knew he stuck out like a sore thumb instantly. He sold a few pieces, but not enough to make the stop worth it, when he noticed a red head checking out one of his sunflower paintings. He quickly finished his business his business with another customer and struck up conversation almost effortlessly. She was eager and her smile was bright, he could tell she was yearning for something more in life. Typically Lawrence was more careful in his selection of apprentices, but she seemed promising and the night was drawing closer. Blake agreed to be his apprentice and she even ran away from home for him. He knew how big of a risk that alone was for her, and just laid everything out on the table, revealing he was in fact a vampire. He promised her he would teach her every little thing he knew about art, painting, and all the fame and success, and in return all she would have to do is be his traveling companion and help him feed when he would need it. Blake was reluctant at first, scared about how she just ran off with a stranger who is also an occult, but she knew she didn't have any other options. It was either going to be a career or marry some stranger. Sometimes Lawrence wonders if she was presented with this choice again now, if she would accept it.

Lawrence would tell Blake small, insignificant stories from his earlier vampire years from before they met. He didn't want her involved with anything his past might kick up and throw at him, so he tried to keep it as separate as possible. At the start Lawrence didn't want to turn Blake into a vampire, his last experiences with his apprentices who couldn't handle it, helped him in that choice. The two mainly spent their time painting and almost always on the move, so it typically wasn't on the discussion list for them. He knew one day she would tire of the travel and begin to age. Once that began to happen, his plan was to set her up with a decent life and go his separate way. The one thing stopping him of course, was his feelings developing for the girl. He didn't want to see her go and she subtly let him know she wasn't going to go anywhere. At first it was small comments about how if she was immortal, she'd be able to keep pace with me or if she was a vampire then she could stay young and learn even more. Eventually, it became something bigger. Lawrence never wanted to break her heart, but also didn't want her to become the monster as he was.

When Blake demanded marriage one night, Lawrence knew he had no other options if he really wanted her to stray in his life. They married middle of the night under a large oak tree, with stars shining as bright as her smile. That night Lawrence did something he promised he wouldn't do, and turned Blake into a vampire. He was on verge of tears the entire night as he was he watched over her changing in front of his eyes.

Not long after things were almost back to normal for the two. They bought a house to act as a stable location to keep their belongings. The times were starting to change and more museums were open for new art to be displayed, so they needed a base of operations to store their work. While the two could never have children, Lawrence enjoyed watching Blake feed and coo over the stray cats that would show up at their doorsteps. She would give them all different names and would come up with small back stories for all of them if her mood was right. One morning the cats weren't at the doorsteps, Lawrence didn't think much of it for he had an important business meeting with a museum a few towns over, and left while Blake was still sleeping. The air was thick and the woods were eerily silent, the crunching of his footsteps were the only thing he could hear for miles.

Lawrence stopped by a creek just outside of the woods. Everything was silent and he knew in that instant what was going to happen. He knew this moment was going to come the second he laid eyes on Blake that evening in her small town. He knew after all this time, it was over.

Age: Unknown
Maker: Unknown

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