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 [Closed] Happy Birthday Onyx

[Closed] Happy Birthday Onyx

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[Closed] Happy Birthday Onyx

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Wed Dec 21, 2016 9:51 pm

Word of mouth was an interesting thing. Boom and Scarlet had been trying to find a way to approach Onyx. I had no idea why they didn’t just come to the fucking front door and knock but that was lead to me finding out that it was the Pack Masters birthday. Ozra had been offering up increasingly stupid ideas of how the remaining members of the Black Powder Pack could introduce themselves to their new Alpha. Of course I hadn’t actually been there at the time, I was told later by Scarlet while I was trying to build snow mounds in the front yard. I intended to shove glow sticks in them to freak the neighbourhood out. Fluorescent eyes staring from emerging snow creatures. So much fucking yes. The idea apparently had been that Boom and Scarlet were going to send him a birthday present in the form of a bottle of whiskey. What was the bad part of the plan, is that Scarlet had decided she wanted me to deliver it….and include a gift of my own. What the fucking fuck? I didn’t know what was worse. That I’d instantly rolled my eyes at purchasing Oynx a pair of socks or the fact I’d for a moment considered it. In the end I had compromised. I’d take their fucking gift and leave it in the house somewhere he would find it and I would bake a fucking cake. HA. That’s right I decided to once again cause havoc in the kitchen.
Picking a time of day I knew Onyx was going to be out during I stripped down naked and began to bake. Birthday Suit, get it? I completely wasted an entire bag of flour as I had it perched on the side of the countertop, while it was open. Of course I had music blaring and was lip syncing along while using a spoon as a microphone and knocked it clean over. Flour had poured all over the floor, big puffy clouds of it coating everything. My bare feet had padded footprints of it all over the place. Eggs were my nemesis, beating me once again. Two cupboards had yoke still stuck to them. The oven, speckled with fragments of shell. I made far too much pink icing, which was probably for the best because much of it had ended up all over the facet and somehow the coffee pot. The finished product I was pretty fucking proud of. Even though I wasn’t even entirely sure it was cooked all the way through. I’d had a few glasses before tackling the task. Quite a few during. Once I’d written in the lame card Scarlet had picked out, I put the cake and whiskey with it on a square section of clean bench I’d purposefully cleared.
Intending to sit down for a moment, finish off my bottle of vodka and then go have a shower, put some clothes on, my head had other plans. I’d learned that even though it may not seem I was tired, that the Fanger blood was disguising the fact that I needed more sleep than I was getting. Suddenly the couch bed seemed awfully comfortable. Before I knew what was what, my fingers were spiraling around in a curl, twirling it around as my eyelids began to close. Passing out covered in flour and pink icing...sounded about right.

Inside handwritten in one lot of crooked blue ball point pen.
Happy Birthday Onyx
Ozra told us what whiskey to buy. Hope you like it.
- Boom and Scarlet of the Black Powder Pack

Underneath this is black vivid marker
The cake is from me
xoxox Luxx

Tragic Cake

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