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 [Closed] Raven Shadows

[Closed] Raven Shadows

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[Closed] Raven Shadows

Daron Wynyard | Vampire; Young

Posted on Mon Dec 12, 2016 6:58 pm

Thread Details
Van Garrett Mansion. The Maze | Cloudy Verging on Snow | 1am

Dated After the Vampire Party

A radio crackled on.

Now lets get into those requests I promised listeners. I’ve got Gena from Seattle on the line. Whadda wanna hear Gena? “Is it too early to hear some Laudanum?” It’s never too early for Daron babe. Which song were you after? “Ummm, It’s a toss up because of the arrival of Alyssa but I’m gonna have to go with Debonair, it’s a shame that Drew doesn’t seem to have his heart in it” Don’t you worry Gena, Daron has been thinking about that little problem and removing Drews heart completely is the way to go. So next up folks is some Laudanum.

The maze was a strange place. I’d constantly see and hear things that didn’t exist. Standing in a courtyard I swore I had never seen before I could hear the crackle of a radio playing one of my new songs. This place was utter chaos and I liked it. Lilith could only seem to fully manifest to me here. Daron my sweet, The Alpha is my current vessel. Blood connects me to you and I have a varying level of control over a few others. She always appeared from out of nowhere. Where there was once a shadow, she stood, as always in a fine gown that trailed into Ravens. Impossible to fathom. My time approaches and I am exhausting myself in preparation. “So I should drink more blood.” Precisely. As should anyone else of interest. You like games don’t you Daron my love? The more pawns the better. It was annoying enough that I knew the wolf was important. Did I really want to share her with anyone else?

She fluttered as she moved. The wings of hundreds of Raven’s all beating softly. Her pale skin illuminated even with the slightest of moonlight. Her eyes, jet black. “You want me to do what the Supremacy says and follow the Alpha?” She smiled, an expression that always managed to frighten as well as excite. They are overseeing my arrival but they don’t need to know why you’re so diligently doing what is asked of you if you don't wish them to. My Goddess, always mending together tiny holes in an ever-growing web of deceit. Growing impatient she often lost her temper and it always started with that devastating smile. Or don’t you remember what you promised me last night? Grabbing me by the throat her slight frame still managed to lift me right off the ground. “I re…mem…ber.” Choking out the words I was immediately thrown into a nearby statue. Groaning I pulled myself up off the ground, dusting off my jacket. “I get it….drink more of the Wolfs blood and if the fat lady doesn’t sing then it’s my turn.” I was her backup plan. Every good strategist had one. Lilith wasn’t putting all of her eggs in the puppies paws.

“Did you just call me a FAT LADY?!” A roar of destructive proportions hit my ears and I leaned backward against a pillar holding up my hands she advanced on me in an eye blink. “Figure of speech my Goddess, I fucking swear.”

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