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 Blake Vancel

Blake Vancel

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Blake Vancel

Amieechu | Out of Character Account; Member

Posted on Sun Dec 11, 2016 6:18 pm

Blake Vancel
Young Vampire


"When life robs you, sometimes, you have to rob it back."

Blake had a simple upbringing, she was an only child of a middle class family. Her father would work all day and her mother would always have dinner ready for the family. As a child, she was never very talented, but loved art. After her classes, she would sit down for hours painting and drawing until her mother would make her help with dinner. When Blake turned of age, her parents decided it was time for her to settle down and they arranged for her to be married. Blake opposed the idea of marriage from day one. "How am I supposed to bring life to my work with a useless husband and a drooling baby?!" she would argue, but it would always fall on deaf ears. 

A month before her wedding she found herself in a heated argument with her mother while she was being fitted for her dress. As soon as the dress was off and she was back in her normal clothes, she stormed out of the without speaking a word. She eventually stopped at the town's center market deciding to shop while thinking about her current predicament. Before she knew it, the sun was setting and the crickets were chirping. She breathed a heavy sigh and decided she would head back home until she noticed a strange man selling art at a stand she'd never seen before.

Intrigued, she walked over to get a closer look. She pretended to be interested in a painting of sunflowers while eyeing him from a small distance. He definitely wasn't from any towns nearby. He was tall and tan with a pearly white smile, he wore a dark brown hooded cloak with Naples yellow trim that covered most of his body. She could see tousles of black hair sticking out from under his hood. His eyes were so bright and golden that she could swear they were made of gold. He caught her looking him over and made direct eye contact. She felt her face blush, but she was instantly captivated. He was well spoken and his voice soft. They talked about art and life for hours. It didn't take long for the mysterious man to convince didn't take long for him to persuade her to go travelling with him. His last apprentice feel very ill and he needed someone new to help him from town to town. The next night, Blake collected all she could carry and stepped outside of her bedroom window. She took one last look of her room and smirked when she saw her wedding dress hanging from the door.

It did not take long for the mysterious man, who she learned was named Lawrence, to reveal his true intentions to Blake. He did need help selling and carrying his collection or art, but there was more. It turned out he had a hunger that she could help him fill. For her reward, he would help Blake learn everything he knew about art and would start her on her way to fame. At first Blake was scared of what this man proposed to her, but he said the words so smoothly, she agreed.

Five years passed and Lawrence kept up his end of the bargain. Blake slowly became known for her portraits and sold them alongside Lawrence's landscapes and still life paintings. Over time the two became very close and were even lovers. Things were going fantastic, until Blake came crawling into bed one night, drunk after a wedding celebration. "We should get married." she declared. The subject had been brought up several times. Many customers would refer to her as his wife already. "I've told you we can't, love. I do not want to turn you." Most nights Blake would have ended the conversation at that, but tonight she was filled with liquid courage and tired of hearing his excuses. They argued, she cried, he cried it was a big mess. After a minute of a short silence, Lawrence breathed in a deep sigh, "Fine, let's get married tonight." The two hunted down the man who did the ceremony from earlier and married them under a large, oak tree in a small clearing in the woods. That night was when Blake became a vampire.

Once again things were fantastic. Lawrence taught Blake all she needed to know to be a vampire and she learned very quickly. With the increase of sale from their art, the two bought a small, quaint house right outside of two major port towns, that would hold most of their belongings and just be a place they could call home. Decades went by with the two living like a normal, married couple with a small twist of course. One evening while Blake was cooking dinner for Lawrence, there was a knock at the door. She slowly crept closer when Lawrence's voice popped in her head, Do not open that door. Please trust me and run. I will explain everything later, just run. Meet me in Montauk. Do what you have to do. She quickly emptied their money safe and threw the rug halfway into the fireplace. She could hear a window smashing as she ran off over the hill. When she looked back the house was ablaze. Montauk was only a few days of a train ride away. She bought her ticket and took the first train she could.

When she arrived in Montauk she couldn't find Lawrence anywhere. She hit up every gallery opening and event, every night club, and even some of the local schools. Nothing. She rented a small cottage for a few weeks and mainly kept to herself. She was never used to being the only vampire and having to take care of herself so much. It had been over 50 years since he turned her and he'd never left her side like this before. By the second week of her stay in the cottage, she started having vivid dreams. They were always dark, but she could feel her hands banging against something hard. Her throat scratchy and eyes sore and heavy. Night after night she had these dreams, waking up in a sweat and crying. On the night of the new moon, her dreams were even more real. His body was exceptionally cold and shaking. Blake. Please forgive me, Blake. I am so, so sorry. Lawrence. She could see everything that he could see, which wasn't very much. He punched and kicked what felt like sturdy wood. Please, come find me. I am so sorry. "I'm Here! I'm here..." she yelled as she jolted awake. Suddenly everything seemed clearer to Blake. She had to find Lawrence.

The only clues she had were her dreams and whoever it was that came knocking on her door, which she had hoped caught fire and didn't exist anymore. Maybe she could let them find her. She came up with a  plan as she was packing up all her belongings, with every dream, she would try to get a sense of his location. The main inconvenience is the money and blood she would need to manage such a trek. She had almost abandoned her plan when she noticed a small jewelry box sitting at the vanity. Of course it belonged to the owners of the cottage, they left everything furnished. They probably accidentally left this here. She thought to herself, though if it was really that important, they would have hidden it or took it with them. She breathed in a sigh and slipped it into her coat pocket. She promised to herself she would do whatever it took. She would find him.

Almost 60 years later and she found herself in Index. She never gave up her search to find Lawrence, but the dreams started to come more and more sparse. She was staying in a little studio apartment in West Elkton that she only decorated enough to not be suspicious. After about a month or two in she started to paint again, unfortunately, the world viewed art much different and Blake found it was a lot harder to make sales. She had no choice but to keep her sticky fingers as a primary source of income, hoping to make it until when she can find Lawrence.

Age: 115
Maker: Lawrence

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Re: Blake Vancel

Amieechu | Out of Character Account; Member

Posted on Wed Dec 14, 2016 7:38 pm

Photo Album
Photos of Blake

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Re: Blake Vancel

Amieechu | Out of Character Account; Member

Posted on Wed Jul 12, 2017 5:56 pm

Bright red hair styled in a bob that is slightly shorter in the back than the front. The longest front strands barely graze her shoulders.
Average woman height around 5'3" to 5'4"
Eyes are a blueish gray. Almost like a really watered down version of the watercolor Paynes Gray.
She has a small black mole under her right eye. Is it real? That's for her to know.
As far as skin tone, Blake was really tan before being turned, so as far as vampire skin tones go, she is on the darker side.
Clothing style is a mix of chic, artsy, and anything that shows off her assets. She loves tight, classy dresses. Blake also has an assortment of different disguises and wigs she wears.
Body shape is hourglass, and she enjoys showing it off. think of something like this
Tattoo: Sleeve on her right arm. Uses a very thick makeup to cover the tattoo in formal settings.

Blake is a skilled thief and has years of experience under her belt. She can quickly adapt to just about any situation. She is careful with her words and actions, though sometimes she is too cautious and over plans. She can speak a small amount of french; not enough to hold an intellectual conversation, but enough to get her out of trouble.

Blake is also a painter, with skills in acrylic, watercolor, and oil. In the 1900s, she was known for her portrait paintings. Like most artist during the period, her style was defined by taking abstract and mixing it with the feel of renaissance art, adding in fluidity and colors where she felt fit. Now, with the twists and turns of her life, and struggling with her own inner demons, her portraits are more emotional and not as vibrant; erring on the edge of creepy.

 [Art Samples (Some of these are NSFW): [x] - [x] - [x] - [x] - [x] - [x]

Never formally educated as an adult. During the 70s and 80s, Blake would sneak into college campuses and sit in on some classes, but never stuck around for too long. She has been an artist her whole life and apprenticed under her maker/husband.

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