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 [Private] Snowball Bumblebee Bazooka - Page 6

[Private] Snowball Bumblebee Bazooka

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Re: [Private] Snowball Bumblebee Bazooka

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Wed Mar 15, 2017 4:02 am

Normally silence on her end would have worried me, like she was only silent because she was in her head trying to find a new combination of words to throw a more or less recycled insult in my face. But even as more time passed, and I heard the bathroom door close while I put on my jeans and shirt, I wasn't worried about it. In fact I was content with the thought that there was a chance she actually fucking listened to me for a change. I could feel the shift in the air before I even opened my mouth, maybe she fucking felt it too? Or maybe that was wishful thinking, a miracle really, since I didn't think I had any of that left in me. Wishes were for stars and genies.

I extended my arms out, propping my palms onto the railing as I closed my eyes and rolled my head around. Snapping sounds came from my neck, and the sound of a deep breath, inhale, then exhale, were the only sounds in the entire place.

Until the bathroom door opened.

She brought a hurricane with her, wherever she went.

Without even seeing, without even listening, I could sense her urgency. Like an idiot, the first thought in my head was "what happened in that bathroom?", which I knew wasn't the cause of her quick movements. Somewhere inside, I knew it was just a delayed reaction to what had happened downstairs. I was a damned fool to think what I said wouldn't be returned with an equally loud bark. But still, like a naive son of a bitch, my ribs protected what little ounce of hope I had left inside. Hope that this wasn't going to be a loudly vocalized disagreement over something that I'd thought I'd made very clear, something I genuinely meant and felt with every fragment of my being. Most of our arguments were half-assed. Half empty, loud talking, half truth. I wasn't sure I'd ever felt her challenge something true. I wasn't sure I'd ever told her anything completely true for her to challenge until today.

As she appeared, my eyes began to glow a bright white. My body was prepared before I was, reacting to what was coming before I even realized it was heading my way. My claws began to emerge as she thrust herself towards me, and I fell back. Losing my balance put me at a disadvantage. She had me pinned. An involuntary growl came out of me as I hit the bed, but it wasn't in reaction to the impact, it was a threat.

I fought, I struggled, I tried to shove her off, and didn't even care to try to hide my efforts to spare my pride. A variation of her previous words rang out in my head. Only this time I heard them in my own voice, about her. She was stronger than me. For some reason the words felt different coming from me, like they held a different meaning, a lesser meaning. It was something I didn't have time to think about, and while I didn't stop trying to get her off of me, I listened, as much as I didn't want to. I listened to every word.

Every word was a new punch. Like I was learning anything and everything about this little toxic lone in one single speech. I imagined this must have been what it felt like to lose your memories, and regain all of them in one go. I wanted to say something in reaction to everything. I had something to say in reaction to everything coming out of her mouth, but my own mouth couldn't keep up with each new thought that sprouted after every new bit of information. And it kept getting worse. Worse and fucking worse and I couldn't escape it. I was strapped to the chair in that white room all over again, but instead of being force fed fanger blood I was being force fed her fucking insides, the rotting ones, not the ones she quite fucking clearly pretended to be healthy. And just like that white room, air was in short supply.

The way her voice changed towards the end, something that could have easily been perceived as a result of her lack of air after talking so fucking much. But it wasn't that, and I winced, wanting her to dig her claws into my skin, to slash my fucking throat open, anything other than hearing it. That fucking sound was gonna stick with me, I knew it was. More skeletal remains to add to her pile of misery, the pile of misery the ancestors had given me at the cliffs.

When she released one of my arms, it was enough. I knew I could have pushed her off then, but the paper she held in front of my face took things to a new level. One I didn't see coming. It was... It was so fucking contradictory. And I didn't take fucking pack contracts lightly. If this was some twisted fucking joke... Was it? Was everything she just said, this... The fucking contract, all of it, was it just a drunk fucking game she wanted to play with me, to make me ''hate her''? Was it just morning entertainment for her? Was she... I don't fucking know, bored?! I couldn't decipher what was fucking truth anymore. And the look on my face said it all. I wanted to go back to believing everything out of her mouth was a lie, because being in limbo, between potential truth, and potential deceit was more infuriating than my previous certainty. A certainty that she was the embodiment of deception.

What? It was the first word I'd spoken, and it came out hoarse.  My eyes took a moment to adjust to the screen. I used my free hand to rip it from her hands. My grip tightening the more she spoke. Eyes widening, burning a brighter and brighter white. I could feel the plastic casing start to crack under my grip, my jaw dropping, eyes getting wider as I tore them from the screen to look at her.


Everything she'd said before, the contract, all of it disappeared. None of it existed, none of it held weight. because of five little words. And that feeling in my gut, that I knew better, that I should have seen this coming, that all of my mental preparations, and my treatment of her had been preparing me for this very fucking moment. A moment I had told myself a million times would come eventually. But I wasn't really prepared was I? If I had been, then why the fuck did I feel like she'd sucker punched me, again? Why the fuck were my insides twenty pounds heavier with that familiar feeling of treachery?

I fucking exploded, using more force than I felt I needed to shove her off of me, hoping the added force would cause her pain. I stood over her, my face tense with more fury than I'd ever displayed. An anger for her, that was only outmatched by the anger I felt towards myself. It's you. My voice was quiet, despite the look on my face, the tense feeling in my muscles, they came out quiet. It's about you. Not wolves. It's about you. I will never trust you. I will never accept you. I will never defend you. Never, Luxx. Never. Every word held more conviction than my previous.

I tore the paper out of her hands and ripped it in two, dropping the pieces to the floor before grabbing Odin's journal, my wallet, and jacket. I slid down the ladder, grabbed my shoes, and keys, and opened the front door, pausing in it, but not turning to look back at her. I would have helped you save her. It was the last thing I said, a promise I would have made, but wasn't given the fucking option. And I left.

I wouldn't be back either.

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Re: [Private] Snowball Bumblebee Bazooka

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Wed Mar 15, 2017 4:48 am

Hitting the floor hard at least ripped me from a spiral I had been slowly getting sucked down. There was something intoxicating abut his warmth that had my head in a tail spin. It scared the fuck out of me. I couldn’t control it. Staying away from him had been the best option. Then
I had been told to do otherwise. Everything about my prophecy pointed to it too. To save myself from what I was feeling? Wanting? I couldn’t be around him. It got stronger when he was near. Whatever it was. This unearthly desire to just…tear his clothes off. I laid on the floor for what felt like an eternity letting his words sink in. I was so fucking perfect at making people hate me. Was that the only thing I could do? Fuck. A lump rose into my throat. I’d laid myself bare, almost stripped my skin right in front of him. Nothing could undo the damage I’d already done. I’d known it before I spoke but I’d held some misconceived hope that this Pack Master, one that seemed to understand the duty he had. Had fire in him that he just hid from everyone else. A flame I hadn’t seen before when he was a warlord, when he’d been a newly made Pack Master. That I now knew existed. Would be different.

Scrambling to my feet I felt the tears that had gathered in my eyes roll down my cheeks. Moving faster than I ever had, the vampire blood still coursing through my veins I bolted out the door after him. “Fine!” I wanted to sound angry, or sure, or something but I didn’t. Nothing about this felt good in any way shape or form. I wanted them all to hate me but I had been wrong. So fucking wrong. I needed to fix it. “I’ve done what I’ve had to, the only ways I know how to and I want to make amends.” Fuck it. It couldn’t get any worse. I just needed to make sure that he didn’t leave. That he wouldn’t exile me from fighting for this pack. “Do you have any idea how hard that was to tell you!” I screamed completely losing my shit. “After everything you’ve rattled on about me being this deceiving little worm that just feeds off the misery of others, betrays everyone and everything. That I was intending on doing that again to save someone I care about.” I choked rubbing the blur from my eyes.

“What the fuck do you want me to do to prove it to you! That I’ll give up everything I want so that this pack can thrive!” Waving my phone in his face I was starting to feel sick. “I’ll fucking text the Fangers right now and watch them execute Sona, would that be enough?! Because I’ll fucking do it!” My body slumped slightly my voice falling quiet again, the pained tone far more prominent now. “I’ll do it.” I would. Even though I knew I would have nothing left for myself I would do it. All I needed was this prophecy and then death would come and it would make all of this go away. “I’ll do it because I trust you. I accept you. I want to defend you. Always. Always Vincent.”

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Re: [Private] Snowball Bumblebee Bazooka

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Wed Mar 15, 2017 5:27 am

I unlocked the doors to my truck before even closing the front door, and the second it was closed, my feet started moving, practically frozen against the snowy ground. I didn't even want to sit in my own goddamned house to put my shoes on. I couldn't, I couldn't spend another minute in her presence. I just couldn't. I would have killed her. I wouldn't have even hesitated.

My feet quickened when I heard the door open, and I opened the passenger door to toss my shit inside, not even turning around as she opened her mouth. I did pause, digging my claws into the passenger seat as I tried to control my shift. As more and more words came out of her mouth, and more more fabric was torn beneath my grip. I closed my eyes, bit my lip so hard it drew blood, and waited for a moment when I felt I had enough control to start moving again, so I could get into my truck and leave. The moment had to be right, because if it wasn't, I would have splattered the snow in my front yard with her blood.

When silence came, I felt my claws retract, and when they were gone, I wiped the blood from my lip and didn't even look at her as I moved around to the drivers side. I only paused once before getting in, and this time, I looked her right in her eyes. Do what you want, Luxx. It's what you do best. I felt something rise in me when she used my name, but I shoved it back down. She wasn't like me. Using my name wasn't a sign of respect, it was just another deceitful method in her book of tricks to try and convince me of her honesty, her loyalty, her validity. I was done. I'd made that perfectly clear.

I got in my truck, started it, and drove away.

I'd made myself perfectly clear.

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Re: [Private] Snowball Bumblebee Bazooka

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Wed Mar 15, 2017 8:30 pm

Do what you want, Luxx. It's what you do best

The words echoed in my head as I just watched his truck pull away. Fuck me. Thought I was about to die right here in the front yard. If it didn’t feel so shit right now I would have given myself an award for being able to make someone hate me so much. Could have celebrated, but it was obvious now I’d only done one thing with my cruddy attitude towards wolves. I’d made them hate me. Sure some of that loathing could be easily transferable into the idea that no Lone should ever be trusted. Few had left their packs willingly and most desperately wanted to return to one. Bringing with them whatever toxin had been the reason for their expulsion in the first place. They wouldn’t be as straight up as Vilks and I were about how there was no reason why any pack should accept a Lone. I felt fucking miserable because the Ancestors had never told me that I had to rev my bitch engine. Oh no, that was something I had wanted to do.

Do what you want, Luxx. It’s what you do best.

“Orders heard loud and clear Alpha.” Grinning through the tears on my cheeks I gave an arrogant salute. My head was still blurry as fuck. Liquor, Blood and all of this bullshit all vying for attention. I knew I should feel shame for yet another emotional outburst. Something I’d never done, unless you counted rages, until I’d gotten hooked on the Fanger juice. I already knew that once I properly sobered up, today was going to be one of those days that I would painfully dissect like a science project. Was so not looking forward to that shit. So back to the vodka for now. One last hurrah before I did what I was told to do.

What I wanted.

Just as I was turning to walk back into the house a nervous voice called out from the fence line. “Luxx?” Kidd. I paused waited for him to reveal himself and gestured for him to follow me indoors. He did so but in such a cautious way I wondered who he had been talking to. There were a great many wolves that would happily drag my name through the mud. “What’s up Kidd?” Eyeing the destruction of the living room I let out a frustrated sigh. Was going to have to clean this shit up. At least it was one mess I’d caused that I could make right. As for the rest of it? Fuck me, that was so not ever going to happen. “I’m sorry!” The young wolf blurted it out and I turned slowly with a puzzled expression. “I’m the last person anyone should apologize to.” Not to mention I shouldn’t even bother serving my regrets in verbal form to anyone else. That meal went down about as well as my cooking itself. “I didn’t know….that…ummm…the Sequoia..” Oh yeah. Them. This shit got so much worse. It was one thing to try and consider redemption in the eyes of the Pacific. Another to think that the Sequoia would have hearts big enough for forgiveness. What I’d done to them….fuck Onyx would have slaughtered me right here, right now before popping off down to One Shot, or wherever the fuck he had gone.

“Don’t worry about it Kidd, they hate me, big deal, they can get in fucking line because everyone does.” Grabbing the brush and shovel I tipped the broken crockery into the bin and then proceeded to sweep up the glass. Kidd watched every move I made, making a variety of facial expressions. “I don’t get it, why do they think you’re such a monster?” My arms froze and I let that statement sink in. Monster. From the mouth of babes. Trust kids to be fucking brutal. “Because I am…was…fuck it, I am a monster.” Kidd began inspecting the broken window probably making up a story in his head about how it had happened. He’d obviously been standing there long enough to at least see Onyx leave driving erratically down the road.

“If you weren’t such a bitch then maybe they wouldn’t think that, since yanno, it’s not true.” Spinning about to face him I snarled with a knee jerk reaction. Teaching an old wolf new tricks was going to require some intense training. Funny that I was intending on schooling all these wolves in how to fight, when my own classes were going to be in how to not be a monumental cunt. “Did you just call me a bitch Kidd?” His eyes widened and he took a step backward. My growl turned into somewhat pained laughter. “Actually, that’s the plan. That’s the plan.” Returning to the task of sweeping up the shattered remains of the front window I half expected Kidd to leave. However, he stuck around, awkwardly fidgeting with the edge of the couch. “What?” Not looking up from my second attempt at being Suzy homemaker I could tell that making amends for bringing the Sequoia to Index was not the only reason Kidd had wanted to talk.

“Sooooo, Onyx doesn’t like lones.” Letting out a long sigh again I stopped what I was doing completely. Putting down the brush and shovel and walking over to him. “I’d say he has the same dislike for them as any smart wolf, but don’t look at that fucking window and think that has anything to do with what I am. He just hates me Kidd. Me.” Wow. Staying that aloud myself made it seem even more shitty. “I told you. You don’t have to tell him what pack you came from. He’ll accept you regardless. Fuck he knows where I came from and yet…” I stopped, my head flicking towards the open door. “…wait…that fucker didn’t even kick me out..”

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Re: [Private] Snowball Bumblebee Bazooka

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Wed Mar 15, 2017 10:55 pm

Had waited all day. Just like a rejected dog. Made myself sick. I’d managed to rustle up someone to come and assess the window. It was now covered in cardboard, making Onyx’s home look just like a crack house. The tradesman would return at a later date to replace the glass. I’d cleaned the entire house and had been sitting for…fuck knows how long just staring at a bottle of medication in my hand. Onyx was taking sleeping tablets, that I could relate to. Should have tried that myself. What was exceptionally fucked is that he was also popping anti-psychotics. I’d sat on his bed for what felt like hours, days even, just trying to work out in my head why he would be on something of that caliber. The images I had gotten from his subconscious half suggested he should be on anti-depressants, which were amongst the pharmacy on his nightstand but this shit? Was this a sign that he too was a Vampire Blood junkie? After gaining that thought I had begun stripping the house, on a search for Fanger blood vials. I found nothing but then that didn’t mean I wasn’t just making mad connections. Awww well fuck maybe I was trying to find ways to relate to the fucking Alpha but still, my logic seemed sound. Which was probably a stupid thought since I had drunk all the Vodka that I’d stocked the house with. Plus all of Onyx’s whiskey. Though I had stopped hours ago after getting caught by the medicine collection that would have made any rock star wet.

Actually, that was a lie. That I’d found nothing. The necklace from the ultra dustball Fangermon now sat in the center of the bed. I’d left it, come back again, stared at it and then busied myself with doing something else. I knew after the events of the morning that I needed to get off the shit. If everything else wasn’t enough, that had been my turning point. I had fucking almost cried in front of Onyx. Full on bawled my eyeballs out and now I’d had enough time to think about it. I wasn’t just ashamed but fucking mortified. That shit was never, never going to happen again. I’d dig my own eyeballs out with spoons before I let it happen. Now I was bouncing between my phone in the kitchen and the blood vial necklace on the bed. I’d taken a hit at around 10:30am give or take…an hour or so, shit time meant barely anything to me. All I knew now is that it was dark. It was dark and I was shivering. Not from the cold which would have made sense since the snow touched air pushed around the hack job of a hobo curtain I’d put up over the window. But from the hints of withdrawal.

Used to be once a day. Every dose of Corpse blood at the same time on the dot. Now my method of control was fucked and I had no one to blame but myself. That was pretty much the rule of thumb for everything now. I’d caused everything I had coming to me. I began biting my nails. Really doing a number on them. Chewing at the cuticles to the point of making them bleed. Lapping at my own blood gave me no relief. The grinding of my teeth had given me a headache which just ground against a natural pulsing in my temples. Muscles in my legs and arms began to twitch uncontrollably. At one point my knee had jerked so violently I had kicked Onyx’s bedside table over, scattering the contents of his pill addiction all over the floor. Luckily all the lids were on tight. Putting them all back had taken longer than really necessarily because I had the shakes. Parkinson’s but a kind that ebbed in and out. Making me think I had control for a moment before spiraling down into tendon-wrenching shudders. Sweat dripped from my forehead, though I felt abnormally cold. My stomach twisted, turned, rolled over, played dead and then convulsed at random intervals forcing me into a fetal position on the odd occasion.

When daylight began to peep through the upper windows of the house I knew I’d had enough. My lips had rows of bite marks in them from my own teeth. Moving was painful. I’d curled myself into a ball on Onyx’s bed burying my head into one of his pillows. I’d been desperate enough to breathe in the Alpha’s scent to try and take my mind off things. The tormented sexual images that my fucked Fanger blood brain could conjure didn’t even help. I couldn’t do this. Was so angry at myself but having that necklace inches from my face wasn’t helping. The fact I knew that in my makeup bag in the bathroom I had two beautiful vials of blood waiting for me. I’d started to see shadows too. Of a woman. Like that sadistic specter that had spoken to me in the forest. When I tried to chase the black shade with my eyes it would disappear. Out of the corner of my eye I could always see her. Had that sickening feeling of being watched.

Dragging myself upwards was an effort that took a decade. Hurt like nothing else I had experienced before. Every battle I’d been in did not compare at all because my body just wasn’t repairing itself. Every wound I inflicted just stayed angry and bloodied. I was killing myself that was clear and I couldn’t die just yet. Taking a deep breath I cracked open the necklace and downed the entire vial of Ancient blood without a single thought of how it might turn me into a rampaging animal.

Everything stopped. Time stood still. My pupils expanded to devour my iris. Completely black. The breath I sucked in was glorious. I could taste every scent in the room. Including that of the Alpha whose bed I sit sat on. I watched truly fascinated as the skin on my fingers knitted back together. Hunger set in. An absolute need to shift. To run. To hunt. Yet I was still in control. Sort of. I was aware of who I was this time around. Hadn’t devolved completely but I had a maddening desire to find the source of the blood I had just consumed. Like its donor was calling to me through the thick heady crimson that I could feel running through my veins.

Leaping from the bed with an unearthly determination I removed every item of clothing I had on. Managing to get Onyx’s t-shirt over my head in one piece but ruining every other item in a frustration to abandoned human things.

I needed the wolf.

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