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[Private] Cheap Thrils

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Re: [Private] Cheap Thrils

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Tue Jun 06, 2017 1:24 am

“Wait, Wait.” Fuck. Was this what it was like to tell a human that you’re a Wolf? Had to assume that some of this whacked out parallel universe shit had to do with the fact Onyx had already gotten there before me. But shit. Really? Was almost insulted by the casual reaction. What did Michelle think? That we turned into big cute dogs and played fucking fetch? My hands clenched into little fists. Couldn’t help myself, I was annoyed. With the vodka having had more than enough time to filter through my jacked up liver it wasn’t so easy to throw anger to the side. “How the fuck can you assume if its hard for you to see me as a Wolf?” She was getting a watered down fast-food beverage version of what I wanted to snarl. My voice just tinged with red. Barely there flavoring. “Why is it even difficult to see me as one?” I knew why before I’d even asked the question so that helped with keeping my tone to a soft throttle rather than full-blown fury. I’d heard the shit before about how I looked like a little pixie or some shit. Nothing worse than comparing a Wolf to a fucking fairy. “Whatever, don’t answer that. Led light shoes, pigtails, I get it you’re comparing me to that poser Vincent who is the stereotypical personification of Werewolf right? Well just for your information I’m better at this than he is.” Onyx didn’t even love what he was for crying out loud. Treated all of this like some kind of curse. Made my chest ache, but also made me unbelievably angry at how blind he could be.

“Yeah, exactly that. He has all these rules, I have to prove I can follow them.” I waved a hand in the air to mime the universal symbol for etc etc even though she couldn’t see from behind the stall door. “Kinda need to stay here so being told to get the fuck out doesn’t help me. Half the time I don’t even know whats a no no and what's totally okay so I’m not taking any chances.” Fuck this actually felt abnormally good. Whenever I said anything to any Wolf about their leader it was met with a scowl. Even if they themselves talked shit about him behind his back, I wasn’t aloud to say a fucking thing. When I did that’s when it became a travesty. Didn’t get to have a middle ground. It was either being egged on by Vilks or told to shut my fucking trap by everybody else. “Though I’m sure he’s a charming motherfucker with you. Once upon a time, I got somewhat of that treatment but when it didn’t make my knickers disappear….oh well, that and I did something pretty shitty…” Not caving to the dopey drunken pickup lines and that grin had not been the reason I had been permanently scratched off the fuckable list.

Eww why did she want to know if we got diseases? Oh, hang on one minute. “No you can’t catch anything from Vincent. Cross-species barriers probably. Now you’re making me wonder if he’s got Wolf crabs though.” A short jangle of giggles left my lips as I turned towards the mirror and began fluffing up my pigtails, running my fingertips under my eyes to shave away any shadow from my eyeliner and checking my teeth very thoroughly for any signs of Vampire blood clots. “Now. Are you down with being a total bitch and just walking right past them? Or are we looking at trying to shove ourselves through the bathroom window? I have no preference really, both sound like fun.” Whatever led to me not having to deal with male human flesh being paraded right in front of my face. I’d literally dance my way through the restaurant singing a commercial jingle if I had to. “Got any more annoying questions? Ones that don’t involve sexually transmitted diseases would be great. I think I might now have to think twice about fucking Vincent after that last one.” Dreams were safer. In many different ways. Fuck, why had I even been considering it anyway? Liquor made me stupid it really did.

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Re: [Private] Cheap Thrils

Michelle Hawke | Human; Citizen

Posted on Wed Jun 07, 2017 5:07 pm

Context clues and the fact that I think I know more…. What was a good word to be all-encompassing? Non-humans? Yeah, more than humans. Shit, I’d kinda pissed her off, hadn’t I? Ran my mouth a lot without thinking but usually my thoughts were harmless. This was new and my heart had started to quicken. Not quite pounding yet but certainly alert with apprehension. And, I don’t mean insult by that - I just mean, you don’t seem brighter? Than the ones I know. A fucked explanation but.. I trailed off because my foot was going deeper and deeper in my mouth. The possible reason behind my reaction began to seep in. People shouldn’t be this, chill with this kind of thing. But what I said wasn’t a lie. I’ve existed for what, five? Six years? And almost every goddamn person I knew that was more than a customer or a business acquaintance ended up being a creature of some sort. Maybe she’d understand if I explained my situation, but god I’d told enough people and had been lucky to this point that I wasn’t in a straight jacket yet. Sometimes I thought I needed to be.

You’re not wrong, it’s a side of him I don’t know. Didn’t mind her knowing we’d fucked, but felt really shitty about the idea of giving details. Even then, I’d only seen specs of his “wolf”. The next closest thing was the Halloween party, and, well shit I’d just connected what I’d seen Gio go through with him. The fact that the gruesome looking shift was something he probably had to experience. Oh, god, that’s fucking hilarious. I was shaking my head and rolling my eyes at myself. Sorry, kind of a dumb shit question and I wouldn’t have asked if I wasn’t still a little buzzed. Probably wouldn’t have left the house, either, without booze. Maybe it was best that I stick to being a fucking shut-in.

I say the blatant ditch. Nerd-snobs deserve that shit, dude. I ran my fingers through my scalp pushing my hair from my face, looking at the mirror wishing I’d stopped to throw on at least some mascara but I really couldn’t give a shit. Taking makeup off was more annoying, at least to me, than putting it back on. This way I got to skip that step.

Should I have felt that pang of jealousy? I mean it was easily pushed away. Wasn’t like I was holding out for him and him alone. Saw where that got me with Gio, even if I wasn’t the one to push that shit. Probably a lot more fun to fuck other wolves anyway, since he probably wouldn’t have to hold back. God, was it everyone though? That had that little nagging territorial part inside? Not that I can think of, kinda, used up the privilege with that one anyway. I stepped out of the bathroom and into the store, wishing I had enough of a spine to flip the bird or something, or even fucking look at the guys. The more I’d talked to them the more bad vibes I got from them anyway. Like they were superior somehow because their hobbies were more intelligent or something. Fuck that. Pushed the door open and waited on the passing by car to step to my own ride. Waited until she caught up before realizing I did have one last question. Wait, I got one more. Can you um… give a little more detail as to what fucking up means? I mean, you can be candid with me. I’ve seen shit. Been fucking held hostage by vampires and some other guy who could control them and saw my ex turn wolf. I’m not kidding, I’ve seen shit. I opened the car door and realized that answer, and the shit I was saying weren’t exactly good things to say out in the open so I hurriedly plopped into my seat before getting an answer.

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