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[Private] Cheap Thrils

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Re: [Private] Cheap Thrils

Michelle Hawke | Human; Citizen

Posted on Tue May 16, 2017 3:42 pm

God, can’t people decide for themselves? Before seeing the damn thing? I’d made an effort not to sound accusatory, or angry, but these guys would probably get butthurt anyway. Doesn’t hurt to read a review or two, I mean it’s up to three hours you won’t get back. Wouldn’t it be nice if a bad movie was the worst of your worries? Maybe that’s what it was like to be young. Wouldn’t that feel a little weak? I’d been there, but it hadn’t lasted long and I always felt like, well shit I was, carrying something else on my shoulder. I liked these guys less and less, to be honest. It wasn’t the nerdiness, it wasn’t that they were anime fans - it was what seemed to come with that neckbeard mentality. That weird culture snobbiness.

I smiled mid-taco bite almost dropping lettuce on my shirt but quickly pushed it in the corners of my mouth with my fingers. This girl doesn’t seem to be jumping on the nerd train, no offense. Not everyone gets it, and that’s cool. Something tells me her dancing is fucking mesmerizing and you don’t learn that watching cartoons. It wasn’t that I was trying to take up for her, more that these guys were quickly proving my point that the mythological “nice guy” was usually just a pious and jealous nerd. “Nice guys” always felt fucking owed something. And as much as I liked to have sex, I loved the idea shutting one of these guys down at the last minute. Felix raised a brow. Woah, down girl. I bet she’d like it if she gave it a chance. Was I irritable for a reason? The annoyance flooded me that they had this double standard, they were cooler because they liked things rarely smiled upon by the mainstream, but then just assumed everyone else should like it too? And if she doesn’t, that’s cool too. Fuck, time to log off tumblr for a month, right?

I wouldn’t call myself an ultra fan or anything, but I’ve watched a few. Not all of ‘em stick, but I love Neon Genesis Evangelion. Kevin’s eyes lit up, and Felix glared. As if they’d claimed us already. I smiled, thinking I should lighten up, just so I could let them down even harder later. Man, something about her really did make me mean. My eyes lit up even brighter than Kevin’s had moments before, but it was at Lils this time. Oh, man, I hoped she’d play along tonight, I kinda loved the idea of her showing some fang and having them shit themselves at just the right moment.

It’s like, a total classic when it comes to anime. I wasn’t even paying attention to which one was talking now. I’d let my focus drift to my tacos, which I was almost finished with the second and already starting to fill up. Shame, really. Why couldn’t Taco Bell be more like this? Guys, don’t tell me you’re chickening out though. Something tells me Monkeyfeather isn’t your normal jive, but as you guys would probably preach to Lils about anime, you should give it a chance.

Uh, oh, yeah, right. I mean, they have booze, right? Like, maybe something local? Um, hell if I know, dude. It’s a dance club. You’re supposed to get wasted on whatever’s put in front of you. That’s how it works.

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Re: [Private] Cheap Thrils

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Sun May 21, 2017 10:09 pm

Should have been paying attention to the boys. At least Kevin. My eyes had other ideas only shifting between my tacos and Michelle. She had some sass. A stash of venom that I hadn’t expected. Don’t know why I had just assumed she would be a pushover like all fucking humans but here she was adding salt to these boys imaginary pretend tortillas. “Michelle is kinda right.” I scrunched up my nose a little and Kevin gazed at me like it was the cutest thing since whatever kitten picture he had last looked at online. “About a lot of things actually.” I sounded surprised because I was. Had to admit I totally understood why Onyx fooled around with her. She was easy on the eyes. Didn’t take any shit as far as I could tell and liked Mexican. Spicy food was serious business. Not to mention she was throwing me a compliment. Didn’t get those very often. If at all. Not even for shit that I knew I should get patted on the head for. Like someone dolled out notes stating the Lone was smug enough without someone offering her a big juicy bone. The fact I never got any stitch of that kind of recognition from anyone made my head tilt softly at this human. I like her. This was doing my head in. Headache territory I did not expect to encounter. Which was being made evident from the lack of vodka in front of me. Tacos beginning to soak up what I had drunk. Doing me a favor by giving me much needed sustenance and at the same time being a traitorous bastard. “Don’t have a lot of time for sitting on my arse. I’ve…moved around a lot.” I’d ripped shreds off the Pacific wolves for entertaining humans and now I was doing the same. Their pathetic shit getting under my skin just like it had last time with that Lenny guy. I still found it fucking lame that Onyx resorted to the company of a human woman over wolves but fuck. Whatever makes him happy right?

Couldn’t focus at all on the conversation about Anime because it wasn’t remotely important. Also had lost my appetite, with possibly three bites left of my remaining taco. I stared at it like doing so would teleport it into my stomach without having to put it in my mouth. Without having to chew. Appetite gone, replaced with an uncomfortable feeling that was like the one I had before but also mixed in with so much more, I pushed the last of my meal away. Ears perking to the mention of the nightclub I swallowed down nerves. “Free tequila shot at the door if we are early enough.” Did hipsters even drink spirits? I had no idea. Nor did I really care. Them getting trashed and suddenly finding liquid courage that gifted more than cheesily thrown arms over shoulders was recipe for madness. Michelle could have them if she wanted. Both. As long as I got to spend time with her. Just for tonight. I’d give myself a little reprieve from constantly looking down on humans and just enjoy the company without lingering on how it made me weak. What Dominion and the others would say if I told them.  Not that I could or would. What genre of music do they play? Was done with the questions. So done. I didn’t want to let them get into a conversation about how House was better than Electro for X list of reasons anyway. All music had its merits. Some songs not so good as others but music was music.

“Not into surprises? Well sorry but I love them but you won’t have to wait long to find out.” Rising from my seat I gestured in the direction of the bathroom with my head. “Come with?” Directing the question to Michelle. Why do girls always go to the bathroom together? Felix laughed. Had always pondered that myself. Wasn’t even something that was intrinsic to just human females either. Wolves even fucking did it. Made no sense to me. I only went to the bathroom to use it or to drink back a hit of Fanger blood. Why in the fuck would I need or want my hand held during either of those things? When drunk it was sometimes unavoidable, having an escort to the loos. Passing tampons and toilet paper under stalls. Having discussions when it was completely inappropriate to be doing so when people were trying to do their business. I didn’t need to use the toilet so this wasn’t one of those awkward moments. I needed to talk to Michelle before I wouldn’t be able to.

How the fuck was I even going to do this?

Why was I even doing it?

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