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 [Open-2] Rabid Weasel in a Tutu - Page 3

[Open-2] Rabid Weasel in a Tutu

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Re: [Open-2] Rabid Weasel in a Tutu

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Mon Apr 10, 2017 6:30 am

Clearly, Debo had won because there was a shit eating grin the size of a fucking continent on his face. Why the hell he was so happy about winning something I was pretty sure he had already experienced at least once I had no idea. A bright intoxicated bubble of giggles left my lips and I actually stumbled on my feet. Shit drinking that so fast had gone straight to my head. “Think I might hurl.” Didn’t, but it felt like the right thing to say having just guzzled back more than what a woman of my size should be able to handle without feeling monumentally sick. Only wobbling a short distance away felt like taking an expedition into the wilderness. Though maybe I had fumbled further than I had intended because when I looked up from the ground I had been focusing on the bonfire seemed like another town away. Burping most unladylike I leant against a tree and ran a hand down over my face. I’d heard what had been said before I’d taken my spew break. Once I left the snug embrace of the bushes I was going to have my switch turned on. A grin settled on my face but it was wiped away when I caught two strong scents on the air. One, one didn’t…it didn’t smell right. Fuck I was obviously super mega hammered because that smelt like Olympia but at the same time didn’t. What the fuck was going on? 

Curiosity peaked, even though I hadn’t wanted any part of this evening to feature wolves I followed my nose to the source of the disturbance. Making sure I kept downwind and out of sight I watched both Onyx and Olympia talk in voices not loud enough to decipher what was being said but heated enough I knew the conversation wasn’t about bumblebees and raincoats. Was about to bail, due to boredom when my jaw practically hit the forest floor. Olympia’s eyes ignited and they weren’t the color they should be. That smell, that’s why it was different because she was. “Every Alpha needs a Spiritual Leader.” Mumbling to myself I grinned once more and flopped back against a new tree. The rest of the statement burned off through my liquor brain but I felt an odd sense of calm wash over me. Wouldn’t say she liked me but she at least would speak to me so that was a start. Would have to think about how to approach this shit though. Before, all other Spiritual Leaders didn’t have any pre-established feelings about me aside from the fact I was a Lone. Hadn’t bothered with that useless slip of a thing Spirit when I was here last because it had been obvious she hadn’t been too interested in her role. Olympia clearly had formed an opinion of me that wasn’t ideal but it was hopefully not as shit as it could be. Or maybe that was just the happy booze brain painting over everything with a pretty shade of pink.

Making my way back to the bonfire and the boys with the dumb grin still on my face I threw my arms up in the air. “I’m ready for my curtain call!” Debo had already been wrestling with the remote though probably was having a harder time now finding whatever it was he had been looking for previously. While he sorted his shit I found an empty plastic crate and turned it upside down to give myself a podium. Might as well ham this up. Fuck it. Wasn’t often I got to show off one of the few talents I really had. When the music started, the sound of a ringing school bell belting out from the monstrous speakers the drunken grin on my face got wider, happier. Fuck I loved this song. My hips swayed seductively and I waggled my finger like a headmistress telling off a student, directing it solely at Logan. All the while mouthing the Oh my oh my oh my, though making it look more like moaning. As soon as the beat dropped I started to feel…strange. My body kept moving on its own accord. Taking hand actions and dance moves from the music video for the song and translating them into further hip hop inspired shoulder jerks, merging those with smooth belly dance ripples of my torso and stomach. I wasn’t in control though. Why? What? Then that’s when I remembered or more specifically was shown.

Standing in the middle of the road I could see Onyx’s truck coming down the street towards me. I didn’t move, stood firmly in place even as he put his foot down on the accelerator, glaring through the windshield at me. There was a moment of realization that sparked into his brow and he twisted the wheel clicking on that I wasn’t going to move. I was calling his bluff somehow knowing that he wasn’t about to mow me down. The truck came careening towards me, sliding into a sideways skid but I kept my gaze locked on the Alpha and at the last minute leaped onto the bonnet of the vehicle. Crawling over it, rolling over I began acting like a total loon. Taking lessons from every music video that had ever featured a stunning beauty languishing all over a car. Mouthing just specific lyrics of the song through the glass to the Pack Master. Leaning in to lick the windshield, clawing at it desperately. At first, he looked at me as if I was losing my mind and it sure must have looked like I was. Then everything shifted. The more I danced, the more his gaze drifted into a trance, rolling over the curves on display. Tilting his head curiously…..

I was still able to see what was going on, still, sort of aware of my body but I felt like a prisoner in my own head. Just watching myself go through the motions of dancing for Debo and Logan. No. I wasn’t dancing for them anymore. My nose twitched searching for something…someone. Trying to seek out a distinct smell and locate the direction it was coming from. My skin was heating up and more notably a certain body part. Holy fuck was music turning into my worst enemy? Was this song now tainted because it had featured as a fucking backing soundtrack to one of my many porno dreams? Made a mental note to delete every single tune that had come up in my nightmares but it wouldn’t matter at all if I couldn’t take back control of my limbs right now. I was a puppet. A puppet whose only desire was to find Onyx and fuck his brains out. My lips still mimed lyrics from the song as I spun around on my dance podium looking out towards the dark of the forest. I felt my eyes start to blossom which scared the shit out of me. This party was filled with humans, what the fuck was wrong with me? Luckily no one stood in the direction I was pointed in but I now had a different issue. Even though my eyes were open, were glowing with the intensity of a Warlord, something opaque was dripping down over my vision. My eyes were turning black.

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Paul Thacker

Re: [Open-2] Rabid Weasel in a Tutu

Paul Thacker | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Mon Apr 17, 2017 4:14 pm

My feet betrayed me as if they were being propelled by some kind of motorized series of gears and levers. Maybe it was better to get this over with, but the closer we got to her the more I wished that I had some holy water on me. I was pretty sure if I threw it on her she would melt like the wicked witch. Hopefully once we arrived she'd scatter like the cockroach she was, but if not, my plan was to blatantly ignore her. She didn't deserve any attention from me, Keon or any of the Sequoia until one of us was standing in front of her with a scythe to remove her head. So as far as I was concerned, that was the plan. To appear oblivious to her appearance.

I had to be a better person, a better leader, and for now that meant keeping my head up and doing what needed to be done. There were other wolves, and that was what mattered at this very moment. The feeling became stronger and more bittersweet the nearer we were, and I was beginning to pick up distinct scents of others. They were scents I assumed I would learn to recognize, I'd soon be connecting a face to each of them. I pushed some brush away, and now there was an image to go with the smells and sounds. It almost reminded me of home. But not quite right. Maybe I was being harsh, but it was almost liked they'd found the place to avoid nature within nature. No one was using it. Fuck, that barely made sense to even me. I wanted people swimming, I wanted people hiking, driving atvs. Instead, it was a patch of dirt with cars parked and lawn chairs. You're just looking for the bad, Paul, I told myself. I mean, at least it wasn't some go-go club with black lights where synthesized happiness was sold by the pill. I needed to be less judgmental.

At least they're outside, I mumbled, now standing just out of view of the party but I knew our scent was wafting to them just like theirs was tickling our own noses. They had to know. Now or never. I stepped out, not wanting to interrupt the casual conversations and dancing or whatever - except of course Luxx. Of course there were men staring at her while she danced, and I was sure she was just eating that up. I doubted now that she could stop whoring for attention long enough to realize I was even here. Some things never change. I stepped closer to the fire, looking from wolf to wolf. Black haired guy, probably. What do you think, Matrix? Hard to tell with that fucking fire.

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Re: [Open-2] Rabid Weasel in a Tutu

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Mon Apr 17, 2017 6:38 pm

Terrifying. I’d never before felt this scared in my whole life. Admitting to that was pretty fucked if anyone had any idea what I’d experienced in my lifetime. As a child I’d had little control over what had been happening to me but at least then I’d still had authority over my own body. Been able to move my arms and legs without a second thought as to how my brain managed to get messages to them. Didn’t even have that luxury right now. Getting trapped. Being imprisoned. Had been a fear of mine for as long as I could remember. Enclosed spaces without any obvious escape options never failed to send a shiver up my spine. This was the worst manifestation of that phobia. The worst. As my nose finally managed to strip apart every scent at the bonfire, to ravenously find that of Onyx that horror started to become more intense. My vision was beginning to fade and I had this terrible feeling that once it was gone, I would have no idea what I was doing.

Just as my vision began to dim I saw a figure emerging from the shadows. Firelight dancing up the side of his face, revealing the forms of two other wolves behind him that I remembered clearly. The horror I had begun to feel became a force to be reckoned with. I hadn’t seen Apollo, Matrix and Nova for years. Had never wanted to lay eyes on them ever again. If anyone could ruin what I was trying to awkwardly build it would be the Sequoia Warlord. Everything was a Jenga tower glued together with lies, Fanger blood and liquor right now, it wouldn’t be fucking hard in reality. He wouldn’t just push it over though. He would fucking destroy it. Mash those little wooden sticks into sawdust.

The desire to run had never been this intense. If I could have carried Onyx and Olympia on my fucking back I would have but I was at least relived when the weird hold this music had on me suddenly began to lose its grip. What? No! I barely registered the ghastly feminine voice which wasn’t my own. Filled with far more hatred and fury than even I could muster. It was somehow wrapped up in the song playing. Hiding behind the lyrics, the beat and melody. Gaining some semblance of control over my body I stopped dancing, stopped moving altogether. My lips had still been synced to the lyrics and they continued without me even thinking about it. “No I I I can’t be responsible, be responsible…it ain’t my fault.” Actually whispering the line to myself rather than just miming them removed what was left of the black substance that had been trickling down over my eyes.

Leaping off my dance podium I bolted. Ignored Debo who yelled out to me. Bypassed Logan and every other party goer without even really seeing them. The only thing that mattered was getting as far away as possible, as quickly as possible. While I still could.

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