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 Shane Mathis

Shane Mathis

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Shane Mathis

JKAmaryllis | Out of Character Account; Member

Posted on Fri Nov 25, 2016 1:55 pm

Shane Mathis

General Description
Athletic, with gauged piercings in his ears and this tattoo. Hair shaved underneath, and approximately ear length on top. Usually has facial hair stubble. Athletic, average.

No longer a do-gooder, the combination of his powers and poor life circumstances have corrupted Shane. He is deceptive, cutthroat, and at times basically a shit-stirrer who will drop a drama bomb just to make life more interesting.

His life begun as a popular, athletic football star. He and his cousin were basic mediums, able to see and speak with spirits but he never knew more about his capabilities. He married Alyssa, his high school sweetheart, and joined the Coast Guard. This is when his life began it’s downward slope. With his ability discovered, an organization called Northwater sought his expertise in grave robbery and finding sunken treasures and artifacts previously claimed. In the meantime, months out to sea without his wife made Shane a lonely and torn man and he found comfort in Lauren. The news of the affair eventually got back to Alyssa, and the two divorced.

Things further spiraled when his conscious pleaded with him to finally testify against Northwater - but he soon found that witness protection wasn’t enough. Shane spent a few years traveling from place to place, seeking shelter in difficult places like Alaska, working as a professional rescuer. He was found every step of the way, until he reached Index, and the murder of the Northwater agent slowed his run.

Tired of running and ready to go on the offensive, Shane was tutored in the ways of his powers by a ghost he called Disco. But the more Shane used his powers, the more ruthless he became, and Northwater was soon out of the picture. Now aware of his capabilities, he plans to get back everything he wanted, including Lauren who was murdered soon after Shane left the east coast.

Supernatural Ties
At first a good friend and coworker of Logan Byrne, Shane has made himself an enemy in his attempts to “practice” his capabilities. Luring Logan Byrne and Jude Fischer to a remote destination, he manipulated Jude’s death and attempted to move Jude’s soul to Logan’s body. His experiment wasn’t one hundred percent successful. His ultimate goal is to lure Sofia Rin into being his Lauren, as the resemblance is uncanny.

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