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 Gayle Shaffer

Gayle Shaffer

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Gayle Shaffer

JKAmaryllis | Out of Character Account; Member

Posted on Fri Nov 25, 2016 1:54 pm

Gayle Shaffer

Appearance Details

Thin and petite, skin now has a healthy glow but eyes are almost white-blue. Hair is naturally strawberry blonde, dyed rose gold for the time being. Gayle never retracts her fangs, and always wears high end couture. Gayle loves wearing revealing clothing, including fashion that reveals her breasts for the simple reason that she feels that it catches people off guard and is an easy way to unnerve people. Her favorite designer is the late Alexander McQueen. Gayle never retracts her fangs.  Gayle’s face claim is a blue-eyed version of Zoie Palmer. Gayle speaks with an American accent, usually, but can imitate many accents. When she’s around those she’s most comfortable with, a gaelic accent can come out.

Honey, please. Gayle owns the world. Okay, kidding… sorta. Gayle owns an entire skyscraper in Seattle (remember kiddos this is fiction hahaha) dedicated to “drug and pharmacology” research. Her penthouse is on the top and there are high security labs in the basement floors. She does rent out a few floors as office space to other companies. She usually has a “driver” but she does have an armoured car that she drives herself on occasion.

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Re: Gayle Shaffer

JKAmaryllis | Out of Character Account; Member

Posted on Sat Apr 29, 2017 6:43 am


Perspective Quotes
-I have the capacity to love, but I really don’t give a fuck if you believe it.
-I don’t have time for games. They’re all overplayed anyway.
-I’ve lived many lives. I have a feeling this is the last, so I plan to make it count. The world will forget Feidlimid, but will remember Gayle Shaffer.

Gayle is a strange mix of careless and formal. She cares about how she is seen to others but only to a certain extent, and specifically she cares that she is feared or at least seen as formidable. She appreciates the obscene and also the beautiful and loves finding ways to blend the two. She hates those who “waste time” playing games yet is playing the ultimate game herself. She despises those who go the easy route to make themselves feel more powerful, ie, finding easy targets. She appears to be a very sexual creature, using sex itself as a show of power or to instil fear or discomfort, but she does not often seek it for her own pleasure. On the opposite end, it can be a show of affection for those close to her, especially her progeny/progenies. In that kind of sexual encounter, she herself does not seek pleasure but to give.

Not necessarily by choice but by force of her schedule, her feeding habits are usually “ordered” and sent to her by Lilah, her assistant and almost adopted “child”. She might humor the feeding ritual of others as a show of politeness. When she had more time, Gayle loved to instil fear in her victims but rarely spent time playing games.

I have no idea.

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Re: Gayle Shaffer

JKAmaryllis | Out of Character Account; Member

Posted on Sat Apr 29, 2017 6:47 am

Ties and Plot

Quick History
Gayle is an ancient vampire, her origins possibly two thousand years ago or more. She lived on celtic grasslands that would now be considered France, and was turned by a nomadic group of animal like vampires. Her original name was Feidlimid, and if there was a surname or anything more to it, not even Gayle remembers. Only those closest to her, at this moment only Noelle and Lilah, know this name.

It took her centuries to master the idea and the art of her “sleep” and to adapt new lives with each turn, sometimes a repentant and tortured believer in God, and sometimes closer akin to the devil himself. But with her age comes infamy, and the last few centuries have proved difficult for her to hide from friends and foes and those who know her true self. She now lives as Gayle Shaffer, Owner/CEO of a research corporation based in Seattle. Ogma Industries fronts as a pharmaceutical company, but has provided advancements to vampires such as silver resistance, and now daylight rings (a less scientific advancement).

The work in progress is a synthetic blood, with the intention of “outing” vampires and causing trouble on all fronts for the supremacy.

Noelle Benson - Progeny
Noelle is the progeny suggested by the “ghosts” of Gayle’s former progenies. Gayle loves and cherishes Noelle, not only because of the bond but because she has more than adapted to her situation and has easily become an important player in the game. Gayle thought she wanted to make a mark on the world with her ideas, but now, even as Gayle feels she is finally near her end, she just wants to leave an improved world for Noelle.

Benjamin Reese
Gayle knows Ben’s feelings about her, however Gayle wants a close nest, and wants Ben to be in company for Noelle’s happiness. She doesn’t judge Ben and tries to be patient as he adapts to what he’s become. However, she doesn’t try to take the time to understand him, either. She’s used to the principle of, “if I wait long enough, he’ll see things my way”. In a strange sense, he’s a spoiled grandchild.

Daron Wynyard
Gayle sees Daron as a wildcard - a very useful tool with very unpredictable consequences. She enjoys being with him - at times, as she feels she can return to being a beautiful, monstrous creature rather than a businesswoman. She quickly, though, runs out of patience and feels he’s a suck up with ulterior motives.

Vincent Byrne
Gayle seeks Vincent as an ally, but knows it’s far fetched. She thinks that wolves struggle to work with her not because their mortal beef but because they’re too stupid to recognize when something could work in their favor. Gayle wants the cooperation of both wolves and Magicians in joining together in one organization to keep all in check - and thinks that Vincent is the ticket. Gayle is aware that helping the wolves helps her cause against the supremacy, so she attempts to extend a hand to Vincent, even if she can’t help but to show arrogance.

Natasha Sinclair

Lilith Alysbury
Another pawn in Gayle’s game against (the goddess) Lilith. In Gayle’s convoluted plan to help the wolves, Gayle sees Lils as a dividing force amongst the wolves. Gayle supplies her with ancient blood in order to either cause her to self destruct or to become pliable under Gayle’s will.

Giovanni Reyes
Giovanni is a newly turned wolf that has been under Gayle’s “care” for months now. Gayle has given him the tools to better his own abilities and decrease the cost at the price of being her “experiment” in creating a wolf “loyal” to her. In the meantime, she’s supplied him with posh living quarters, any kind of food he could want, gaming systems, etc. She’s made him comfortable, but still in a prison. She plans to release him with the story of “rescuing him” from the supremacy as an olive branch.

Ásgeirr Haagan
End’s Watch recruit. Gayle respects Ásgeirr and sees him as stoic and mysterious.

Caspian Sullivan
Gayle barely remembers him, as Gayle was deliriously ill, however she has a brief memory of the two working together to escape...something. Proof, and the inspiration to Gayle, that wolves and vampires can work together if absolutely necessary.

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