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Current Time in Index, Washington:
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 1. Michelle Hawke

1. Michelle Hawke

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1. Michelle Hawke

JKAmaryllis | Out of Character Account; Member

Posted on Fri Nov 25, 2016 1:51 pm

Michelle Hawke

Appearance Details

Michelle’s faceclaim is a blue-eyed version of Leanne Woodfull. Voice reverence is Nina Gordon. Michelle’s style is “boho goth”. She loves black and purple and if she finds anything with galaxy print it’s hers. She can’t stomach wearing anything with heels but is very fond of platform oxfords and also doc martens.

Michelle is a more “average” weight less, super-modelly. A little pudge to her belly, and she’s 5’8”. She has a phoenix tattoo on her back, and a peter pan tattoo on her arm. She doesn’t usually fuss with her hair other than wearing it straight, but will wear makeup on most days.  She also has an industrial piercing on her right ear along with normal bilateral piercings on her ears. She also has a scar on her left shoulder blade, still in healing process. It's from a very rough vampire bite. Approximately 2in X 2in and it's healing without infection but not smoothly.

Michelle is the owner of The Mad Platter, the music shop in index and owns a condo with friend Calypso Paxon.
Michelle’s hot new ride.

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Re: 1. Michelle Hawke

JKAmaryllis | Out of Character Account; Member

Posted on Sun Apr 30, 2017 12:41 am


Perspective Quotes
-Nothing feels more strengthening than defeating death. Survival is its own kind of power.
-I sometimes use my lack of youth as a crutch.
-I crave feelings. I crave love, heartache, lust, anger. I’m a tornado wanting to suck it all up and I can’t be stopped.
-There is no guideline for what I’ve been through. I’m not trying to get sympathy, but there’s no “normal” for how I should feel.
-Despite my circumstances, I hold my own and I have a fucking blast. That’s the most important part.

Michelle is awkward, kinda loud, and doesn’t have a filter but she’s also a genuinely nice person. She’s vulgar without being crude, if that makes sense. Michelle is a heavy drinker, and isn’t averse to smoking weed but won’t touch anything stronger. She loves gaming, Tarantino movies, music, concerts, and food especially Mexican.

Michelle will avoid relationships in general even if she does feel a strong physical and emotional attraction to someone. This is in part because her relationship with Giovanni Reyes. She feels like the step from friends (with benefits) to a romance was what ruined her relationship with Gio and now fears making that move with anyone else, thinking that it will irreversibly change things for the worse. Because of this she tends to prefer casual sex and friendships.

Sometimes Michelle seeks something different in her sex - pain and danger. This goes beyond a typical sub-dom kind of thing, and is more related to Michelle’s situation.  Because Michelle is not the original occupant of her body and she herself was not meant to live, she frequently feels a lure toward death. She finds this basically in sleeping with those dangerous to her and attempting to provoke them.

Michelle’s Playlist
Depends on her mood, can be either heavy or.. Whatever.

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Re: 1. Michelle Hawke

JKAmaryllis | Out of Character Account; Member

Posted on Sun Apr 30, 2017 12:46 am

Ties and Plot

Quick History
Michelle begins as Evangeline Hawke, a young music teacher fresh out of college and in love with Logan Byrne. Pregnant with his baby, she went to visit her mother only to find her mother and father lying on the floor dead, covered in blood. They had been attacked by her baby vampire sister, Elisabeth, who attempted to persuade Eva to forget this ever happened, forget her life, and to be someone else. At that time, Eva miscarried, and through a twisted maneuver of the cosmos and fate, the soul of the baby latched on to Eva. Eva, crushed by the circumstances of her life, lost her will and the soul of the baby (Michelle) came into control.

Fast forward to a moment when a medium named Shane, the late Jude Fischer, and Logan Byrne finally discovered (to an extent) what happened, and were able to find a home for the extra spirit. Only it wasn't Michelle who was evicted, it was Eva. Eva now claimed the body of Claire Trevino, a younger victim of a car accident who had been thought to be comatose and beyond hope.  Much time has passed, and both Michelle and Claire have found their own lives. Michelle, having worked at the Mad Platter for years and gaining the owner’s favor, was willed the store when he sadly passed away of renal failure.

As previously stated, Michelle has the looming feeling that her borrowed years are over, and while she is happy with her life, she feels a distinct lure toward death. She seeks out dangerous sexual encounters, the first with Vincent Byrne and now the rest with Lilah, Gayle’s assistant.  This is not her only tie in with the supernatural presence in Index. She was mysteriously gifted a ring that lends her the ability to shapeshift into a raven at any desired time. This comes with a price she isn’t yet aware of - that Lilith is able to see what she sees when she is in raven form. She’s also been “persuaded” to help Gayle, by scouting and reporting and also has been used as a “personal delivery service” for Ogma industries.

Giovanni Reyes - ex boyfriend?
Gio reminds Michelle of a simpler time - and she wishes she could go back to being romantically involved with him, especially after was missing for so long. She loves the tension with him, she loves the intensity they always had even if it meant frequent arguments. Those arguments meant that they both felt something. Gio is/was Michelle’s first love.

Vincent Byrne - Neighbor and more
Michelle met Vincent at a time when she had little to no self confidence, so she was taken aback by his attraction to her. But that was simply a match - Michelle always feels comfortable around him, like she doesn’t have to try to be something she isn’t. Even if she has feelings for him, she doesn’t feel like she is obligated to be more. She appreciates the space. She appreciates that he has accommodated her fucked up need (in the sack haha) and then the next day they can play COD and trash talk each other. And she also feels like of everyone she knows, he’s the one who sees her.

Lilith Alysbury
New relationship, but so far Michelle enjoys Lil’s company and thinks that hanging out with Lil might drag her out of her cave and get her out into the world more.

Malakai Greenmantle - Friend/Interest
Michelle is incredibly intrigued by Kai but for more than the obvious reason that he randomly seems to produce fire from his digits. He’s an obvious rich boy, but has a touch of nerdiness and a spark (lol) of something else that she wants a piece of.  I will write more pending the outcome of a certain thread lol.

Calypso Paxon - Roommate
Friends, roommates, they’ve fooled around too because let’s be honest - it’s Michelle. Michelle is a little jealous of Caly’s style - The bitch can pull off anything.

Claire Trevino - Kindamom
Michelle’s relationship with Claire was strained to begin with especially since they didn’t understand what they were to each other. Claire was hostile to Michelle when she believed that she was an evil spirit stealing her life (which was an understandable thing to believe all things considered.) Now Michelle sees Claire as an ally, someone who might understand without explanation the things she’s going through. Even if she’s slightly jealous of how well-adjusted Claire appears to be.

Logan Byrne - Kindadad
Michelle hasn’t seen Logan in a while, not since she knew what he was to her. It’s really anyone’s game as to what their relationship is right now.

Blake Vancel - acquaintance
Met at Daron’s vamper party. Another one that, I wanna wait until the thread is finished because for all I know Michelle won’t remember her lol.

Britney Miami Spears
Enemy :D

Shane Mathis - ex lover
Feel like keeping it short here. Thinks he’s a creep.

Brandon Owens - one time lover
Thinks he’s an asshole but she had fun.

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