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Current Time in Index, Washington:
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 1. Lilith Caroline Alysbury ''Luxx"

1. Lilith Caroline Alysbury ''Luxx"

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1. Lilith Caroline Alysbury ''Luxx"

PistolKitten aka PK |

Posted on Thu Nov 24, 2016 10:35 am

Name: Lilith Caroline Alysbury
Nickname/Alias: Luxx, Lils, Luxxie
Date of Birth (& age): 1986-04-10 Currently 30 Years Old
Place of Birth: Bethune, SK, Canada and lived there till the age of 9. Then moved to Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Current Residence: Index, Washington on Vincent 'Onyx' Byrnes fold out couch.
Gender: Female
Species/Racial Origin: Born Human.French Canadian with European Family History. Turned Wolf December 25th 2003 by the Pack Master of The Dominion, Dominic Velt. Has been a Wolf for 13 years. 
Social Class/Community Status: 10 years as a Lone Wolf. She is an outcast by nature.
Language: English. French.

Physical Description

Hair:Lilith is a natural butterscotch blonde, it’s vibrant and usually the first thing about her anyone notices. Sometimes you will find the odd leaf or twig tangled in the curls. As her hair grows longer solid ringlets become more apparent. At this moment her hair falls well below her shoulders and she will normally have it tied up in a high ponytail. She looks very different, almost angelic when her hair is free. A chunky fringe (bangs) covers a scar along her hairline that she received as a child.

Face: Her eyes are large, almond shaped, wide set and very expressive. The iris’ are curious and in most lights appear to be a dark pink or purple. On closer inspection you will notice that they are a molten concoction of rich dark blue, with deep pink and purple highlights. Wearing makeup is very rarely on her To Do list but she does have thick black eyelashes. Though when she does put on warpaint a very dark smokey eye is her signature look. Her nose is petite and ever so slightly upturned at the tip. Lilith’s lips are almost textbook Cupid ’s Bow aside from the fact her bottom lip is fuller than the top. Heart Shaped is the best way to describe her face. Her natural complexion is fair, though leans more towards Medium in the summer months from spending so much time outdoors. While her teeth are small they are all white and uniform with no gaps.

Body: Lilith has almost the exact measurements of Alizee Jacotey a French singer 36-26-32. She stands between 5’1 and 5’2 and has a C Cup bust and a curvy non-exaggerated toned hour glass figure. In human form she isn’t particularly strong in her upper body but has powerful thighs. The video clip below is a very accurate representation of Lilith’s body type.

Scars: A faint, and now covered scar runs for about three inches along her hairline. This was a mark she received before being turned. She has teeth marks in the inside of her right thigh from the night she was turned into a wolf. One long but thin faded scar across her lower back, received in a fight with Riot, now covered by a tattoo. A long ugly looking five inch scar running from upper mid arm to just below her elbow on her left arm caused by a Silver bladed trap, with is also now covered with a tattoo. Four claw mark scars just above her right hip wrapping around her side given to her by Camille. A small scar sitting just below her left ear, running along the jaw bone given to her by Caspian.

Birthmarks: A pale brown heart shaped birthmark can be found on her right arse cheek. Photo reference below.

Tattoos: One on the back of her neck. A moon half crescent turned ninety degrees so it looks like a bowl, with four strikes through it. This is the pack symbol for ‘The Dominion’. This is very faded and obviously hasn’t been re-inked in many years. Her hair generally covers this. 

Down her back is a large spiritual tattoo. A link to her and Sona, the Spiritual Leader of The Dominion.

Disguising an unsightly scar on her arm:

Piercings: Lilith has her ears pierced, she only ever wears surgical steel crescent moon studs unless dressing up for an occasion. 

Posture: She carries herself with a certain amount of arrogance. Head upright with a slight swing of the hips in her step. On the rare occasion she can be seen with shoulders slumped over looking terribly miserable but she tends to not to show weakness, so either drinks till shes merry or puts on a front. She always looks slightly tense like a ticking time bomb.

Gait: While intoxicated it isn't unheard of to see Lilith skipping. Normally she minxes around like a predator or stumbles about like an idiot depending on how drunk she is.

Habits and Mannerisms: While sleeping Lilith curls two of her own fingers up in her hair, she tugs while asleep. She has horrendous nightmares that can sometimes cause her to thrash around and sleep talk. On full moons Lilith can always be now found in the forest with a portable stereo. 

Scent: Wild Strawberry, Vanilla and White Sage

Clothing Style: Lilith doesn't really fit into a box. A little bit goth, a little bit grunge, Rock n Roll, Rebel. Feminine, cute, sassy with edge. Much of her wardrobe is black and white with splashes of red, like her red winter coat. She wears a lot of leather and sometimes fur. Her dresses are normally very short and hotpants are a regular deal in warmer months. Heels or boots of some description. Tight jeans. She loves wearing furry hats with ears in the Winter. A lot of her style inspiration comes from Taylor Momsen.


Mood: Depends on whether she's drunk or not, and whether or not you're a wolf. She's almost always an asshole to other wolves. Excitable and friendly when intoxicated.
Attitude: She has an abrasive personality that most will find hard to get along with.
Stability: Constantly in inner emotional turmoil due to contradicting goals but keeps it for the most part to herself. Demon Lilith is influencing her to be uncontrollably physically attracted to Vincent Byrne, which she is trying to mentally fight against. 
Expressiveness: Lilith's eyes are very expressive but she doesn't generally let others see her at her worst. She will cry alone, scream alone etc Anger she freely shares with everyone.
When Happy: Hums tunes. Skips. Has a dazzling smile
When Depressed: Sits alone in the forest. Drinks Whisky.
When Angry: Screams. Will throw punches or objects. Gets nasty and personal with insults.
Note: These are generalizations. Different situations will create different reactions.

Attitude: Abrasive. Secretive. Foul-mouthed. Unapologetic....but has the best of intentions...most of the time.
Skills/Talents: Dancing. Rabid Acrobatic fighter in wolf form. Can howl beautiful lullabies.
Favourites/Likes: MUSIC, live preferably but shes not fussy. Vodka and Redbull, or just the Vodka. The sound of windchimes. Snow. Has certain items of clothing that are her 'favorites'. Other peoples scars. Tattooing herself. 
Most Hated/Dislikes: Weakness. Spitting. High Pitched Whistles.
Goals/Ambitions: Through proving herself she will join the Ancestors when she dies, even as a Lone Wolf, they will welcome her. She will find home in Death. If she has her way no Pack Wolf will ever trust her fully, they will always be wary because they should be. She wouldn't wish her life on anyone, as a punishment, or as a choice. Become an Alpha.
Strengths: Has Faith in her Ancestors. Loves being a Wolf, and loves all other wolves. A Warlord with extensive battle training and experience. 
Weaknesses: Follows prophecy blindly. Is a lot of the time, arrogant, bitchy or downright nasty. Has come from a cannibalistic pack so does have a taste for Wolf. Is actually terribly lonely. 
Fears: Being Trapped. White Mice.
Hobbies/Interests: Sewing, primarily with hide. All forms of Dance. Loves to party. Prefers to be outdoors. Deathmatch Wrestling. 
Regular Routine: Lilith can be found often at One Shot, or any other bar or nightclub in Index. The forest is a regular haunt also. She's partial to the Skatepark, and likes to hide things there. She is very rarely discovered at 'home'. Shes a night owl. Eats very little. It is not unheard of to find her drunk early in the morning. Wakes up to nightmares every time she sleeps. Shes often on her phone. Some Sundays she attends Confessional at the Church.
Philosophy of Life: “There is no sun without shadow, and it is essential to know the night.” 
Attitude Toward Death: Is not afraid to die. As long as she knows there's a place for her with her Ancestors.
Addictions: Vampire Blood. Alcohol. 
Religion/Beliefs: Devout Follower of Prophecy. Her life has meaning through the direction of the Ancestors. 
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: Can Sleep anywhere. Likes her hair being pulled. Battles hangovers with Spicy food.
Sexual Preference/Experience/Values: Straight for the most part, but there's possibly some girl power in there ;) Tries to control her wolf urges when it comes to lust. Does not view sex as an act of love, and is not particularly monogamous with the expression of either. Believes there is a difference between loving someone and being in love with them.
Education/Special Training: High School Graduate. Fully Trained Flight Attendant. Battle Training with The Dominion.
Place/Type of Residence: Freeloads on Vincent Byrnes pull out couch.
Occupation: Unpaid Waitress
Place of Work: One Shot Dive Bar
Work-related Skills: Is always aware of where the exits are. Can balance quite a few glasses on a tray. Is actually great with kids. Knows battle tactics and training techniques for Wolf combat.
Past Occupations: Flight attendant. Barmaid. Babysitter. Combat Teacher.
Memberships: None.

Role: Devils Advocate. Walking billboard of how terrible the Lone life is. Soldier.
Alignment: Chaotic/Neutral
Comparison: Illusion: a thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses.
Symbol: Snowflake. Blood. Crescent Moon. Dream Catcher.

Vice: Pride/Greed/Gluttony/Lust/Envy/Sloth/Wrath
Virtue: Patience/Diligence/Chastity/Temperance/Charity/Kindness/Humility
Four Words: Relentless, Passionate, Loyal, Wild.

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Re: 1. Lilith Caroline Alysbury ''Luxx"

PistolKitten aka PK |

Posted on Sun Dec 11, 2016 12:42 am

Wolf Name: Luxx [Chosen by Dominion her then Pack Master from a pool of acceptable names.]
Wolf Rank: Warlord - Yellow eyes [Given to her, but later ‘earned’]
Coat Color: Pure White [Color connected to Dominion who was also Pure White.]
Ability/Gift: Time Reversal [Rare.]

Level 1: Time Reversal of 3mins. [Has achieved. Current personal best is 6mins]
Level 2: Multiple Time jumps one after another. [Has achieved. Current personal best is 4 jumps]
Level 3: Entering a time slip and manipulating an old time pocket. [Has achieved but has not mastered.]
Level 4: Removing Objects, repositioning items and people within a time slip. [Has achieved but has not mastered.]
Level 5: Teleportation via moving within a time slip. 
Level 6: The ability to transport one other person through the time slip.
Ability/Gift Strength: Medium. Lilith has gotten over her constant worry about brain damage which used to influence her monthly visits to the hospital for scans. She still fears mental disability but has begun to train diligently over the years. Currently she can use her ability four times in a row, for a total of Twenty minutes before she becomes incapacitated and vulnerable (6/4/6/4). Each shift can only be 6mins or less in duration and there must be a return to regular time before jumping again. She can pause in the ‘in-between’ a place of mystical energies where everything around her appears to stay frozen but she can look around.
Ability/Gift Consequences: One usage turning back time for 4 minutes or less will result in a painful but easy to handle migraine headache. The more uses, for longer periods of time cause her to bleed from eyes, nose, mouth and ears. Intense agony, blood loss and black outs. It can become life threatening with small brain hemorrhages triggering and periods of coma. She also fears that this ability comes with a level of potential psychosis in the future. Aged Vampires or Older, Alpha Ranked Wolves and Powerful Witches will remember the lost time. Other Supernatural’s are aware that something was changed but don’t remember the previous time pocket. Humans are oblivious.
Ability/Gift Use: Concentration and will. Usually Lilith will close her eyes before enacting the time jump as it tends to make her feel a little sick, as she is conscious of time shifting and moving right in front of her.
Human Form Combat Skills: Pathetic. Lilith has no training or much experience in fighting in human form, she’s never needed to. Her upper body strength is massively lacking and while she could probably kick the shit out of someone, they would have to be already on the ground. In a human fight she would probably resort to using weapons to get the one up.
Wolf Form Combat Skills: Pro. She comes from a warmongering wolf pack who pride themselves on their ability to keep all Vampires and Witches from their territory. They have also been at constant war with two other packs for centuries. Fighting is her bread and butter. Even after leaving her pack she was forced to be able to handle herself in a battle. In wolf form she is a bad ass. Fast, brutal and unforgiving. Her fighting style is reckless, and usually features a lot of bloodshed. Shes acrobatic and resourceful.

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Re: 1. Lilith Caroline Alysbury ''Luxx"

PistolKitten aka PK |

Posted on Sun Dec 11, 2016 12:50 am

“Prey on the weak and you will survive, prey on the strong and you will live.”

Ancient Ancestors (Those contactable for Prophecy using Mediums or Spiritual Leaders) 
Pack Master: Hecarim
Spiritual Leader: Ahri
Warlord: Avarice

Wolves of Rank
Pack Master: Dominic Velt 'Dominion' 39
Spiritual Leader: Shelley Cook 'Sona' 47
Warlord: Cole Vaughn 'Riot' 33
Secondary Warlord: Vacant
MIA Warlord: Lilith Alysbury 'Luxx' 30 (Played Character)

Possible pack names to be used: (Naming Basis is from a video game lol)
MALE: Darkin, Aatrox, Jax, Brand, Blaze, Vorpal, Feast, Darius, Draven, Noxus, Galio, Dread, Kassadin, Karthus, Void, Malphite, Nasus, Mordekaiser, Nocturne, Rakkor, Renekton, Ryze, Sion, Skarner, Swain, Talon, Taric, Udyr, Urgot, Varus, Veigar, Zaun, Warwick, Xerath, Yorich, Zilean, Rylai. Madred, Havoc, Zed
FEMALE: Akali, Anivia, Tantrum, Rebirth, Ashe, Miasma, Valkyrie, Cascade, Fiora, Irelia, Rune, Janna, Jinx, Karma, Mantra, Mimic, Lulu, Nami, Orianna, Zeonia, Riven, Sivir, Soraka, Syndra, Ionia, Vayne, Vi, Zyra, Shyvana

Wisconsin is a region with the earliest recorded sightings of werewolves in the United States. Oddly enough it is also home to one of the oldest wolf packs. It is certainly not the largest, numbering approximately 150 throughout the state. They very rarely turn humans preferring to breed and maintain loyal bloodlines of which Velt and Vaughn are the most influential. No Fae descendants have been seen in the state of Wisconsin in a number of generations, having been completely forced out by the wolves. Vampire numbers are also at a minimum, most avoiding the region due to the feral nature of the pack. The majority of the pack hail from the largest city, Milwakee.

Functioning like a biker gang the core of the pack is constantly on the move, the preferred method of transportation is by motorcycle. Even though they are a small pack by most standards they have two Warlords at any one time. The second in command, currently 'Riot' accompanies the main mobile group, while the other, a position previously held by Lilith Alysbury (which has been vacant since her defection) remains with the women, trainees, children and a small contingent of seasoned warriors. Every five to ten years the main den is shifted. Like all Wolves they like to drink to excess but fighting is always number one to everything else.

Battle hardened through not just conflict with vampires but also other wolf packs the Wisconsin wolves are frowned upon by others. Their strenuous combat training results in the premature death of many young pups, only the top of the class surviving to adulthood. Part of the graduation program involves pitting friends against one another in a fight to the death. Women are treated the same as they are in most wolf packs, regarded as nothing more than Mothers both future and present, Healers/Caregivers, Sexual toys and slaves. However the she-wolves also live a rather comfortable life, the men provide for the pack in every way possible. Life Mates outside of Pack Master and Spiritual Leader are more common, though are still generally not monogamous bonds and often are arranged marriages of sorts between strong males and women from exceptional gene pools. Bloodthirsty and Power hungry they will attack other packs, eating their foes which is unspeakable outside of the traditional new Pack Master Ritual. Unlike other packs who will work with humans in their region, Wisconsin wolves treat them as inferiors and will also eat them. Their pack symbol is an ancient one, a crescent moon with three claw like strikes through it, all pack members have this branded on their bodies upon their assention to Fighter/Warrior Rank. Lilith Alysbury's is located on the back of her neck, Alex Vaughn's is on his right shoulder blade. They are regarded as great warriors, valuing strength, speed and stamina rather than intelligence. They are also known for having little moral fibre, relentless destructive brutality and a passionate loyalty to pack and to the prophecies of their ancestors. 

The pack owns and operates a number of businesses, most of which are found in Milwakee. These include a distribution warehouse, Two bars, a strip club and they have substantial shares in one casino. Velt and Vaughn family members rarely have jobs but most fighter/warrior rank wolves are required to find employment and contribute a hefty sum of their pay-check to the pack. Women generally don't work unless they choose to and are restricted by hierarchy as to what they are allowed to do.


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Wolf (Played Characters)
Vincent Byrne ‘Onyx’ – Pack Master of the Pacific. Roommate. Tentative Allies. Believes her Prophecy to be about him. Is intensely attracted to. Training companion.
Arden Rowe ‘Olympia’ – Member of the Pacific. Co-worker at One Shot. Likes her sass.
Caspian Sullivan ‘Ouray’ – Member of the Pacific. Turned by her, which has resulted in a strange bond due to her being a Lone at the time. Knows about her blood addiction. Closest thing she has to a friend.
Wolf (NPC)
‘Ozra’ – Member of the Pacific. Boss at One Shot. Confidante. Father Figure.
‘Boom’ – Black Powder Pack Refugee found by Lil. Drinking Buddy.
‘Scarlet’ – Black Powder Pack Refugee found by Lil. Drinking Buddy. ‘Friend’.
‘Vilks’ – Fellow Lone. Father Figure.
‘Kidd’ – Zeal Pack Refugee found by Lil. Surrogate Little Brother.
Wolves of Interest
‘Dominion’ – Pack Master of the Dominion a Wisconsin based Pack. Ex-Boyfriend.
‘Sona’ – Spiritual Leader of the Dominion. Mother Figure.
‘Orion’ – Member of the Pacific. Odin’s Son. Ex-Lover.
Camille – Fellow Lone. Interests Lil as she is an Alpha. Stalking her.
Jonah - Fellow Lone. Camille's Brother.
Vampire (Played Characters)
Gayle Shaffer – Enemies.
Vampires of Interest
Raven Thorne – Enemy
Humans (Played Characters)
Helios Tallon – Priest. Does not know he is AOG. Visits him for Confession. Knows about her Blood Addiction.
Logan Byrne – Vincent’s Cousin. Drinking Buddy.
Michelle Hawke – Neighbour. Drinking Buddy.
Humans (NPC)
Debo – Drinking Buddy. Current Lover.
Humans of Interest
Grandmother – Deceased. Lil lived with her for a while as a child. Is constantly reminded of her due to the church.
Other Relationships
X – Mysterious individual sending Lil orders in regards to Vincent and the Pacific Pack.
The Ancestors – Very important figures in Lil’s life.

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