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 Ásgeirr Haagan - Journal

Ásgeirr Haagan - Journal

 :: Anne

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Ásgeirr Haagan - Journal

Ásgeirr Haagan | Vampire; Senior

Posted on Wed Nov 23, 2016 1:52 pm

Ásgeirr (Asger) Haagan was born in a small village 592 years ago in Denmark. At the age of 17 he married Ylva and together they had one child; Einar. Ásgeirr's daily activities consisted of hunting for the family, chopping wood and protecting the village from outsiders while Ylva took care of their child. His life was calm and quiet being surrounded by the woman he loved and his son who was already growing up to be a tough boy.

At the age of 27, after a horrible event, Ásgeirr left his home. A few days went on as he travelled through the snowy mountains, almost starved to death and his body ached all over. But then a woman arrived. She looked a little like Ylva. The same icy eyes and strong face, but instead she had long dark hair. He had never seen anyone as beautiful as this woman. She took advantage of the situation but saw strength in Ásgeirr, and she turned him that night.

Months, years, even centuries past as they walked the earth together. Her name was Sophia and she had already walked the earth for a thousand years. When Sophia was killed in a long-planned hunter raid in Italy in 1755, Ásgeirr knew he had to flee the country. It was only by coincidence that he hadn’t been there that night. Desperate to get away he traveled around Europe before finally boarding a boat to America. 

Ásgeirr has lived in Index for about 5 years now. Moving from town to town had always been necessary to avoid suspicion of his 'condition'. About a year ago he thought he was finally going insane because he was seeing Ylva, his late wife and mother of his child of when he was still human. Later he found that Ylva was in fact alive. But not breathing. After a short chase he had the chance to speak with her, only for Ylva to disappear again. He hasn't heard from her ever since. 

Finding himself in the depths of his own misery he went on with life and met some interesting people. Though never found a goal. Until one particular night he met a girl. White blonde hair and blue eyes, she was almost the spitting image of his wife when she was younger. When she entered the room he had already smelled it, her roots lay where his home was. Gwyneth Mathiasen. After a short chat he met her once again by chance. They talked and parted ways until one night, when Ásgeirr was visiting poison, the girl was attacked by two vampires. Without a second thought he did everything he could to save her, and brought her to his home. Their relationship grew and is still growing.

Many know of Ásgeirr but few have really spoken to him. For the last few years, he actively distanced himself from the vampire community for multiple reasons. Only now, due to current events he is slowly returning.

The most notable thing about Ásgeirr is the large, visible scar over his left eye. A scar that still reminds him of the dark days before he was turned. His eyes are strikingly green and very bright. His hair is black and short but always well maintained. He almost never sports facial hair


Vampire. 598 years old. 
Sire: Sophia Drakor, ancient vampire. Died 1755. 

NPC characters
Sophia Drakor: Maker, Ásgeirr always had conflicting feelings for her, as she was ruthless but she was still his maker and family. 
Einar Haagan: Ásgeirr's deceased son. Was killed when Ásgeirr's village was attacked when he was still human. Ásgeirr is literally scarred for life by this event.
Ylva Haagan: Ásgeirr's late wife who turns out to be a vampire.
Hugo: Ásgeirr's butler/assistant. Has worked for and traveled with Ásgeirr for many years. 
Julia, Bertrice: Ásgeirr's other assistant.

INDEX characters
Mark Stonebridge: Acquaintance, met him once but charmed him to forget.
Isis D'Lacura: Acquaintance, met her twice, thinks she's mysterious.
Gwyneth Mathiasen: Love interest
Ruby Schaffer: Acquaintance, met her once when he was looking for someone to move into his home, thought she was careless.
Kyle Merrick: TBA

Gayle the Recruiter - Gayle Schaffer

Some Things Never Sleep
Most don't last the night

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Starting from scratch - Gwyneth Mathiasen
I hunger and I thirst - Erika Richards
Chapter two of Gwen's fairy tale - Gwyneth Mathiasen
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Not in my job description - Gwyneth Mathiasen
'Cos the darkness is simply a womb for the lonely - Gwyneth Mathiasen
The length of one's foot - Ruby Schaffer
Not hungry yet - Gwyneth Mathiasen 
Overlooking the ballroom -  Isis D'Lacura 
Rivers of blood -  Mark Stonebridge
Cold as the blood through my bones - Ylva Haagan
Pretty young things -  Gayle Shaffer, Isis D'Lacura, Noelle Benson, Marlene Klein

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