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 [Closed] Some things never sleep

[Closed] Some things never sleep

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[Closed] Some things never sleep

Ásgeirr Haagan | Vampire; Senior

Posted on Wed Nov 23, 2016 12:45 pm

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Rome | Clear Weather | 01:54 AM - The year 1447

I woke up confused. I had no idea where I was when the stench of old blood brought me right back to reality. "Oh darling, you are awake, finally." Her sweet voice, almost too sweet to stomach, fills my ears and I feel her finger running down the side of my face and onto my lips. I taste it then, the blood. Fresh this time. I reluctantly open my eyes, fearing what 'present' she has brought me this time but as I scan the dimly lit room I see no one else. "I suspected you were still a little full from yesterday so I decided to hunt for myself." She laughs the way she always does. Like she's amused. But the spark in her eyes is missing. She moves away from me then, a frown on her face when she notices my lack of enthusiasm. "Ásgeirr darling, you are absolutely no fun like this. What kind of trouble fills that head of yours this time?" She comes closer again and I still need to get used to how quickly she is near me. She dramatically strokes my hair and kisses my forehead. Like she's a lover or a mother. I'm not quite sure yet what she is. 

She's on the bed now and crawls behind me. Her arms wrap lightly around my neck and she whispers. "I know it is hard, my sweet. Getting used to being so strong, practically unbeatable. Snapping their necks like they are twigs. But it's so much fun if you just let go." I look down, my hand on my forehead as I try to think. I never wanted any of this yet I am right in the middle of it with no way out. It has been two years. Two fucking years. Yet nothing has changed, or improved, however you'd like to call it. I am still confused, too strong, too fast and she thinks I am weak. Not in body, but in mind. "Let go of what, Sophia?" My hand shakes. I'm not sure if I can do this. There had been many evenings like this and even times when I tried to get away from her as far and as fast as possible but something pulls me right back. Everytime.
She grins. She knows she has won this little game of hers. One that I was not even fully aware I was a part of. But as soon as she speaks her face changes to something much darker. "You know exactly what I mean, Ásgeirr, don't act like you are a fool, because in a way you make a fool out of me, too." It is always about her. Her temper betrays her when she tries to act like it's not all about her. "I never asked for any of this!" Something inside me snaps. My hands take hold of her wrists and before I know it I have thrown her against the wall before me. Too strong. I get on my feet, speed towards her, immediately regretting my actions when in an instant her hand is around my throat and I am pinned against that same wall. That smile is back. That wicked, empty smile. "Don't you ever threaten me because I will end you, Ásgeirr. Don't ever think you are worth so much that I will even hesitate to kill you." She lets go and I fall to the floor, my eyes closed. I feel a small breeze of air and when I open my eyes, she is gone.

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