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 [Private] Mouthful of Diamonds - Page 5

[Private] Mouthful of Diamonds

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Re: [Private] Mouthful of Diamonds

Blake Vancel | Vampire; Young

Posted on Wed Apr 19, 2017 8:40 pm

A new job this quickly? I closed my eyes as I felt his fangs against my teeth. I should have expected he knew what he wanted when the offer was tossed on the table. Hopefully I could still finish the one I'm still on without losing any limbs. I could ditch it and leave behind the Tide Jewels I took, but I barely knew my employer, let alone his attitude to mouses gone astray. It's all fun and games until they try to come after you with the dogs, or even worse, the other 'employees.'

It'd be a lie if I didn't say I was lonely. Sure finding a person to fill late nights was really easy when I wanted, but it just always seemed on the short end of passion. Besides, drunken one night stands usually never turn out as exciting as expected. Wake up in the morning confused as to who is in your bed, or who's bed you're in, only to either awkwardly hope that you can fall back asleep so you don't have to make them breakfast, or you can find your clothes quick and quietly so they don't wake up. Yes, I know last night was crazy. Yeah, yeah sure I'll text you. No, please don't try to make food, you tried to match me in drinking and, honey, you're lucky you're not in a hospital. Well, okay, so maybe I was part of the problem.

My ears perked up when I heard him mention Malakai's name. This could make things possibly difficult. Stealing from a stranger is pretty easy. They have no clue what your intentions are, you can pretend to be whoever you want, and they will nine times out of ten believe it whole wholeheartedly, and you run less of a chance of them recognizing you. Quite a few decades ago I loved pretending to sell vacuums door to door in rich neighborhoods. Big, curly blonde wig, nude pumps, pencil skirt with the right amount of leg, and a lovely button blouse; it was the easiest disguise at the time. I'd get in, mingle with the house wife, then return when no one was home. Plus sometimes I made some extra cash when somebody thought they were actually going to get a vacuum. Suckers. Still, it shouldn't be too hard to pull this off considering I just met the fellow.

I was taken aback as he pressed his lips against mine, I lifted my hand to lace on his back, but he broke away too quickly. I stood there in front of the door for a moment as he walked back to his closet, giving myself a moment to mull everything over. Get yourself together girl.

Wait, move in? This was moving at an.... interesting rate. I was renting a little dingy studio apartment so this definitely would be a huge upgrade, but at what cost? I guess this would also help him keep an eye on me to make sure I wasn't stealing for anyone else. Are you sure that is what you want?

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Re: [Private] Mouthful of Diamonds

Daron Wynyard | Vampire; Young

Posted on Sun Apr 23, 2017 3:39 am

“Wouldn’t have said it otherwise.” The Van Garrett mansion had nine rooms that could be considered bedrooms. One of which was occupied by my newest progeny Henry Van Garrett. A second by myself and the third by the only one of my other progeny I had offered board. Oren. Laudanum consisted of four vampires not including myself. Drew, Sabine, Kris and Oren. Out of all of them Oren was the oldest and the youngest. He had been eight years old when I had offered him eternal life. Hadn’t quite grasped the concept until he’d spent twenty years in the same child’s body. Most of the sire bonds I had witnessed were the same photocopied boundless respect and devotion but his had begun differently, and now existed in a strange limbo. Drew fought against me tooth and nail that was obvious. To the point I wanted to execute him myself for the infantile rebellion but Oren’s resentment was something that simmered away under the surface. He diligently served as the keyboard player for the band and did a fair share of the audio mixing for all of Laudanum’s tracks but I could always sense that he detested me. A step in the right direction. Alyssa desperately wanted a room in the mansion but I had denied her, watching as she pathetically inserted herself into the role of a night fill caregiver in a nearby estate. In order to be close to where I was. Keep tabs on me. She was not going to like the fact I had just invited another Female vampire, who had no relationship to our lineage, a place to go to ground.

“You’ll have to excuse the rabid newly made old man, he’s a little drunken on the idea of being a Vampire.” Henry was an idiot. A rich idiot, but an idiot none the less. This was but his third night as an immortal and I suspected he was proving to be a handful for Sabine and her own progeny who had drawn the short straw of having to babysit him. Bloodlust was a terrible beast in the early days and I didn’t have the patience to walk him through it, nor the desire to. Going on hunts with him would feel like I was wheeling my grandfather down to the local drinking hole. “The only other Vampire in the household is Oren. Skinny little boy. Think Children of the Corn and you’ll have a perfect image to work with.” Blonde cherub but with cold eyes. Very reminiscent of the mortals I’d turned in my earliest years though he’d fallen into a time that I’d been taken with the macabre. Making one so young should have been breakage of some kind of law but it wasn’t. I’d only learned that after meeting Ursula, who also walked around in the body of a child. Even back in 1973 I’d been testing boundaries, pushing them out as far as possible.

“Moving in isn’t a request, just in case that wasn’t clear. I’ve just given you the option of sleeping arrangements.” The whole time I had been talking I’d been speaking in an almost distant, bored tone. Looking through what ensembles had been selected for the party deciding which one was best for seeking my date in. “Decide not to follow my request and I have an army of progenies at my disposal. We’ll find you eventually.” I’d find out what exactly had been done to Blake's maker and inflict the same punishment on her. Though I’d make damn sure than no-one would find her. Even if she had offspring of her own that might come looking. “I’ll give you a week…that’s generous. I put this party together in four days so I know what can be done in short time periods.” Finally removing a suit from the wide range of outfits available I turned back towards her letting my eyes slowly commit every inch of her to memory. A smirk having broken the emotionless mask on my face. “Part of me wishes we had more time to get acquainted, but I have guests to attend to. Take that as your cue to fuck off.” There would be more than enough time to learn more about Blake, what she was capable of, the best ways to get under her skin. Right now was not that time.

Re-dressing myself in a hurricane of Vampric speed I wandered over to the mirror to make sure the tailor had been kind. “A week Blake, as soon as you’re my newest house guest we shall have dinner.” Henry would demand it, he’d begged me insistently for a twisted family meal when I’d announced Oren would be making an appearance. The old mans whining was only going to be satisfied once we’d all sat down around a fucking table and I hated when Vampires whinged.

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Re: [Private] Mouthful of Diamonds

Blake Vancel | Vampire; Young

Posted on Sat Apr 29, 2017 10:35 pm

Children of co-oh lord that's a terrifying image. I blurted out. I paused for a minute realizing what I said, I put my palm up to my forehead, I apologize, that was probably very, very rude of me.

I shrugged my shoulders as I started to walk over to pick my dress back off of the floor, Well, you do drive a hard bargain there. I said sarcastically folding the navy dress in my hands. The last thing I needed were more vampires coming after me, especially not any small, frightening children vampires. A week it is then. I didn't have much to move, a few blank canvases and some oil paints I'll probably never use again, oh and a few costumes and other thievery items. Hell, maybe having only one employer will give me time to actually paint something for once.

I walked over to the desk I had thrown under the desk and quickly unzipped it. I tossed my navy dress in and pulled out a long, floor length black dress. I used my vampric speed to quickly change and tossed on a long, straight pitch black wig. I stopped to check my make-up in a compact mirror, clicked it together with one hand, then tossed that into my duffel bag as well.

I swung the bag over my shoulder, it was light since most of the weight came from my current ensemble. I swiftly moved over to the window placing my hand firmly on one of the glass panels as I began to open it. Dinner, huh? Sounds lovely I'll make sure to be there. I sat on the ledge carefully and swung my legs over. I tossed the duffel bag down to the ground below and it landed with barely a noise. I'll take that this is my moment to make my "Grand Escape" then.. I took in a deep breath, closed my eyes, and pushed myself off the ledge of the window.

I felt four arms bow under my weight and I opened my eyes again to see four tall men dressed in black suits gently placing me on the ground. Took you long enough. one of them scoffed at me. I rolled my eyes and picked up my duffel bag and handed it to one of them. I guess if I had to wait hours to just catch a woman out of a window I'd be irritated too, but they were getting paid to stand there and blend in, so it wasn't that bad. I got uh, held up. Don't worry about it, let's just get out of here. I said as I grabbed one of the the taller man's arm. He led us through some groups of people and to the exit. Right as I was about to get in the car, I looked back at the large mansion. You coming or should we wait here for 12 more hours. Oh stuff it. I said as I ducked my head and crawled into the backseat.

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