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 [Closed] All My Fears Will Drown

[Closed] All My Fears Will Drown

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[Closed] All My Fears Will Drown

Hanna Costello | Witch; True Type

Posted on Fri Nov 04, 2016 7:08 pm

It wasn’t fair. It was never fair. My emotions were getting the best of me today. All I wanted to do was sit in a corner and pout like a small little child whose favorite toy was taken away. Yet this hurt was something deeper. It was something that no matter how far I ran I could never escape. Every single time I closed my eyes I could see the bloodshed and hear the screams. I just wanted it to end. All of it. Tears slowly crept to the corners of my eyes, I tried my hardest not to let them fall, but they came anyways. At first it was slow, then it just wouldn’t stop. I wept like I had just watched a loved one passed away. I tried so hard to seek approval, yet I was alone. I would always be alone would I not?

The fact is, I tried to come off being all big and bad, but deep down I ached badly within that it tore me apart daily. Wiping the running mascara from my cheeks I drew in a deep breath. My hair hung over my eyes and I burrowed my face in my hands. I was weak, I was without family and friends. But most of all, I was without my sister, and I was without the one person I truly gave two shits about. You see I wasn’t like this all the time. My family was like any normal suburban family. BBQ’s on the weekends, friends coming over to take a dip in the pool. I couldn’t complain one little bit about it even if I wanted too. I closed my eyes continuing to sob softly thinking of that night that my whole life had changed.

“God Hanna, why are you dragging me out to this graduation party again?” Becca rolled her eyes playfully. She knew just as much as I did on why I was bringing her to this party. She had a bit of a thing for Nathan, and I was pretty damn sure that he had a thing for her too.
“Nathan.” I giggled a little while I finished tying up Becca’s shirt. The poor girl didn’t know how to dress. I had lent her one of my halter tops and miniskirts along with some killer black heels. “He won’t know what hit him with you wearing that get up.”

The drive to Adam’s house didn’t take that long and when we had arrived the party had already started going. I felt bad for Adam, his parents never seemed to be around. Hell, they didn’t even bother being there for his graduation. Their plane to France left first thing this morning, and according to him they didn’t even say goodbye. Apparently, this was his last shin dig, his farewell to his parents. He planned on leaving at the end of the party. I didn’t blame him either, especially since he was going to be staying with me for a while till we could find our own place.
Loud music boomed and echoed throughout the warm West Virginia air. Instantly Becca began to move along with the beat, and I followed in suit. My sister and I had been through a lot, but we also had a lot of fun with the whole twin thing. “Hanna!” I heard my name bellow out and a smile flashed across my face breaking me from the trance of the music. “Adam!” He wrapped me up in a warm embrace accompanied by a quick kiss on the forehead. Life just couldn’t get any better.

As the night drew on more people became intoxicated. Becca and I hung out near the pool laugh at the people who fell into the pool with looks of astonishment because they were now wet. “I wonder where Nathan is.” Becca sighed.

“Maybe he’s just going to make some grand entrance? Or sneak up on you perhaps?” Shrugging my shoulders I scanned the area. Adam was playing good host, and making sure that everyone had drinks. Probably letting people knock a few things over here and there too I’m sure. It wasn’t until my eyes locked onto Nathan walking into the party. “Ah see look Becca there he is.” We both stood up, agreeing to head our separate ways so she could get some alone time with him and I could find Adam.

At least that was the plan, none of us had expected it until bullets began flying. Screams filed along with the gun shots tuning out the music all together. Everything happened so fast. I watched as my classmates fell, their blood spraying like champagne coming out of a bottle after its cork was pulled. The pool water began to mix with blood and bodied turning it to a sickening crimson red. It was as if my feet had turned into cement and it wasn’t until I felt someone grasp at my ankle. Tearing my eyes from the carnage my eyes connected with my sisters. She was clawing at her throat, blood gushed like a fountain. Turning to move fire suddenly exploded through my collarbone, crying out in pain I clutched at the wound. As I dropped to my knees tears began to swell up in my eyes, but I couldn’t take my gaze away from my sister and her now lifeless body.

I didn’t like thinking about that night, but it was hard not to when it haunted my dreams every single night since. I wish I could have stopped Nathan, and I wished I could have warned everyone of what was going to happen. To this day I still don’t know who stopped Nathan, all I know is that ten people from my class died, and several came out injured. I should have never dragged Becca out in the first place. We should have just stayed home like she wanted to. She knew something was going to happen and yet I didn’t listen because I wanted to see Adam.

Sudden rage built up inside of me. I let out a scream that could have shattered the glass around me. Instead I settled on flinging my furniture around the room. A loud bang resonated against the tight space when my end table smacked into the wall causing a large gaping hole. Dry wall fell into little bits clattering onto the floor decorating it with white and red from the paint and plaster. It was my fault that I felt the way that I did. From my parents to Becca. I wasn’t abandoned I knew that, I refused to go to that damn coven. I didn’t know that I would feel this way though. Had I not found something else to do after my parents packed up and left for butt fucked Egypt and my sister’s death, I knew I surely would have gone insane. He was my light within the darkness, and yet when I needed him the most he left me out in the cold.

Drawing in a few deep breaths I had to get a handle on myself. I was acting like a fucking child all over again. The only person to blame was myself, no one else. Just as long as no one else saw my break downs and pity parties I would be good. I wanted more, and I needed more than what I had. It was a long shot, but I needed to get some work done, what I needed first was a necromancer.  I doubt I would find one here within this town, but it was worth a shot. I just needed to get some supplies and I would be set to see what may or may not lay out in front of me.

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