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 [Closed] One Ring to Find Them

[Closed] One Ring to Find Them

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[Closed] One Ring to Find Them

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Posted on Wed Nov 02, 2016 2:27 pm

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Michelle's place | About 40F | 3am

She was awake, but barely - the perfect in between that usually results in one talking in their sleep. Finally, Michelle kicked at the cover wrapped around her leg, trying to straighten out the sheets that had crept up toward her face. Something was different about tonight, and it wasn't just the fact that she was living in a new home. A brief open of her eyes revealed that she'd left her ring out, on the nightstand beside her bed. An accident, kind of, but not really as she hadn't really unpacked everything and wasn't really sure where she wanted to keep the thing anyway. Nothing about it looked like anything special. It didn't look expensive or unique, but Michelle was aware of its value. Of course, she hadn't realized that it would be worthless to anyone else, at least as far as its abilities went. Even if she'd come to learn that fact, she would still feel rather protective over the piece of jewelry. She reached to pick it up from the night stand, feeling as if it was strangely visible for the room to be as dark as it was. Not to the extent that it generated its own light, but it was certainly still easy to find with her tired eyes.

As soon as she touched it, she experienced a feeling different than usual, in fact, she'd never felt any feeling associated with it before other than instantaneously turning into a bird. She felt almost as if there was another presence in the room. She looked around, being as still as she could, thinking maybe Caly had woken up. Nothing, but she could swear it was as if there were eyes on her.

"There's more to this piece of jewelry than you think, Michelle." The voice was strange, quiet, but not beyond hearing, and it was almost as if there were two rather than one. Was it coming from the ring? Maybe, but it seemed moreso to be coming from nowhere. "Silly girl, you've been using it all wrong. Put it on." Michelle easily obeyed for the simple fact that it was a task she'd already done over and over again, she felt as though she knew what would happen next - but she didn't. She slid the ring over her finger and to her surprise, absolutely nothing happened, or so she thought. It only took her an instant to feel sour about it, until she heard the voice again. "Now focus, Michelle, think of your animal." Her mind was filled with swears and frustration, thinking this was some frustrating dream she simply wasn't waking up from, until she pushed the hair away from her face and remembered what the transformation felt like, and then it happened. She perched on her bed, awkwardly walking over the covers, then fluttered her wings until she was again over the floor and remembered just the opposite; the transition to human. And there she was. Human again. It wasn't a big deal, but it was. To her, it meant not having to search for the ring and put it on when she was in trouble. It meant always knowing where the ring was, and hopefully the inability of anyone who saw the occurrence to connect her ability with the ring. However, it meant even more to one who had gifted the ring. It meant that as long as Michelle wore the ring, her eyes were theirs.

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