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[Private] Howdy Neighbor

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Re: [Private] Howdy Neighbor

Michelle Hawke | Human; Citizen

Posted on Mon Apr 03, 2017 11:23 pm

No, dude, I'm honestly pretty open. I'll give it a shot, but no cheesy commercials. Why was a still picture so much easier than a video? I mean, fuck, I didn't even want to be in a commercial if I didn't have to talk. It was okay for a still picture, but fuck I didn't even wanna be standing in the background of a video.

Was I serious? Of fucking course I was. Was I going to drag Caly into this mess? No, honestly. Vincent never actually hurt me, but fuck yes I got off on the fact that he could. I'll put it this way, Byrne, I'm game for almost anything as long as all parties are um.. I took a drink and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, Informed of what they're dealing with. I sat the bottle down beside me, raised my brows suggestively, but only once, and kept a slight smirk. And I would have killed to see his reaction, but that was the exact goddamn moment Debo blasted from the bathroom and the conversation had now taken the topic of facehuggers. It took me an extra minute or two to get the reference, and I just shook my head. Bye, dude, see you around, I said, picking up my bottle again and raising it to wave at Debo. I waited for the door to close before asking my next question - How long has it been since he's had a good lay? Trust me, not offering.

I sat the bottle back down before even taking another drink. No shit?! You think it would work? That would be absolutely fucking amazing if it would work, and shit I'd have some cobwebs to blow out. I mean fuck, as long as it doesn't erode my brain... or fuck, your brain, I'm willing to try it. What was I agreeing to while drunk? It didn't particularly matter, I agreed to all kinds of shit when sober. Could I sign some kind of permission slip, that says don't worry about my feelings when drunk, I never give a shit?

My smile loosened, not frowning or anything, just... thinking about what he said. Fuck, I'd been called hot before. I'd been called unique, I mean all that shit, but it was all my exterior. Never a genius, though. Never... appreciated like this. I didn't wanna show anything, I didn't want to show just how much it hit me, him saying that, how it strangely made me feel lonely. It just feels like he'd opened a door in my fucking head I didn't know was there.

You think I could run with you howlers, huh? I was smiling now, kind of pushing my head away from uncharted territories and then another entire curveball. There's no way in hell I'd want to go through what I saw happen to Gio - unless it meant not feeling that rope pulling me to the abyss. Bro, you know I like pain, but that's a whole different ballgame.

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