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[Closed] FIsheye Lens

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Claire Trevino

Re: [Closed] FIsheye Lens

Claire Trevino | Human; Citizen

Posted on Thu Mar 02, 2017 4:28 am

It would be a shame if men didn't have this additional depth to it that we felt. No, I didn't know if I was going to spend the rest of my life with Logan, in fact I strongly doubted we would actually have a relationship come of this. But that didn't mean there wasn't this overlying dimension of feeling to it. The tension of emotions between us, the explosion of it lead up to this and it would be an absolute shame if that wasn't a part of it for him like it was for me. Of course, my mind at the time just accepted it for truth; I just knew I could hear it in his words, the growl, the ferocity behind them.

I couldn't keep quiet, every time his lips touched me there was a tingle that went straight down. A sharp inhale, a small gasp, and I couldn't wait to taste him again - but it didn't happen. But it was better, good god I couldn't handle myself when he spoke. I had to do anything I could to keep him talking. Our eyes were locked, I studied them, or at least pretended to in order to keep my head on my shoulders. As if he knew I wouldn't be able to think to answer even with the suggestion of his hand going where it was. What was he asking again? Now I remembered the question, but not the answer, not clearly, anyway.

The car, I whispered, deep breath, I mean - the track. I considered begging him for more, to put his hand where I knew it was going - or to force a kiss - something when I heard the knock on the door. Fuck. Not my normal choice of words, but the timing couldn't have been worse. Ignore it. I pulled him to me again, forcing the kiss I wanted, but this time it was unsure; I felt watched. I stopped. I'm sure they'll go - No, once I realized who it was, I was sure they wouldn't go away in a second. Landlord.

I didn't dislike the guy, at least not until now. I had liked that he was thorough. Brett, who was probably late thirties, dark hair, not ugly by any means, but not a man who would necessarily stand out. He had told me he was coming over to bring supplies to fix the back steps. I completely spaced. More knocking, but then I heard the sound of the motor, and the garage door began to open.

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Re: [Closed] FIsheye Lens

Logan Milo Byrne | Human; Citizen

Posted on Thu Mar 02, 2017 5:00 am

Hearing her stumble over her words was exactly what I was searching for. Every pause, every break, every ounce of confusion she displayed drove me wild. I wanted to keep this going forever, I wanted to see all of the different places I could touch her to make her lose track of what she was saying. I wanted to hear every break in every word, and every gasp. I wanted to feel every jolt. I took in a deep breath as my hand inched lower, lower... I was almost there, almost where I needed to be for her words to turn into incoherent sounds... When a knock sounded at the door. I stopped and turned my head in the direction of the sound, only looking back at her moments before she said exactly what I was thinking.

I tried to focus on her, but something wasn't right, I could feel it. Her kiss broke away and she nearly said something else I was thinking, but paused... She paused. Of all the things, she paused. This didn't bode well for me. Claire... It was quiet at first... Claiiiirre... I practically whined. Don't do this to me. My head slumped and hand pressed up against the car behind her. I was smiling, but not because I was happy. It just figured this was how this would end. I sighed a growly sigh as I gripped her sides to let her down easy, taking a single small step backwards in the process.

I only had a moment to look at her one last time before a sound had my entire body jerking in the direction of the garage door. Is that? I asked her with wide eyes. Shit! I instinctively reached for her shirt and tossed it towards her chest, one of her bra straps slid off of her shoulder and I spun around several times like a dog trying to chase his tail. I knew somewhere inside I was looking for my own shirt but also knew deep down that there wasn't enough time in the world to make us look innocent. Even Claire didn't have time to put her shirt on, and just held it against her chest. So I pressed up against her again, my body tight against hers in an attempt to hide her bare skin... And more importantly the obvious boner in my pants.

The door opened completely and there stood a man, completely speechless, and I looked at Claire again, but this time with wide accusing eyes. Was she... Was he? Oh fuck... I let her go and took a step to the side with my hands cupped over my dick, even though it wasn't out. Nope, I wasn't touching her, not at all. It's uh... The man's jaw dropped slightly and he just stared for a moment before throwing his hand over his eyes and spinning around on his feet. "Shit! Shit, shit, shit, IDIOT!" He talked to himself until I couldn't hear him anymore, and I wasted no time finally finding my shirt and putting it back on. I uh... Sorry about your... I pointed in the direction the man had walked. Man, friend, boyfriend, guy... And of all the fucking things, I gave her two thumbs up and bolted out the garage door.

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