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[Private] Pizza, Drugs, and Rock n Roll

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Paul Thacker

Re: [Private] Pizza, Drugs, and Rock n Roll

Paul Thacker | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Mon May 08, 2017 5:59 pm

I wasn’t surprised at all, but now I just might have to bring Michelle some shine and see just how much of it she could handle. I thought for a split second about a double date, and quickly realized that sounded terrible. Absolutely terrible. I didn’t want pressure for things to go right in front of someone else, my boss especially. Shit, it was probably a terrible idea dating the boss’ friend. It wasn’t a career or anything but it was easy side money. I told you, she’s a kook. It wouldn’t surprise me. For all I knew, they were both lying and I was on speaker. Although you could kind of tell when you were on speaker.

I’ve heard of it, that’s cool, at least if landlubbers are allowed. I knew she could hear the hint of a laugh with the tail end of that. Eight? Maybe? I got an almost comical image of myself going home after work and “gussying up”. What the hell did I do to prepare for a date? Honestly, I wasn’t interested in showing anyone anything that wasn’t me, so hopefully she wouldn’t be offended if I didn’t come looking like a guido and smelling like a cologne counter at Macy’s.

I guess we’ll see about that tomorrow. Speaking of seeing - How will I know who you are. I mean, I guess a fifty year old pirate who sounds like a woman should stand out.

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Re: [Private] Pizza, Drugs, and Rock n Roll

Arden Rowe | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Tue May 09, 2017 7:58 pm

I smiled at his comment. Michelle and Paul's relationship seemed really relaxed considering that she was his boss or whatever. Fucker, I said to her, certain that she was listening. I laughed out loud at his joke, feeling a little embarrassed at how stupid the joke had been now that I'd laid off the bottle for a bit. Eight works. Look for a tall blonde, I'll wear... jeans and a white shirt I guess. I said.

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