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 [Closed] Forgotten mission

[Closed] Forgotten mission

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[Closed] Forgotten mission

Michelle Hawke | Human; Citizen

Posted on Mon Oct 24, 2016 1:31 pm

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Bennigan's | 50F, light sprinkle | 10pm

Lilah. This post is backdated sometime prior to Gayle's return.

No, I actually want the full taco salad this time.
"Not just the nacho app?"
No, Wes, I'm moving on up in the world, I said, raising my glass to the bartender. Paul was beside me, shaking his head. Don't worry, friend, that'll be you one day, you'll eventually get away from your ramen noodles, I promise.
"Not working for you, I won't." His grin told me he wasn't serious, but still the same I almost shoved him from the stool. The money situation wasn't perfect, but you see how it was, moving from the appetizers to the entrees was a big step. Hell, moving from the dollar menu at McDonald's was a big fucking step. But speaking of steps, if I didn't take a few more I was gonna get fucking soft. I had poverty to thank for my figure and not that I was that superficial but if we're honest with ourselves, no one actually purposefully tries to be fat. Mostly, that meant ordering water with my meals, at least during the day, but tonight Paul and I decided to have a drink to celebrate him finally dumping that fucking maniac he was dating. No, I knew most exes were considered maniacs, but this one was legit a nut case. The kind of chick that wanted a "joint" facebook account. Fucking red flag right there, that said, If you want to be with me, your balls will be securely in my palm at all times. He was "required" to call her twice a day, and on the off chance he forgot, he had to make it up to her the next day. I wondered if she actually had a fucking three ring binder with her dating policies.

Finally, the song we'd bought on the jukebox finally started to play, and Paul and I began to sing, our words already slurred from vodka and Jack on my part. Heads swaying, I pointed at the bartender, my singing interrupted by laughter. Ninety niiinnneeee problems, but a bisshh AAHahahaha! I covered my face with my left palm and lost it.
"Think you've had enough?"
The fuck, no! After I'd calmed myself down, I hopped off the bar, patting Paul on the back. Time to break the seal I guess, I said, before heading off. I made a stop in the mirror to check that my makeup was intact, did my business, washed my hands, and as I came back, I noticed someone sitting in the stool on the other side of mine. Someone new, and someone who really stuck out like a sore thumb here. Wasn't a big deal. Once in a while we had a few business peoples roam in here after a late day in the office, but there was something different about this one. For one thing she was practically staring me down. Little, petite, and her eyes looked kind of big but I wondered if it was only because the rest of her was so small. Black hair, neat bangs. And still staring at me. My walk back to my seat slowed, but I continued all the same. Shit, if this was danger, then judging from my history that wasn't necessarily a problem. More like fun and another very interesting night.

"Ms. Hawke?" My sloppy drunk smile appeared, along with raised brows and wide open eyes. Whosaskin? All one word, pretty much.

"Let's say a friend of a friend. I need to ask you something, in private, if that's okay." She looked past my empty stool and to Paul, who had seemed concerned. "Didn't you say you needed to take a leak a minute ago?" Paul's eyes widened, and as if on command he was off to the john. My heart was starting to race as the realization came over me that she wasn't human, whatever she was. "If you'll speak with me outside, you'll find my car nice and warm."

More gracefully than I ever had in my life, the woman removed herself from the stool and was off to the front doors, and I followed suit without any need to be persuaded. It was becoming a habit of me to run in the direction of something creepy or ominous, and she was at least the latter of those. Just as we exited the bar, a black car (it was too dark for me to see the type, but it reminded me of Shane's) pulled up and she opened up the door to the back seat. I got in, and she was almost in a blink in the seat beside mine and the doors were closed. I had expected the leather to be cold, but fuck yeah, heated seats. And why the fuck did I care about that? The car began moving, but not very quickly. The driver simply parked the car in by itself in an empty corner of the lot.

Lilah turned to me, and before I realized it, her eyes caught mine. "You're going to tell me the truth, Michelle. I hear you have a special ring. Is this true?"
Yes. It turns me into a raven. My eyes widened. It's like the words came out before I'd even had a chance to think about whether or not I wanted to say them.
"I have an assignment for you, in that case. You know Mr. Byrne, am I right? Vincent."
Her cold hand touched my cheek, and my heart felt as if it was going to leave my chest. It was kind of awesome, to be honest.
"I know you attempt to... check on him, from time to time, don't you? I want you to continue that, I want you to follow him, at least three times a week, more if he does anything interesting. I will call you every week, and you'll tell me about everything you see. Do you understand?"
Yes, I do. I understand.
"But it's also very important, Michelle, that we keep this hush hush." The cold hand resting on my cheek slowly slid and turned until it was only simply her index finger against my lips. I shivered, but I didn't move until I nodded.
"Until I ask you about what you see, until we speak, you are to forget what you see, and you are to forget anything you tell me. Do you understand? See, report, forget."
See, report, forget... I trailed off.

I looked up to see my face in the bathroom mirror as I washed my hands. God, I hoped my taco salad would be ready soon, I was fucking starving. I left the bathroom and returned to my seat, where I found the salad waiting for me, and Paul with a confused look on his face.
"Dude, Shell, where the fuck have you been?"
What the fuck are you talking about? I just had to take a piss. Geeze.

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