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[Open] Thief's Thirst

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Re: [Open] Thief's Thirst

Blake Vancel | Vampire; Young

Posted on Thu May 18, 2017 6:45 pm

I wouldn't say it was a complete waste. I said with almost a smile. If I was being honest with myself, I quite enjoyed the conversation and learning much about these two. In my more recent years, I've found myself almost obsessed with the human, or I guess technically beings or creatures for some, psyche and what makes each and every one different and odd. If I had the time and effort to create a fake identity, I would consider going to a real college and study about psychology. All the different life circumstances and obstacles and just being born in a different part of the same country and how all these things factored into a persons self was just astounding to me. Of course I wasn't going to let him go without still owing me a favor. I don't have to do any work and I still get something in return? I'm making out like a thief.

Michelle, not at all! I softened my features and smiled, At the very least, you are the most interesting person here. That was something I meant too. Though maybe my drinking tonight might had made me too nice towards these two. It was too late to care about how I was supposed to act and what I was supposed to do.

I drifted in and out of the conversation between the two. I was lightly swaying to the music when the words "show you" perked my attention. What? Are you seriously going to do that here? I was trying very hard to not attract too much attention to myself, but I guess nobody else would have gotten that memo. It's not like they were the ones who spent weeks if not months planning this heist. The static ball was still impressive though, and seeing why he did it, smooth as hell. As soon as the lights returned to normal, I leaned in and whispered as quietly as I could, What are doing? Are you crazy?!

Oh God, this is such a mess. I knew it wouldn't take time before security would figure out what caused the outage, though I didn't think it would actually be Drew Avrett. Didn't he have some groupies to entertain? Michelle acted so confident as she flirted with him, I almost didn't want to interrupt. I was running out of time though, and being kicked out would make my job difficult. I slinked up out of my chair, clicking my fangs into place. They're with me. I realized I needed to dial it back so I put on my sweetest, most innocent voice, We don't want any trouble. placing one hand on the back of Michelle's chair, I put my other up to my face, pouting my lips and widening my eyes in worry, Besides, this is a new dress and it'd be a real shame for someone to mess it up. I said as I lightly tightened my elbows in, causing my breasts to push together. I figured I might as well follow Michelle's lead, I didn't want a fight, but I was willing to go there if needed.

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Re: [Open] Thief's Thirst

Malakai Greenmantle III | Warlock; Elementalist

Posted on Fri May 26, 2017 1:43 am

Knew who he was without the introduction. Not because I was a Laudanum fan but due to the fact I did research on customers. Especially those that didn’t bother with haggling. That always indicated either one of two things. They had money to burn or the items they were sending to me, or asking for were more important than trying to get a better bargain. Daron Wynyard was one of those customers. I hadn’t done business with him for a number of years and had never directly spoken to him, rather to his manager Veronica Versalies. Who had oddly asked me to call her VeeVee during a skype discussion about enchantments to be used for concerts. She was possibly trying to flirt in order to barter without directly doing so. Which also meant that she hadn’t been given direct instructions to actually do so. I was about to open my mouth and attempt to get myself and the girls out of the sticky situation I’d gotten us into when both of them began trying to help. This was the very reason why I had asked Michelle not to go seeking Warlocks. Though I would have also included Vampires and Wolves onto the statement if I had thought I had any legs to stand on. Had to admit, it had a substantial grounding in jealousy because she was flirting, though I wanted to believe it had more to do with what she was flirting with. Who are you? I’ve never seen you before in my life. Drew growled at Blake who had the right idea. Without name dropping, however, it was probably going to fall on deaf ears. But you….you could convince me otherwise. Drew gripped my shoulder. He had to know now after Michelle’s comment about me trying to impress her that I was going to have a very big problem with that comment.

“Malakai Sebastian Greenmantle the Third. While I can’t prove that Mr Wynyard gave me permission to play Magician we are acquainted.” Drews fingernails dug deeply into the flimsy fabric of my shirt. Was pulling out my best self-entitled rich boy voice. Thickly accented in British high class and heavily articulated. He clearly wasn’t buying it. “Or should I say Veronica and I are.” Veronica’s dead. He was blunt. Good to know. Would have to make an effort to update that client contact. If Daron wasn’t sticking around I wouldn’t pass up the chance to regain him as an avid customer. “I doubt that Mr Wynyard would be pleased if you killed someone who had provided magical means to impress his audiences.” And you’re under the impression that I give five fucks about what my Maker will be impressed with. “Then I don’t understand why we are having a conversation about me disrupting his party.” There was a pause. Drews fingers released from my shoulder. You make a good point Warlock but she stays with me. He leaned over me and reached out towards Michelle. In no way, in any version of this universe was I going to let that happen. How was I getting myself into these messes? Glancing down at my ridiculous outfit, the over to Blake and then to Michelle, I knew exactly why. I was trying to impress the girl I’d met in a music store. She was everything I was normally not. Sure I could get a bit bananas with Dom and Will but I always had this lingering attachment to presenting myself somewhat professionally.

“No deal.” Shoving my hand up under his chin I sent a sharp jolt of energy right into his skull. Humans stood atop their own predatory pyramid, above all beasts, but it was not the same for the occult. We existed as part of a very clear, circle. Vampires desired Wolf. Wolf the blood of Fae and I wouldn’t say I had a particular genetic predisposition to dislike Vampires, it didn’t mean I wouldn’t take advantage of balance. This was just one of those moments. Sorry, not sorry Mr Avrett. “And we are out of here.” Disrupting electrical transmissions to Drew’s brain was only going to last so long. Everything about a Vampires physical state suggested statis. There were pulses from brain to limbs and the fact they didn’t need blood flow in order to function meant they were easily manipulated by direct energy influxes. I was not a Necromancer, thank God, but that meant my ability to power down a Vampire was limited. Effective only in the short term. “And by we, I mean us, because you just offered yourself as a buffet treat so I’m not leaving you here Michelle.” Before she could protest I slapped a hand on my chest to infuse myself with Earth Magick. Wasn’t doing it because she looked heavy. I’d just had been slacking on working out in recent months in favour of partying so I didn’t want to drop her before we had made it to my car. Grabbing her swiftly up into my arms feeling a grin come to my face at how this looked and well…felt, I gave Blake a nod. “Nice meeting you Blake. You might want to make yourself scarce.”

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Re: [Open] Thief's Thirst

Michelle Hawke | Human; Citizen

Posted on Sun May 28, 2017 8:27 pm

I don't expect this post to keep the thread going, no need for replies. I just, had something to say lol.

Random shit made me shy as fuck. I could kiss and almost fuck someone I’d just met, but when a goddamn vampire called me interesting, I couldn’t even function. I’m pretty sure I just smiled, blushed, and took another drink. Why did I gravitate toward these beings? Why were they nicer to me than they were supposedly to others? Was I that different? Could any creature tell I wasn’t like the rest? And I don’t mean personality. I’m not that full of myself. I just mean, that as much time as I’d spent with vampires and wolves and shit, I should be dead, especially with the fact that something inside me was trying to draw me there anyway.

I had a feeling my charms didn’t work, and instantly I felt a slight sense of dread, like I was going to be in trouble with Kai. Feeling a little fucked, and a lot of dread about the moment if and when we escaped this situation, about the lecture I’d be getting. Then again, I wasn’t the one who had pissed off the vampires by showing magic tricks when it could have waited, was I? Would I say that? Never in a million years. Even then, there was a little more guilt about the idea of Drew. Shit can I just get my claim to fame? That one chance you get to fuck someone famous do you turn it down? I guess you did when your date was on your arm. Shit, who am I kidding? There was another part of me that became slightly giddy at the figurative protective arm Kai threw around me. I shrieked in surprise when he picked me up, but I couldn’t resist my eyes lighting up. I sent a wave and sheepish grin toward Blake before we were gone.

It was one of those moments I would remember, because I could feel that dichotomy within myself. Almost like I’d been ripped away from something I’d needed. The more I thought about it, the more I imagined Drew from Laudanum would have had no reason whatsoever to keep me alive. I could only describe that as the extreme version of missing my flight. But I was feeling something else, too. Something not as deep and pulling as that other feeling, but something just as valid. Could it have been hope?

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