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[Open] Thief's Thirst

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Re: [Open] Thief's Thirst

Malakai Greenmantle III | Warlock; Elementalist

Posted on Wed Apr 12, 2017 12:31 am

Moments like these made me wish there was a spell on hand that could make me deaf for a short time period. Then again I had no idea how that would effect a memory wipe from a Vampire. Since I wouldn’t have heard the very thing Blake was intending on removing, what would exactly happen? Considering options as to how I could avoid hearing whatever it was Michelle was going to say was a testament to how much I really didn’t want to hear it, to only then have it taken from me. Had not expected what came from her lips and I was left…really bloody confused. A single word in the story actually made my stomach twist. Was this why I felt so attracted to her? The fact that this body while actually my own had at one point contained the soul of another?

“Wait.” I was going to forget this?! This of all things?! A possible explanation of why I felt so drawn to her. Wasn’t even going to have the chance to really find out if that’s what this was or whether I just, really liked her. Some star-crossed lovers Shakespearian sonnet made flesh or just me recognizing someone who had at one point shared a body. “Shit” Spitting out the swear word even though I was usually more articulate I ran both hands in frustration through my hair. “Are you even going to tell me this later?” Exasperated, my eyes wide, I searched Michelle’s face. I was going to have to hope that maybe we would become close enough that she would. She was saying it so casually that maybe it would come up in conversation at some point but did I really want to risk it?

“Dammit….” Any composure I’d had was thrown out the window. I’d never spoken to anyone about what it had been like. My particular issues with Necromancers and what they were able to do. For the first time ever I felt like I was looking at someone who I actually felt might be safe to talk to about it. Who might understand? Not to mention I wanted to know what it felt like to be in a body that technically wasn’t hers. Since Blake was hesitating my mind was left to go wild. Trying not to be a weird creeper and hit on girls too young for advances when in reality Michelle’s soul was so far into pedophile territory that neither Dom nor Will would ever take that tainted crown from me. The fact she would probably be an overflowing font of energy that might be causing me to release any control I had over my unruly second element. “Me, you’re wiping me first….why are you giving me time to think about this?” Groaning I leaned directly over the table to stare Blake right in the eyes giving myself up willingly even though I now wished I could take it all back. A deal was a deal.

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Re: [Open] Thief's Thirst

Michelle Hawke | Human; Citizen

Posted on Tue Apr 18, 2017 1:28 am

I wondered how much of my view of the world was altered by my…. Well my origin story. Men, women, children who were born and had time to adapt - maybe in a small way it was a flaw. They’d adapted to this strange world in a way that kept a blind eye toward the abnormal. Was that why I was so immersed in it? Was that why I knew from experience that the real world was easily stranger than fiction? I couldn’t hide the smile any time I realized that I was in the company of others who had experienced that same world.

According to my driver’s license I’m 28. But The first day I remember? Um.. about five years ago? When I woke up in a hospital in Seattle. I relaxed into my seat, pulled my glass to me and wrapped my hands around it. Fuck, I was in the company of “creatures” and I couldn’t have felt more comfortable. I wasn’t human. Not entirely. It’s okay, I’m just - it’s kind of a relief to get it out. I wasn’t sure I’d ever get to tell it without… I don’t know, being taken to the psyche ward. But my attention quickly turned to Kai, seeing as how he was the one who had taken me here, he was the one well - he was the one who currently had me incredibly intrigued in and out of the bedroom.

I didn’t shift, I continued my relaxed posture in my chair and smiled slightly toward him. It would depend on what I knew about you, Kai. My brow raised, The only people who know - well until today - are people who are involved. My um.. I smiled and covered my face, looking down and grinning underneath at just how insane it all was. For the longest time they - well they didn’t know I was their daughter, shit I didn’t either. I didn’t want to talk about the rest. I didn’t want to talk about how I knew. For fucks’ sake, once Shane showed me, I knew it wasn’t a trick. It felt like puzzle pieces finally falling into place to complete a picture. I met Kai’s eyes, I’ll just say, the way you… believe me - I hope I’ll tell you.

I had been calm, I had been relieved, but I had never expected this. I don’t know why - I’d thought about the “would I be believed or not” part, but not about, positive versus negative reaction. Shit, this was neither? It was - anxious?

Wait! Should i be a softie? Shit, I wanted someone to know who would believe me, didn’t I?

You um… fuck. You can wipe me. Just me, I said, looking at Blake then returning my gaze to Kai. I mean, if that’s what you want. I don’t know - now I want to know why it um.. Can we at least talk about why you’re unsettled by this?

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