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[Private] Those of a Specific Type

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Re: [Private] Those of a Specific Type

Laurel Davis | Human; Citizen

Posted on Mon Apr 17, 2017 8:57 pm

I stood up straighter as I actually felt my body regaining strength. I felt rejuvenated, despite the horrible wound that I'd had just moments before. It was completely inappropriate, but Ben looked so good to me, in a way that I couldn't explain. An image of how I'd seen him flashed into my mind, with his pants down. God, I felt strange thinking about that after nearly dying, but my gaze was still drawn to his body, regardless. Truthfully, there'd always been something irritable about Ben to me, but now whatever it was was increased tenfold.

His words brought me back to the maze and to reality. Yeah, I think we were going that way, I said, starting to follow him through the maze, mind reeling. Whatever it was that had been attacking us just moments ago was gone, but I could still hear not-Deirdre's voice in my mind. It rattled around, with a mix of images of her and Ben. I couldn't chase my thoughts of him from his mind, no matter how much I tried.

I was brought out of my thoughts once again by Ben's voice, Side effects? I said, studying him forcing myself to ignore my strange thoughts and to try and think logically about what he was saying. The invincibility of course, and these thoughts. Was that what he was talking about? I was kicking myself for my lack of information about vampires, although I'd never expected to be drinking vampire blood. Wasn't it the other way around anyway? I guess I hadn't known about its healing properties, but still it seemed very backwards and I had thought that it was rather repulsive although I realized that now I did not feel so repulsed by it even as the logical side of me screamed that I should be.

I looked down at my arm to see that he was right. It was mostly healed and closing right before my eyes in a way that was obviously not natural. I was both horrified and fascinated. I couldn't find it in me to be angry at Ben, although once again my rational side fought with my emotions to no avail.

As we walked, it was as if the world came back into focus. Being in the maze had felt as if we were in another realm, and now it seemed as though we had returned. Whatever horrors that had attacked us seemed to be gone, and I could see the house getting closer as we walked. It seemed like ages since we'd gone into the maze, although it was still dark out. I had no watch or cell phone on me that I could use to check the time so it was impossible to know how much time had actually passed, but I wouldn't have been surprised if we came out and found that no time had passed at all.

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Re: [Private] Those of a Specific Type

Benjamin Reese | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Fri Apr 21, 2017 3:04 am

Mm, there it was. Even if it wasn't real, it was enough to make it real eventually - I learned that with Sofia. I painted myself as completely oblivious to her gaze, knowing when to be cocky and when to step back and just let it simmer. That was something I was learning to enjoy about what I was - my mind had shifted very easily to my wants and desires once I was out of a "dangerous" situation. It was almost like it didn't happen and anything like PTSD was not even in my dictionary. Some fucked up thing happened and now it would be nothing more to me than a bad trip. It already was. I almost wished that I could have experienced the in-between myself. Would feeding on our blood do the same to humans? Would my blood make Laurel get over this more quickly or would it just give her nightmare an even more surreal spark?

She took the bait and I was more than happy to deliver an explanation. I quickly appeared in front of her, my index finger landing under her chin and raising it so that her eyes met mine. Dreams, Laurel. My eyes dropped, looking down her body and back up - surely it was a perk of my kind but the blood stains and wear and tear of the evening did nothing to curb my physical attraction for her. Simply put- we're gonna fuck, and it'll seem so real, but sadly it'll just be a dream. I let my arm drop and I backed away a couple steps, but I didn't hide the grin on my face. Even if I did, strategically hide my fangs. She was no Noelle, not yet anyway. The site of fangs wasn't going to have her squirming in her panties yet. But you still have my number, right? I mean, in case you like what you see. I was jealous, honestly. I wanted to know what it was like - was it in effect yet? Would she still hate me inside but have an urge like a chemical dependency? Maybe it was how I felt with Noelle, which was actually indescribable. I loved her, I hated her, I wanted to make love to her, I wanted to fuck her. I wanted to kill her, I wanted to worship her. It consumed me yet I loved every minute of it.

I partially hoped I disgusted her right now. Wouldn't it be perfect, the psychological aspect of it even if it was subtle. To be repulsed by someone then have dreams that made you need them? But the way she looked at me, it was anyone's guess. Yes, I had to do this more. Sofia wasn't enough experience and even now I was questioning every second. I wanted to know with Laurel - she wasn't a lab rat. She wasn't just an experiment. For some reason, this was more important than that. I had started walking again, and finally the gate to the maze was there.

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