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[Open] For a Few Demons More

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Re: [Open] For a Few Demons More

Noelle Faye Benson | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Sat Oct 29, 2016 1:37 am

IMAGE LINK: Dress, Makeup, & Hair

The color of Noelle's dress is an in between of gold, and rose gold. She is wearing absolutely nothing underneath of her dress except for a very slim pair of plain nude panties which match her skintone perfectly. Any NSFW bits are perfectly hidden by the embellishments on her dress. She is not wearing any jewelry except for her simple and thin gold/rose gold daylight ring, and her pumps are classic pointed toe, with a perfectly matching, metal, gold/rose gold stiletto heel, and plated toe.

Her hair is long, but not obnoxiously long, and extends just a tad below the center of her back, and will always be pushed behind her, exposing her neck and more importantly, keeping her dress completely free of any long strands which would hide it. Noelle's hair is jet black, thick, straight, and all one length, parted directly in the center, and the ends are cut blunt in a perfectly horizontal line, unlike the image.

Her nails are natural, long, and filed into a perfect ''coffin'' shape. [Google is your friend.] They are painted in a matte nude color. - Her eye shadow matches her dress perfectly, both in it's shiny appearance and gold/rose gold color, however is only reflective at certain angles. Her false eyelashes however, are not as thick as pictured, long and thick enough to bring a nice contrast to the color of her eyes, but not nearly as ridiculous as the image. She is sporting a subtle gold/rose gold highlight on her cheek bones and simple duo toned matte neutral-with-a-hint-of-mauve lip [in which the upper lip is a tiny bit darker than the lower].

Noelle has a medium/warm tan, probably only a tiny-tad lighter than the girl pictured in her ''makeup reference pic''. And most importantly, I'm sorry I play such a vain and beauty obsessed character that long ass descriptions of her appearance are necessary lol. --- And the dialogue at the end is directed at both of you OOC, as well as your characters lol. ---- AND ONE LAST THING, I might only post her in this thread a couple of times before sending her out to mingle. It just didn't make sense for her to arrive and not seek out Gayle first.

Translation: My maker... I missed you more than the sun at night and stars by day...

Upon nearing the entrance, I made myself a little mental checklist. Mr. Harrison would arrive precisely one hour after I, and stay visible, but not approach Gayle, Ben if he was here, or myself. He was an obedient little man, which instantly made him incredibly boring. However I had very little expectations for him from the beginning. I would of course need to break the news eventually, but assuming Benjamin would actually show up, and wouldn't be receptive, I had to at least give myself an hour of fun before family drama painted the evening black.

For now, I wasn't going to hang my hopes on the flimsy hanger that was Benjamin's possible appearance. I had no time for vague wishes and dreams, not while my maker was a certainty. I'd dreamt of nothing but her in the days leading up to the event anyway, she had consumed me. And while I had many high expectations for the evening, there was nothing higher than simply being able to look upon her face in person. And as my feet carried me through the threshold, that image nearly sent me barreling in blind. ''Good eve-'' I brought up my hand, with a friendly smile of course. I was not rude, I was just important. You can inform Daron that his date has arrived. My eyes trailed off, taking in the grand entrance and all of it's artwork. If only I had the patience to stay and look, I did so enjoy beautiful things. But unfortunately, someone far more beautiful was waiting for me inside, and I had no time to waste.

I desperately wanted to take in the scene. To feed, to mingle, to dance, it all sounded so divine. But unfortunately, not a single ounce of my focus and time could be spent on festivities until I saw my maker. One could compare my desire for her to an addiction, but it was so much more. How tragic it was that I could not put it into words, the bond of maker and progeny. I was certain if someone could, it would be the most beautiful poetry ever written. Even without artistic intention. Art, something that had been the going theme for the evening. True, some had come in fashion atrocities. I was surprised Daron had not appointed someone with taste at the door to decline entrance to any that looked as though they were attending a high school Halloween dance. It was appalling to think my maker would have to look upon such grotesque expressions of style. Luckily, it was hardly important when I felt her presence, and my eyes navigated to where she stood.

How terrible it was, to desire to look upon her, but desire to stand beside her all at once. I was torn, wanting to rush to her side but also wanting to just absorb her with my eyes. The battle lasted for all of fifteen seconds before I rushed to her in a blur of speed, stopping just in front of her, unsurprisingly, to the side of Daron as well. Moy sozdatel'... YA skuchal po tebe bol'she, chem solntse noch'yu i dnem ​​zvezd... I shook my head, clearly overwhelmed. You look... Beautiful... My eyebrows curled up in sadness over our long time apart, and gratitude for the moment we were getting to share now. I tried to hold back, to maintain some level of class, but I couldn't. I threw my arms around her neck and hugged as tightly as I could, eyes closed. And then... Eyes shooting open. Daron. I whispered as I released and took a step back. I am... Sorry for intruding, on the both of you. I simply could not wait.

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Re: [Open] For a Few Demons More

Gayle Shaffer | Vampire; Ancient

Posted on Sun Oct 30, 2016 8:54 am

Translation: My feelings are the same, but it is worth the feeling that comes over me when you are finally near.

My head turned for a look and my body quickly followed and I now took a closer look at my… what was he? A fan? A suitor? As experienced as I was with this world I couldn’t figure just what it was he wanted from me. I would certainly have to be cautious in my responses, in my offers to him. It was a careful balance I had to keep, because oh how I hated to lie. But I wasn’t above winning over the easily swayed which included his fanbase. Likely I would have to make a lot of sacrifices if I wanted to avoid the disaster The Supremacy was attempting to befall on the lot of us. And you, sir, are an intriguing sight. But I have to ask; why all of this? Surely you didn’t spend my time away pining for my return? I accompanied the question with a toothless grin, unassuming so that it could be taken as mere banter if need be.

A pair in white caught my eye, standing together, attempting whispers, but it wasn’t their words I was paying attention to. They both wore white dresses, not something I necessarily would have chosen for myself but something I appreciated them wearing. Lately I never considered myself a sexual being, however I could always delight in the “perverse” being open for display. Certain taboos being broken in plain sight always gave my smile an extra boost, and I was tempted to be flattered by the choice of their dress code. It wasn’t unknown that I myself rarely turned down a fashion choice due to what it did or didn’t cover, and it was possible this was a nod to said fact, but then again, Daryl? Daron! Daron was a celebrity who probably enjoyed surrounding himself with exposed attractive people. I almost hoped that a few of them would be here who weren’t so exhibitionist. I wanted to see the nervous ones, the ones who felt exposed and vulnerable. I rarely had the time or motivation to “play with my food” but I found myself missing it. Perhaps tonight was the night to make time for things neglected.

Speaking of hunger, I’m enjoying the clothing you’ve chosen to present dinner. A quick smile, aimed at the two who had now stopped whispering and now stood transfixed, staring at the two of us. Their dresses were pure white meaning they had been untouched. I never cared much for leftovers. Care to- But I stopped, the feeling that my progeny was near had taken over as I felt a wave of the closest thing I had to warmth surrounding me. She comes, I whispered. And as slowly as time passed for me, it seemed to simply crawl until the moment she was beside me again. My chest swelled as I heard those beautiful words in Russian tongue escape her lips. I barely paid attention to the words, I was simply thankful that the gifts I had given Noelle she did not take lightly. Our travels together had brought her even more than I’d hoped - a chance to reconnect with her roots (at the risk of putting it in such cliche terms). A chance to strengthen the culture she had and to build on to it.

Moi chuvstva takiye zhe, no eto stoit chuvstvo, chto prikhodit ko mne, kogda vy, nakonets, ryadom. Embarrassing, as a maker, my dialect was terrible and it was something I decided at that moment I would work to improve for her. My fingertips grazed her cheek, her chin, her neck, as if I were blind and I was determined to memorize her face by touch. You cannot know beauty until you gaze into a mirror, my love. Please do not apologize. As easy as it would be to spend my time appreciating my choice for progeny, the perfection that she was for me, and hopefully I her, I had to keep up appearances as they say. These social things were over so quickly, and while I had still a lingering ounce of irritation at this whole thing, I could never be considered an ingrate. There was much to be enjoyed here, and now the luxuries could be shared with those closest to me. Speaking of which, it hadn’t slipped past me that Noelle was not accompanied by Ben, a fact that both disturbed me and saddened me for her. I didn’t understand how one could not be fixated on her with or without the precious bond shared by a vampire and their maker. Either he was detained - or he was simply not worth our time.

Have the two of you eaten?

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Re: [Open] For a Few Demons More

Daron Wynyard | Vampire; Young

Posted on Wed Nov 02, 2016 1:19 am

“Not the entire time, but you crossed my mind often. I may be intoxicated but you haven’t quite taken me over just yet.” She had an air about her that I didn’t quite remember. Time did have a nasty habit of dulling bright colors into grey but in this instance I felt as if she stood with far more purpose. Hard at work? With what? What deceitful plan did she have stored in that graceful head of hers? How could I ensnare myself in it? Questions that I was going to ravenously seek answers for. Being alone in her presence was short lived. I should have been interested in observing the bond between Maker and Progeny in this instance, for future reference but a pain clutched at my chest at the way Gayle turned her attentions to my late arriving date. All I managed to really collect into my brain was that I needed to take a crash course in Russian. Having the two able to speak in a language I couldn’t understand could be problematic.

Pretending to respectfully turn away from the sight of the two embracing my eyes widened in confusion. I felt….jealous? I knew what the emotion felt like, remembered it. Experiencing it since becoming a Vampire had been rare and brief. This was, intense and directed at both Gayle and Noelle. A sensation that ate apart my insides, as if maggots were chewing at my heart. Nothing about it made any sense. I envied in a way that strong unbreakable sire bond but it’s not like I had spent enough time with my own offspring to strengthen one myself. I didn’t want to rip them apart. In fact I wanted both of them. Why be a Prince, or a King when I’ll make you a God. Her voice. The confusion melted, my expression sliding back into self-assured calm. You are mine.

Turning back towards the women I tilted my head taking in Noelle from head to toe, a smile transforming my lips. “Of course there is no reason to apologize, I was awaiting your arrival in fact, guests were wondering where my date was.” Holding out my arm for Noelle to latch onto I flicked an eyebrow up in challenge to her. She had agreed to accompany me if she hadn’t needed to return the sheriffs blood doll after our private party. Though I suspected he was on the warpath, seeking my head, Noelle had gotten to completely enjoy her prize, regardless of the potential harm it might cause me.

“I have, but tonight is designed for gluttony.” Curling a finger to one of the girls eagerly watching us I flicked my head up, motioning to the tree behind her. She plucked a fruit and moved towards us, swaying her hips seductively holding it out in front of her. “Dining comes in many forms, none have been compelled. Some..” I curled my fingers in the dolls hair tugging sharply enough to make her yelp. “..have no idea what they are getting themselves into.” Laudanum had made sure we tailored to all tastes. It was not the first time we had hosted a party on this scale. The importance of this one cast a dark shadow over the rest however. “If you’re looking for something more….explosive.” I took the apple from the girls hands lightly squeezing it to show that while it appeared from a distance to be solid, it was in fact a tightly filled blood bag. “Having connections in Covens comes in handy.” It was warm. I’d spent a pretty penny on blood from virgins, witches, and lesser wolves. If only Lilith had given me time to drain some from the Alpha. “Not that I would recommend these if you wish to keep your dresses pristine…but later on in evening perhaps?” Giving Gayle a wicked grin I held out the apple for her to inspect.

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Re: [Open] For a Few Demons More

Noelle Faye Benson | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Thu Nov 03, 2016 5:57 am

The moment could have been described in a lyrical fashion, one I would have gladly spoken without reluctance had we been alone. Unfortunately, some of what I wanted to say to Gayle just didn't coordinate well with my date and everything he represented. But I so looked forward to stealing her away when the moment was right. And it came as no surprise to me that I felt nothing for them standing together. My dates interest in my maker just didn't stand out when finally in her presence, and feeling the place I had in her life, a place he could never take. Funny, I'd thought competing with my maker for the affections of a man would have been a complicated concept, as it turned out, competing with him for my makers affections had taken priority, for now. And it was a competition he would never win.

I had no intentions of diminishing my date, however. While finally gaining the opportunity to set eyes on one of the two most important beings in my life had been an indescribable sensation, seeing Daron at her side made me realize one essential fact. He was likely the most important man here, and she, the most important woman. With him, I was his date, and with her, I possessed a bond no one could out match. One could easily come to the conclusion that by sheer association, and of course a little class, confidence, and beauty, I was a member of their elite club as well. It was unlike me to make comparisons between my importance, and those surrounding me, because nearly all of the time that crown sat beautifully atop my head. It was only when my maker was at my side when comparisons were necessary.

Gayle's compliment cued me to do a turn, not just for her, but for my date as well, letting them get a full three-sixty view. And of course, as I nearly turned back to my original position, my arm casually linked to his. And you, Daron, look positively delicious. I do apologize for my late arrival. I may not have explained to Gayle that I had agreed to come as Daron's date, however I was certain it came as no surprise to her. She knew just how frequently the man linked on my arm could change. Oh, how delightful. I do hope there's time for lust and greed as well. They are the best of the seven deadly sins after all. I smiled confidently, my tone practically giddy.

Daron had outdone himself, and his reward was not just the compliment I had given him on his appearance, even if that was a compliment of the highest appreciation one could get out of me. I was intrigued, having a variety of willing, unwilling, and of course fast food was quite generous. However generosity meant nothing to me when it was apparently thrown around like loose change for a hobo. I knew it was a party, and entertainment was the goal. But I had no interest in feeding vampires that were better suited for the environment at Poison. A place in which they could acquire all of the blood whores they wanted. Once again, a catered perception that was only fueled by the presence of my maker. Isn't he just positively creative? I looked to Gayle as I practically claimed him for my own, placing my hand onto his chest as he offered her the first taste. Unknowingly seeking her approval of my date at the same time. Even if I hadn't seen him as anything more than a temporary toy, I couldn't help myself.

A sinking feeling in my stomach broke my attention away from my company. I'd had this particular feeling once before, but I couldn't exactly pinpoint where it was coming from, not until now. Ben. What a complicated and difficult decision I was now faced with. To risk even more rudeness among Daron and Gayle in favor of the other most important person in my life? But I could feel him. I had done nothing but search for him in his absence, and now I knew, something was wrong and that feeling had been him. I placed my hand lightly over my stomach, worry in my eyes as I looked to my maker, and my date. Leaving to follow that feeling, one that felt near, and returning for dessert was an option. One I had to entertain. As intriguing as that sounds, I should let you two catch up while I go inform my progeny that I've arrived. I will, of course return. I couldn't even wait for a reaction, before a human breath could even be exhaled, I was gone.

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Re: [Open] For a Few Demons More

Gayle Shaffer | Vampire; Ancient

Posted on Wed Nov 09, 2016 9:03 pm

If I didn't want something from him the poor attempt at a challenge wouldn't work. And I wasn't an idiot; I knew many of the women here would absolutely love for him to challenge them such. My dignity would suffer none by throwing a few bones to the lad, although I might let them land with a hint of ambiguity. My fingertips grazed his neck, pulling slightly up at his chin, my lips curling up in a toothless grin. I consider that a good thing, Daron, I'd rather be present when you become intoxicated. It's much more fun that way.

I found it strange, but not entirely surprising that Noelle was here with Daron. It had quickly settled the idea that perhaps he was only her date because she knew he was wanted by so many. I'd missed the part of me who had the energy, the time to play with others that way. I wasn't above it, in fact, I felt it was more of a hobby that had sat in an attic for a few years. Now that I had Noelle, I had plenty reason to boast, but I realized I would rather spend my time enjoying her. Because she had simply developed into more than a threadbare prize, she was made of platinum, he was a shiny trinket that easily caught the eye but was boring once obtained. Useful, but boring. I marveled at Noelle as she turned, as if I had actually created everything about her. I could hardly remember who she was before I came into her life, and sometimes I wanted her to remind me.

I find sloth is the only one I'm not overly fond of, however if the others are promised I'm sure we'll all have a fantastic night. Not a lie, my meals for the last week had barely counted as fast food. It would be difficult to push my agenda to the side for tonight, and I didn't promise myself that I would once I'd had my fill of fun for the evening. Lilah had begged me to let go, insisting that things wouldn't change in one night. So as much as possible, I looked forward to the celebration. What are you saying, Daron? I picked up on the tremor in the hand that held the apple and it positively delighted me. You mean to tell me that some of these ladies might have a little fight in them? I recognized a familiar surge of sadism rise in my chest and my fangs were now glistening in my smile. My eyes didn't leave hers as I removed the apple from Daron's hand, hopefully diminishing any ounce of relief the apple might have given her. Wouldn't it be a shame if it was this easy to find the dish with the perfect amount of fear? It had been so long since I'd really given in to my true nature - I wanted to work for it again.

Very nice, I said, casually, glancing at the apple, then back to my company. Oh, that's for certain, My Daron oozes creativity. And then I realized something very bittersweet about Noelle - the fact that she hadn't yet mastered the ability to hide her emotions. At least not from me, if she ever would be able to. Although, I wasn't sure she was even attempting to hide anything about her reaction. I was even tempted to follow her, sensing distress, but I knew where Ben was concerned I wasn't exactly welcome - yet. Instead, only missing one little beat, mind you, I leaned my head to the side, raising my brows in a suggestive expression toward Daron. Just us, then? Where shall we go? If Daron's statement was true, that tonight was for gluttony, then I decided I would at least take this particular lady for a test drive. I approached her, my eyes roaming her body, fingers tracing down from her cheek, to her neck, my hand spreading out over her bare breasts. This was not for my own gratification, but to make a statement to her that she was a product, an object to be examined for quality. Similar to the reason behind any sexual behavior in my feeding - the emotion elicited in my prey.  A blend of arousal, fear and confusion. I didn't understand Ursula's desires one bit - we were already superior, and the advances my people were going to provide would be all the change we needed. Privacy is optional, I spoke as my fingers now explored between her thighs through the thin fabric of the dress. I don't mind a few spectators.

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