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 [Closed] Bloody Preperations

[Closed] Bloody Preperations

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[Closed] Bloody Preperations

Daron Wynyard | Vampire; Young

Posted on Sun Oct 23, 2016 12:08 am

Thread Details
The Van Garrett Mansion | Light Rain | Midnight

“I told you, I haven’t told anyone about the bloody wolf.” Pacing in Henry Van Garretts ornate study while the owner lay slumped, unmoving in his armchair, I angrily snarled into my cellphone. The statement wasn’t true, I had mentioned the blonde puppy but at least it wasn’t to Ursula, the one person who would relish the information. “So sorry that I had no idea that you had big plans.” Holding my hand over the receiver I tilted my head to my unconscious benefactor. “Can you believe this guy?” Grinning nefariously I felt something dribble down over my lip. Touching my fingers beneath my nose tainted them red. Bleeds. I hadn’t gone to ground yet having to deal with organizing this damned party in Noelle’s impossible time-frame. The house would often shake with sounds of construction in the basement. Crews of men I was paying and arm and a leg for were working overtime. Compulsion was outside my abilities having been already drained dealing with various other human components.
“Now you want a favor? What’s in this for me?” I listened intently to the reply now settling myself down into the grand leather armchair at the antique mahogany desk. “You’ve got to be kidding me, I team up with a creature like you and you’ll get the Supremacy off my back?” I paused while pulling one of the desk drawers out, brightening when I found a box of expensive cigars. “I don’t want to be free for a day or two, it has to be forever.” Putting one of the brown sticks between my teeth I grabbed the gold plated lighter next to it and lit the end. There was a trick to smoking when you had no breath. It had taken me fifty years to perfect the illusion. I’d been an intense smoker in life, I hadn’t wanted death to rip that luxury from me. Now I didn’t have to be concerned with lung cancer either. Laughing around the cigar I pulled it from my lips. “That'll be the fucking day.”
Henry was rousing. Soon he would get to see the world through new eyes. He had to be the oldest progeny I had ever made but would probably be the richest. I’d always turned humans with a pattern in mind. It was the last of my own mortal OCD issues. This batch were chosen primarily because they aided me in some way. Alyssa had a haunting voice. She secured a market for my band that had previously been out of reach as I had been the only vocalist. Henry was a bank. Plain and simple. Leaning forward through a cloud of smoke I watched blood drip from my nose onto the wood of the desk. “Fine, you can call on me to do your dirty work but mark my words, I’ll rip your heart out through your mouth if you forget me in your rise to power.” Ending the call I angrily dropped the phone and waved the cigar around.

“Get up Henry, we have work to do, I have a Queen to welcome.” After a much needed nap.

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