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 [Closed] No place is safe

[Closed] No place is safe

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[Closed] No place is safe

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Thu Oct 20, 2016 1:21 am

The room was cold, nearly void of light. One long beam burning through the dark, painting light over my red, raw eyes. Smoke from my cigarette danced it's way into long sheets of swirling fog as it met the sun. My lips dry, cracked. Dehydrated from my incessant desire to replace water with whiskey, vodka, anything with potency for the past two days.

I awoke, buried alive in my dreams. I could feel it in my bones, like my entire being was vibrating with an infection. I could feel it on my skin, the sun setting my skin on fire. I could feel it in my mind... My eyes shot open at the sound of a voice, a whisper from within my room. ''Vincent.'' Her voice so swift, the whisper so sharp, I couldn't tell if I'd heard it in my sleep... Or if it was a part of a dream.

The ring, firmly gripped between my thumb and index finger. I held it up to the beam of light, rolling it from side to side, head cocked as I looked at it curiously. Don't. ''Put it on.'' My legs stretched out comfortably at the sound of her voice in my ear, her pale arm slithering down my chest as it had before. I sunk into her touch, head tilting back, but eyes closed. I wasn't allowed to see. ''No, you're not.'' How did you know what I was... Thinking... My voice trailed off, losing interest as I took in her scent. She smelled of forest, trees. ''I'm inside you.'' You're inside... My eyes widened and I dropped the ring, recoiling from where it landed. I stared at it on the floor, curiosity and rage, side by side, consuming any fear I'd felt for that brief moment. I found myself slinking out off of the couch, drawn to it, I needed it. I needed her.

A knock at my door had me quickly reaching for the thing and shoving it into my pocket as I traveled to the door. Clarity very slowly seeping in... Not fast enough. I looked through the peep hole, throwing myself against the wall to slide down in the corner, as if it was two sided. ''Onyx?'' I held my breath. ''Onyx... I know you're there I heard you... I can smell you... When was the last time you took a shower?'' My eyes closed tight. ''Seriously Onyx, let me in, I'll be quick, I just need to tell you something. It's important!'' I heard her foot stomp down and tapping of her toes. ''I swear to God Onyx, I'll go around back... Or bust the door down, which one would you prefer?''

''Let her in.'' That voice again, swift, sharp, a command.

I got up to my feet and opened the door, avoiding eye contact as I moved back to my position on the couch, comfortable with one arm resting over the arm rest. Slouching, leaned back, and eyes straight ahead, unblinking. ''Jesus...'' Camille coughed, I could sense her arm waving through the air. ''How many of those things have you smoked-'' She paused, rushing forward to pick up the cigarette off the floor... How did that get there? ''You wanna burn your house down?'' She asked as she carried it to the kitchen, still talking. ''I just wanted to tell you I did what you asked... I didn't say anything, but I did run into that friend of yours? Luxx? You really should be careful around her.'' I heard the sink shut off and the lid to the trash can lift up before I sensed her presence back in the room. ''I also need that blood... Rosina needs it now if we want to make sure everything is lined up for the ritual so... You uh...'' I could sense unease filling her tone. ''Onyx?''

''Don't give it to her.''

I looked to Camille, body as still as a statue, but my eyes traveled straight to hers, already glowing. No. I smirked. ''No?'' She frowned, her expression then morphing into one of concern. ''Wait... Is it...'' She took a step back.

''Don't let her leave.''

I stood up, fast, taking a step towards her, and thereafter, every one step back, I took two steps forward until she was up against the wall. ''Onyx, no. Look at me. It's not real? Just...'' The next command was a feeling. I knew exactly what I needed to do, because the face in front of me wasn't Camille, it was her...

I was finally allowed to look...

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