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 [Closed] To be done with finesse

[Closed] To be done with finesse

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[Closed] To be done with finesse

Gayle Shaffer | Vampire; Ancient

Posted on Thu Oct 13, 2016 8:39 pm

Thread Details
Greenwich, England | Misty rain | Sometime during the night

To help set the scene.

Wasn't it something how a simple thing like time could change in an entirety the way you saw the world? I had noticed hours earlier during the sunset that it wasn't such a stark contrast. The skyscrapers in the distance didn't give the impression of a land colonized by galactic aliens as they had during the night. At one time not so long ago, I'd thought about reserving Ogma's work for only those closest to me. This simple scene changed my mind. Some embraced the long enduring twin-like structures of the University, or even times prior to, and some embraced the ever changing neon in the distance. Because of my enlightened view, I now had a deep appreciation for the braided relationship between evolution and solidarity.

The dull roar of conversation in the dining hall had left me pondering these thoughts, wondering how long it had been for those I'd shared the room. Some of them, in spite of the power that emanated from them, were obviously young. I watched their fingers, I heard the squeak as their fingers grazed the glasses, sopping up the last remnants of blood as if licking dessert from a plate. Hundreds of guests, and you wouldn't have known they were vampires like me. The glasses of blood simply appeared as (albeit viscous) red wine, and their plates - quite rare meat which happened to be the spleens of quite a few humans. Sometimes, it was nice to be able to recreate that long lost art of mastication and swallowing things solid. A throwback, if you will.

I tapped my fork against my glass, now standing up as the large group quieted for me. It was time to plead my case, even if I did feel as if I was begging children for help.

I cannot thank you enough for coming tonight, and for arriving with such haste. I can only hope the lovely dinner somewhat makes your travels worth the effort if you've decided you're not interested in what I have to say. I walked around to the front of my own table, at the head of the dining hall. I threw away my mental notes I'd prepared the night before, as what I needed to say was on the cusp of my lips, which barely contained my thoughts.

Any of you who remember enough of your human lives, some of them more recent than others - did you worship a god? A god of whom you heard stories, read sacred texts, prayed to, possibly even killed in the name of? And even if you yourself have not, you cannot deny it's something you've seen. It's something that perhaps has infuriated you, frustrated you, even if you did believe.  You've seen the struggle with humans, you've seen both the blind faith, the blind devotion, all for their lives to crumble into pieces. How many people have you known if not you yourself, who have wanted to meet this god? To tell him what a shit job he's doing? How many people do you think would love for him to reckon for the millions who have died in his name?

As I expected, some looked at each other in confusion, some whispered, but the ones who mattered listened intently.

It's yet another luxury we have that the humans don't. Our 'god' is tangible'. Our god is here, my friends. Now after a brief roar of surprised dialogue, I had their undivided attention.

I hoped that all of you were aware of the risk of coming here tonight. It's true that this meeting... this gathering is not necessarily sanctioned by our Supremacy, and I will explain why.  The Supremacy is our Inquisition. I noticed now that I was pacing, from one end of the room to the other, making my speech as if it had been practiced hundreds of times. Lilith is all but here, and if you think this is a joke then you should think again.

Laughter. Instantly I slung my arm over one of the tables, knocking off the glasses, plates, etc. The loudest of the laughs had come from a young, boyish looking vampire, dressed in blatantly and unapologetically Victorian attire. I felt his jaw crack as I grabbed his chin and pulled his head toward me, but I let go as I had attempted to prepare for this reaction.
Lilah, the screen, please.

The footage might have been hard to watch for some of young ones, entertaining for some of the elders. Ursula, Vincent, and her twisted unnecessary feeding machine. That bitch had been all show, all about her ways of intimidation. I wanted so much for her to be akin to Dorian Grey, to have a way in which I could unleash her age upon her and see her reaction as her face rotted away before her eyes. I know, I know, I was her elder and I would be in much worse shape - but I found her tactic of being the creepy fifteen year old child to be incredibly tasteless.

Lilah stopped the footage, pausing perfectly at a particularly gruesome spot. Most everyone in the room knew of Ursula and what she could do. They knew her face, they knew her rank. The room was silent.

I need your help. I trusted all of you, however, I have accounted for the fact that the Supremacy, if not already, may be alerted of this gathering. I can provide protection, and for those of you who feel the need to... inform them, please feel free.

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Re: [Closed] To be done with finesse

Gayle Shaffer | Vampire; Ancient

Posted on Thu Oct 13, 2016 8:56 pm

My speech was over, and I'd not attempted to account for all who had entered the room. I knew at this point, Ursula would simply laugh at my "attempt" and go on to business. I could be wrong, but I would have adequate warning if I was. I had now returned to my table, arranging the finer points with the elders of the group while some of the younger ones discussed whatever it was they needed to in order to reconcile what they had seen.

"Why was he chosen?"
I don't have all of the answers, Cam, but I will make sure you know what I know. I think what this requires is... I studied what little nonverbal cues I could from the group that had surrounded me, but as I had expected, they were masters at hiding any form of expression. It was something I could do, but as of late I rarely bothered.
A new organization. A new government. Pause, stoic thought, and then slow nods. I'd chosen these elders because I had known through direct and indirect sources, they had their own disagreements with The Supremacy. Details to be discussed later, of course. I smirked, then I rose, again walking the room to address the crowd, my heels hitting the floor now being what drew my new army to attention.

It is decided then. The Supremacy, and Lilith, are to be dealt with. I want to mention, that while the situation is dire, I think some of you know that it is important to me that while this is done, we are not seen as animals. My friends, this takeover is to be done with finesse.

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