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 [Closed] The Return

[Closed] The Return

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[Closed] The Return

Arden Rowe | Wolf; Spiritual Leader

Posted on Wed Oct 12, 2016 4:37 pm

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Arden's House | Overcast | Twilight

I stared mournfully at the layer of dirt that marred the side of my Charger. The trip to Colorado had been difficult for both of us, it seemed. It was a two day trip just to get there. Sparky could be ornery at times, but he had held out for the entirety of the long drive.

It was a long ten months that I had been in Aspen. My father and I hadn't spoken for years when I returned to take care of him. He always got on well with Landon, but, somehow, the responsibility of his care fell to me. It was strange to see someone who I had feared look so weak. Taken down, in the end, by cirrhosis of the liver. He died a bitter old man, and the sad part was that I could see myself in him.

Being away from Index for so long was surprisingly difficult. I had come to miss the pack and all their rowdiness. It had been many moons since I had run with them as a wolf, although I had been sure to spend as much time as possible in my wolf form. If what I'd heard was true, the Index pack was currently missing, possibly... no, probably dead. Tears pricked at my eyes and dripped onto my cheeks, cooled by the chilly evening air.
I was eager to see my brother again, even if he had left my alone with Marcus. He didn't even come to the funeral.

I shouldered the duffel full of dirty clothes and slammed the trunk of my car, palming my keys. I'd only made it to the laundromat in Aspen a handful of times, and I curled my lip at the scent that wafted into my nose. Landon's car was in the drive, suggesting that he was home although I didn't catch his scent as I thought I would.

I walked to the door, casting a quick glance down the block before I tried the handle. I'd sent Landon a handful of unanswered texts regarding my return and was hopeful that he had left the door unlocked for me, but no such luck. I set to work unlocking the door, and at last it swung open and I crossed the threshold. The house was totally dark and silent, and, even more disconcerting, Landon's scent was stale, possibly months old.

It all started to come together. The unanswered texts, the fact that his car was in the driveway but the house was empty: Landon was missing.

I dropped my duffel and sank to my knees, and then leaned forward so that my face was pressed to the floor and the tears dripped freely onto the hardwood. He was so proud of this house. He had saved up enough to purchase it in cash. It was probably the only reason it hadn't been foreclosed on, if he wasn't here to make payments. I would bet our utilities and internet service had been shut off, since he took care of those things and didn't have it set up to pay automatically in case we didn't have the money.

With the pack missing, I had no one. I'd heard rumors that the Index alpha was still around, but going to him in this moment of weakness seemed like idiocy. He had never seemed the sympathetic type, and he wouldn't care about my human brother anyway. He might understand my distress over the missing pack, but I'd never seen him hold them in anything but contempt.

Fuck the Supremacy. Fuck them to hell.

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