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[Open 2] Abracadabra

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Re: [Open 2] Abracadabra

Shane Mathis | Warlock; Necromancer

Posted on Fri Nov 25, 2016 2:27 am

Sooner would have been better, but of course I wanted to get things right. Perhaps it would give me more time to obtain blood. The more I spoke with this man the more I wanted to learn, but on my own of course. He was providing a framework whether he knew it or not and I would simply build on it. A week would be very helpful, and would give me time to obtain anything that might be helpful. I felt more relaxed and it was a strange realization but I came to find that some of the mild intimidation I felt was yes, his wealth, his knowledge, etcetera but in actuality some of it was the fact that I had been reclusive by nature. The conversations I’d had in the last few months had been with the dead. Maybe some pillow talk with Michelle, if you could call it that, some romantic gestures with Claire and I was grateful not to worry about that anymore. I might have burned a bridge there but it wasn’t a very useful bridge to begin with. And Logan. Although I didn’t feel I was necessarily finished with Logan Byrne. Going back to my point, the more I spoke with this man the more comfortable with the normal conversation I was feeling. The easier it was for me to feel the most “normal” I’d felt in ages.

It’s not like I expect a stranger to clear their schedule for me. You’re doing me a favor. I can protect Sof-... Her. I took another sip of my water and picked up the menu again, re-examining the choices now that I was feeling that emptiness in my stomach. Protein. I needed protein. Chicken club? Bacon? Cheese? Done. I returned the menu to the table and looked up to him at his words. It wasn’t his expression; that was now  hidden behind his lady drink. It was the tone in his words that were so familiar to me. I didn’t feel that sadness now; I had hope. I wouldn’t even call it faith because faith was reserved for the unknown and my plans were a sure thing. But I did understand his pain.

I’m sorry you’ve felt that kind of pain. Perhaps too forward, but I tried to keep it vague. Should we move on? I hope you still have an appetite, I’m starving.

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Re: [Open 2] Abracadabra

Malakai Greenmantle III | Warlock; Elementalist

Posted on Sun Nov 27, 2016 5:44 pm

Saying I was not hungry was the understatement of the century. If it was possible for a person to exist without a stomach, I was currently walking proof. Mentally beating myself up for getting mixed up with another Necromancer after avoiding them for so long made me sick. Once upon a time I’d had them as customers, I’d even had one as a friend and then my eyes were opened. Disposing of Necromancer based artifacts hadn’t been something I’d been willing to do. So unfortunately, I did have products that would be of use to Shane. Even though there was no contract that literally bound me to this transaction I couldn’t and wouldn’t back out of it. No matter how much it set me on edge. I didn’t and couldn’t know whether Shane was genuine or not. Whether he was hiding the true nature of a Necromancer or really was an exception to the rule. The rules had to be absolute.

“Better give me your number so closer to the date we can nail down a time.” I just had to regard this as any other business transaction. I didn’t have to think so deeply about this. We didn’t need to eat food and talk about my upcoming family Christmas or share ghost stories. Least of all did I want to register his sympathy about my experiences with Necromancers. Not only did I not want to talk about such painful memories, he would certainly bringing up the rear of any imaginary list of people I would have that conversation with. All the relief of seeing someone I loved was now forever tainted.

“Wish I had the time but I have a lot to do before I start work….as in my other job.” Giving him a genuine grin I stood up and straightened out my clothes, running a hand back through my ice blonde hair. “I’ll get everything prepared and then flick you a text, I always have my phone on me, always.” As a customer in the middle of a contract, he was entitled to twenty-four-hour assistance. It said so on my business card.

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