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 [Closed] From the Ashes

[Closed] From the Ashes

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[Closed] From the Ashes

Caspian Sullivan | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Wed Sep 21, 2016 12:57 pm

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Texas, Near Ocean | Slightly Cool and Muggy| Sunset

The gravel crunched lightly beneath my boots as I walked along the poor excuse that was considered as a ‘beach’. The sun sunk slowly below the horizon, and the waves licked at the shore line as if it was hungry for more. I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath of the crisp salty air brought in from the south. This time, I had left Index because I had too, no, because I needed too. It was a matter that I had to deal with on its own. None of the pack had understood where I was coming from when I had told them it was personal. I get that packs are supposed to remain together. I get that they are supposed to be your family, but there was no fucking way that I was going to drag any of them into the shit that I had stepped into.

I knew the moment that I stepped foot back into Index I was going to get my ass ripped into a new one. Most likely from Onyx. It had been a while, and I honestly have no fucking clue what was going on there. I heard things here and there. Just whispers, but I had stayed away from other packs as much as I could. Going back to my roots was hard. Seeing things in a new light made my hatred for vampires even more then their blood lust ran. I was glad that I had been given the power I had been given, but I couldn’t let it get to my head. You would think that with how long it had been I wouldn’t hold a grudge the way I am now. I guess you can say that it’s the asshole within me that wouldn’t just let it fall through the cracks of my mind.

Crouching I took a bit of the sand and rock in my hands. I knew I needed to get back to Index as soon as I could. The urge to be back amongst those that were like me, my family, my pack, was strong and only grew stronger the closer I got. I’m not even sure why I had stopped to take a look at the sunset, but I had felt compelled to stop as if there was something here that drew me here.  

“What are you doing here?” My head turned and my eyes made slits as I glared at the figure now approaching me. Better question I should have asked was how the hell did he find me. The sun had finally made its final approach and disappeared from view. An eerie darkness settled over the land, and a churn of my gut made my instincts more tuned into every single step that was made. Slowly I stood shoving my hands into my pockets stopping them from balling into fists.

I grew even more angry when he stopped, and stood there staring at me not saying one little answer towards my question. “I asked what you’re doing here.” A growl forced its way from the back of my throat, and my heart began to race. I didn’t get it, this prick had the odd asity to sit there and just stare at me. I bet he even had some fucking smug grin on his face too. Fidgeting I fought the anger within me, I had to keep the beast from breaking out or I would end up regretting it.

My family had died because of this fuck face, and he had the nerve to sit stand there. I had been led to believe that it was myself who had killed and mutilated them. It was all a sham at the time, all from this fucking asshole. Gritting my teeth my hands tore out from my pockets, my nails dug into the soft flesh of my hands and a sudden warmth washed over them as my own blood spilled from the fresh tears.  

Something wet was licking my face…. what the fuck? My eyes suddenly snapped open and pushed away whatever was licking at my face. Startled I shot up and jumped to my feet realizing a small husky type dog was wagging its tail and tilted its head to the side. It was dark out, my back was slightly wet from the waves that had finally managed crash over the area I had been standing. Quickly looking down at my hands my confusion grew deeper seeing dry blood staining each hand and nail marks from where I had tightened my fists. What in the serious fuck? This…. this hadn’t happened to me in a while. It had felt so real. Running my bloodied hand down my face I drew in another deep breath while trying to collect my thoughts.

The dog bark breaking through the craziness that had swept over me. “What?” Muttering with slight annoyance the dog barked once again. Looking around I didn’t see another soul in sight, and it didn’t have a collar. “Fuck off.” I yelled waving my hand gesturing for it to leave me the hell alone. My clothes were ruined, and I didn’t have time to deal with some mutt that didn’t have an owner. Turning I began to walk away, and I could hear the little paws of the small creature follow in suit. “I said fuck off you mangy mutt.” Walking quicker, the dog was determined to follow and try to keep up the same pace. “Good hell.” Grabbing the cool metal handle of my car door, the dog sat down and tilted its head. “Fine, get in, but your ass is going to the pound when I get into town.”
The mutt happily hopped into the car, and I closed the door behind me. Here I thought that actual dogs wouldn’t want to be around us wolves. Unless that is, this isn’t a husky and maybe it’s a wolf? Doubtful, it looked like too much of a dog. Maybe half? Why the fuck did I care anyways it was going to be behind doggy jail soon enough. My foot hit the gas, and I hit the high way, on my way to a place where I called home for good now.

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