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[Private] FRENZY

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Re: [Private] FRENZY

Caspian Sullivan | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Tue Nov 29, 2016 9:08 am

With my eyes locked with hers a wave of emotions rolled throughout my entire body like waves crashing against the beach as a storm drew imminent. Her words rolling around in my head as I tried to understand what the hell she just said. I was confused, but most of all I could feel a deep rage building within me. I stepped away tearing my eyes away from hers. What could I say? I didn’t fucking know. I had been led to believe that I was meant to be within the ranks of the Pacific pack, but now to only find out that I wasn’t really meant to be there, but with her. It was like everything I had known caved out from beneath my feet. Everything that I worked for felt like a sham to me now, and I suddenly felt lost.

Did Onyx know? Did he play along because she didn’t want to be a part of a pack? The anger grew I fumbled momentarily finally grabbing a hold of the glass that I had been drinking out of and threw it against the wall. The sound of glass smashed against the wall accompanied with a splash as the rest of the vodka marked the wall. “Does Onyx know?” I growled through gritted teeth. “Did he pity you and take me off your hands?” Was she ashamed to have created me? You would have thought that I would have felt better, finally having an answer on why I didn’t feel that full connection with the pack, but it didn’t at least not yet. I had been lied to, and told I belonged somewhere where I didn’t belong.

Turning to her my gaze locked with hers once again. The confusion and anger boiled over. “Why?” I wanted to know why she did what she had done. “Why just pawn me off on someone else?” I had questions upon questions that I wanted to ask. Moving forward I stopped looking down at her my hands clenching into fists.  I wanted to grasp her by the neck and slam he stark naked body against the wall, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. “Did you not want….” I let my words drift off not wanting to sound like a bruised and battered child. I didn’t want pity, I just wanted to know why, and how this had happened.

I wanted to confront Onyx about this, but I knew deep down that that was probably the wrong thing to do. If he knew it wouldn’t be a big deal, but if he didn’t that could get myself and her into something we didn’t want to be a part of. There it was again…we…I referenced myself with her. How often had I done that? It made sense, all of it did. I wanted to make sure she didn’t get into shit because my true kinship was with her. But why lie to me about it? She hadn’t been there when I first turned, it was all Onyx that had taught me everything that I had known. Maybe deep down I had known that I truly didn’t belong there. That’s probably why I didn’t want to share the things I had been through either with any of them.

“Luxx…” I shook my head gritting my teeth with frustration. Here we were at first for an entirely different reason, only to find out something completely different. “Just…why?” I wanted to know that much, I think I deserved to know.

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Re: [Private] FRENZY

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Tue Nov 29, 2016 9:53 pm

“No.” The simmering rage that filled the room was enough for me to make me want to scream. With joy, with sorrow. Anger was easier, it just was. For both of us. I didn’t even flinch when he destroyed a glass. Let that fury fill you up Ouray, just savor it. It’s all I have to offer you. “There's a lot Onyx doesn’t know and I’d like to fucking keep it that way Ouray…fuck, you know what I fucking hate that name.” I did it was bloody terrible. While Onyx and I had never discussed whether the Pacific was going to absorb stranded wolves, or whether a new pack would be formed, I already knew what I wanted. Ouray wasn’t a wolf of the Pacific but he didn’t have to be to find a home in a new pack with wolves from all over. “Pity is not something I accept. I fucked up and got too drunk on a full moon and bit you. So I hid the evidence.” It sounded terrible. I knew it did and it really made me feel sick. I couldn’t say what should be said because I didn’t want him to be like me. He needed a home and I wasn’t going to take that from him. If that meant making him hate me. I would have to do it.
Swallowing a lump the size of the moon I swung my legs off the bed and half stumbled in the direction of the shower, my ankles buckling so I have to grab hold of the doorframe. “Why not? Here you had a job, a pack to rely on, and stability. What the fuck do you think I have?” Laughing weakly I leaned heavily, resting my head on the cool wood. Fuck my skin was on fire, like a fever on overload. How many rounds should I fire in? How thick do I lay it on? Why was I having to judge how much of a bitch I was to get something across? Fuck. “Did I not want what?..a responsibility? No, no I fucking didn’t.” Could I say it? I was going to have to wasn’t I? But it was a lie, a bold-faced lie. There was no way I could…tell him I regretted making him a wolf….

Wobbling unsteadily I tried holding myself completely without aide of the doorframe. “Why is the why so hard to understand when I’m the shitty lone wolf who lies all the time?” Fuck I didn’t want to do this. Was it even the right thing to do? Force him back towards Onyx, when he had a secret of mine to keep? My blood ran ice cold and I was torn between saving my own skin and doing what was right. Story of my fucking life. “I will never say making someone a wolf is a mistake, but I never gave you a choice. You don’t want to be like me.” Shuffling towards the shower I cursed myself. How the fuck was I going to push him away and stop him from telling his Pack Master I was a junkie.

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