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 [Closed] Fucked As Fuck

[Closed] Fucked As Fuck

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[Closed] Fucked As Fuck

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Wed Sep 14, 2016 9:31 pm

Thread Details
Vincent's House | Thick Clouds | 5pmish

Make Dinner Reservations
Buy New Clothes
Buy New Cell phone
Buy Map
Check in with X
Give Address to Dealer
Clean Onyx’s Shithole

‘Clean Getaway’ consisted of Rodrigo Olivares and Leslie Creech. Instead of fully supervising them in their mission I decided to sit outside with some newly obtained vodka with Redbull. Not that I needed wings, what I needed was a sedative. While they busied themselves I sipped from the liquor bottle and then the energy drink can, mixing it in my mouth. Didn’t trust any of the glasses in Onyx’s house right now. Once I was decently watered, still half cut from One Shot I dipped a hand into the bag I had hidden my Fanger juice. Before opening the vial I made sure I couldn’t hear, smell or sense anyone or anything nearby aside from the wage slaves in the house behind me. Ripping my bandage off I poured a little of the thick heady mixture onto my wound.

An outsider would wonder what the fuck I was thinking. Fanger blood would heal the thing like magic and how was I going to explain that to Onyx. However I was also aware that injuries caused by silver just didn’t heal that fast period, Vampire blood or no Vampire blood. So colour me shocked when the wound closed up, the stitches becoming pointless. A nasty ass scar was still there, it hadn’t done the full whitewash but it was still fucking messed up. “Who’s shit is this?” I sniffed the vial as if that was a way to determine its strength. Yeah, fucked up, I was a blood connoisseur, I knew all vamps weren’t made equal and some shit was better than others. Now I was nervous about drinking this sludge. I did have a vial stashed in Onyx’s bathroom for an emergency but regardless I was at some point going to have to bite the bullet and drink the unknown rocket fuel.

Putting away the blood I pulled the stitches out taking a good look at what was now my new arm. Fucking ugly. I was going to have to do something about that. What was a good length of time to wait before going to get a tattoo to cover this shit? Didn’t want to raise Onyx’s eyebrows anymore than they already were. I knew exactly what I was going to get too, and it would work really well with the munted tissue.

After rewrapping my arm in the bandage I laxed back in the chair. I had one alarm set to wake me in time for dinner and another one much later on to indicate a new hit of blood. It was time to try and get some shut eye…

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