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 [Closed] Sly As Fuck

[Closed] Sly As Fuck

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[Closed] Sly As Fuck

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Wed Sep 14, 2016 4:24 am

Thread Details
Very Light Rain | Around 2pm

Make Dinner Reservations
Buy New Clothes
Buy New Cell phone
Buy Map
Check in with X
Give Address to Dealer
Clean Onyx’s Shithole

One Shot looked the fucking same but smelled completely different. Well perhaps not exactly the same, the clientele looked less intoxicated in the middle of the day. Actually that was a steller idea for finding other wolves, especially a Lone in particular that avoided other packs entirely. He wasn’t the prettiest to look at what with the massive facial burn but he was a fighter. Drinking during the day. Where there was liquor, there were wolves. That epiphany calls for a drink.

Rewarding myself I perched on a bar stool and waved over the bartender. “Vodka and cranberry.” He nodded and while I watched him make my drink I got chatty. “You don’t happen to know the old owners do you? Whether they are still around?” He shook his head gesturing over his shoulder to something taped to the wall. “Jim just said he needed a break, first holiday in years he reckons, said he would be back at some point to check on the place.” As soon as he said it a look come over his face. One that said he hadn’t meant to say anything, but just had. I pondered that as he pushed a glass across the bar towards me and took my money. “So he didn’t just give you the bar then?” The guy laughed. I knew he wasn’t the boss, I couldn’t imagine Ozra leaving his baby in the hands of someone barely allowed to drink. “Nah, shit no. but I shouldn’t be talking about the business to a customer. I’m sorry”

Wheels were turning in my head now thinking back to every time Ozra had got up in my face for causing havoc in his bar. This place was his legacy. “Do you have a way of contacting him?” Had Onyx tried this yet? Maybe the old barkeep had wanted his connection to One Shot to look severed. “Look, I’m not just a customer, though I’ve been a pretty expensive one, he’s my uncle.” It was worth a try and for a moment the guy looked indecisive, which gave me the answer to my question. “Sorry, I won’t give out contact details to nobody, doesn't matter who you are.” He wasn’t going to just give it to me but I was going to work out how to get it.

Even after hours of interrogation, flirting and joking banter, not necessarily in that order, I had gotten nowhere. Never before had I seen the true worth of Onyx’s gift. Fuck this tight lipped human, I was going to come back with a secret weapon. My phone saved me from the bone that was this problem. Chomping on it till the cows came home wasn’t going to get me what I wanted. Wobbling ever so slightly as I got off my stool I abandoned the mission and headed back towards Onyx’s house. Had to oversee the exodus of empty booze bottles.

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