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 [Closed] Dodgy As Fuck

[Closed] Dodgy As Fuck

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[Closed] Dodgy As Fuck

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Wed Sep 14, 2016 3:27 am

Thread Details
Post Office | Grey Clouds | Just after Lunch

Make Dinner Reservations
Buy New Clothes
Buy New Cell phone
Buy Map
Check in with X
Give Address to Dealer
Clean Onyx’s Shithole

As I got closer to the Post Office I began to smell the distinct scent of wolf. Now I was aware that part of Onyx’s plan was to find others but I was fucking loaded up like a clothes horse. I was also on my way to pick up Fanger Blood. Paranoid as all fuck I slipped inside the double doors and unloaded myself. Was this a great time to be running off in the direction of a stranger? Who was even still here? Anybody was better than just Onyx and myself but fuck my life, what if it was Ollurian? Reluctantly deciding to ignore my job right now I selfishly focused on the task at hand.

“I have a package.” The clerk was an overly cheery looking woman with floral printed cats eye glasses. She grinned at me tilting her head like I was the most interesting thing she’d seen all morning. “How lovely for you my dear and your name is?” I couldn’t help but cringe at the sound of her voice. You could liken it to a cartoon chipmunk. Woah. “Luxx”. Nodding almost manically she disappeared into the back room. Faster than I would have thought possible she reappeared with a heavily bubble wrapped square. “Will just need you to sign here please.” Scribbling my name I took the parcel and smuggled it into one of the many plastic bags I had scattered around me. “Thanks….Izzy.” “You’re very much welcome Luxx, you have a splendid day now.”

Pushing back outside I sniffed the air. The wolf scent was gone. I felt terribly guilty but at the same time knew I wasn’t in the state to be dealing with a wolf that might have a problem with me. Only some wolves were bridge builders. Stopping right outside the Post Office I dialed up a number from a leaflet stuck to the inside of the window. “Hi, I’m looking for someone to clean a house quickly.” Like fucking hell I was doing it myself. It was tops enough that I had even offered to clean up my mess and his in the process. There were better things to do with my time than vacuum carpets.

There was time to kill actually before the cleaners were going to be ready to go dumpster diving. Was only one other thing left to do on my list, aside from eat beef. Fuck me. If Onyx knew I’d ignored the presence of a wolf and then went drinking on my first day back he would string me up by my tail....

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