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 [Closed] Please go Away [follow up to ''Spit in the Cup'']

[Closed] Please go Away [follow up to ''Spit in the Cup'']

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[Closed] Please go Away [follow up to ''Spit in the Cup'']

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Mon Sep 12, 2016 11:34 pm

I had about one hour to myself before I needed to get off my ass and keep pushing through my leads. I had spent my afternoon stressing every contact I had for information on pack nesting grounds, all of which were going to require a long ass fucking drive or at the very least, a plane ticket. Something I wasn't going to do without at least contacting their alphas to make sure I had some form of hope to cling to before emptying out my bank account. But, I needed this, one hour, to myself, in my bed, my only company being the guitar in my hands and the raven outside my window. Just one moment to disconnect from everything and pretend my biggest worry was how I was going to make rent this month, which really, was a worry I did need to put some time into. I'd missed last month, and three months is an automatic eviction notice. I couldn't avoid it, my ability worked well for food and getting out of speeding tickets, but I couldn't very well compel the entire office into letting me live rent free, it didn't work like that. I sighed at the thought, hand releasing from the neck of my guitar and flopping onto the bed while the other rubbed down my face. Fucking life sucked.

I closed my eyes, no intention of sleeping, but hope that maybe I could get fifteen minutes in if I really tried. It nearly worked, I was at that in between point, not quite awake, but not snoring either, when there was a knock at the door. My eyes shot open, and I stared at the ceiling fan, not moving another muscle. Please go away. I whispered, and followed up with a groan when another set of three knocks hit my front door.

I crawled out of bed, nearly tripping when my foot got tangled in the sheet, Mother fucker. My feet were heavy, each step filling the otherwise quiet house with thumps and creaks as I stepped onto old floor boards. I didn't even bother to look through the peep hole, knowing my own heavy ass fucking walk gave me away. When I opened the door I expected to see someone miserable, someone trying to sell me their religion, or maybe a little girl scout that I wouldn't be able to refuse because her mother would be hovering over with a ''Buy my kids shit'' look on her face. But no, it was someone much worse. ''Can we talk?'' Do I really get a choice? I replied, staring at Camille with tired eyes. Come in. I stepped aside, releasing the door and immediately walked towards the back slider.

I took a step on the cement steps right outside, and she sat beside me as I lit a smoke. I reached behind to close the sliding door as I took my first drag, instinctively flicking the nonexistent ashes into the grass. ''She's still willing, you know. To do the ritual. She said-'' I looked over as she dug into her pockets and pulled out that same small bottle the witch tried to give me last time I saw Camille. ''She said if you fill this with the blood of an ancient, and bring it back to her, she'll still help you. She said you could get the blood-'' Listen, thanks for everything, but I still don't know if I can trust you. It's a pretty fucking interesting story you've concocted, but as far as I know, that's all it is. ''I don't know what else I can do to convince you, Onyx. I don't actually want to be here. Do you really think I'd insert myself into, well... I'm sorry, but your mess of a life by choice? Jonah and I are lones, we don't have anyone but eachother, and it's hard out there for a lone...'' So I've heard... I muttered. ''I'm just saying, if we were lying to you, what could we possibly gain from it? Other than this, there are a million more important things for us to focus on, our survival being the main one.''

How does that work exactly? I didn't intentionally change the topic, I was genuinely curious. The two of you, the sole members of your pack, and both... Alphas? How does that happen? ''It... It doesn't... Really.'' I frowned, ''I mean, obviously it did for us, but it's not... I've never met another pair like us.'' Neither have I, that's why I asked... Where's the rest of your pack anyway? ''They're... Trapped.'' Trapped? Fuck... Were they in collars too? ''They're trapped because of me... Because of Jonah too. We did something, a long time ago, something bad, and the consequences for the choices we made...'' She sighed, looking away, as did I. I could feel how awkward this was, for both of us. ''It doesn't matter.'' She wiped her cheek and plopped her hands on her knees. ''They're gone forever, there's no way to get them back. But there is a way to get your pack back, Onyx. There's a way to get your life back, and all I want to do is help you do that.'' Why? ''You mean other than the bajillion other reasons I've already given you? I want to help you because... If you can get your pack back, then maybe... Maybe Jonah and I can find a pack of our own. I mean, it'd be just... Too awful if you, the man carrying around the soul of Lilith in his pocket, the one spirit that is an enemy to our kind through and through, and you get your pack back, but we... It's hope, and for us, Jonah and myself, hope is everything.''

My eyes locked on the patch of dirt in the yard, and I stared at it. My cousin, buried in my own backyard with the rest of my secrets. A choice I had made. I had done that. And in a lot of ways, this Lilith thing happened because of the choices I'd made. And here she was, Jonah and Luxx too, not having chosen their paths but been forced into them... I'll make you a deal. I took another drag and exhaled, You tell me how you both became alphas, and I'll fill that bottle with ancient blood. ''Onyx... I-'' I don't trust you, I don't trust your brother, I don't trust that witch, and I sure as fuck don't trust the ancient I'm going to get that blood from. This is me going on faith... And hope. She sighed and dusted herself off. ''I can't tell you how we are the way we are. I just can't. Trust is a two way street, Onyx. But I will tell you, this wasn't how our pack was run. Us being two alphas of the same pack is not something to hope to achieve. It's not a good thing, and it was born of really, really, terrible choices, terrible circumstance, and... It's a constant reminder of what we've done and what we've lost.''

Cryptic. I muttered, taking another drag before putting out my smoke in a nearby coffee tin for later. Give me the bottle. I said as I took it out of her hand. I'll get it done as soon as I can. I stood up and tucked the bottle into my pocket, then gestured for her to head inside. Once inside I closed the door and went to the fridge to grab a bottle of water. You should go. "Yes, of course. You have my number if you need anything." I nodded and followed her to the door, grabbing it as she stepped outside and holding it open so I could say one last thing before she left. There's something you should know. There's another wolf in town, another lone. We have... History. If you run into her, make sure you let her know you're just passing through town, I'm not sure if I can trust her with all of this information yet. ''Understood.'' She smiled and I closed the door.

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