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 [Open 1] The dating/waiting game - Page 2

[Open 1] The dating/waiting game

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Claire Trevino

Re: [Open 1] The dating/waiting game

Claire Trevino | Human; Citizen

Posted on Wed Oct 05, 2016 7:58 pm

This wasn’t the Logan I’d remembered from the last few weeks. I mean, yeah I guess things could set him off, I could see him being tense, but not like this. Not.. rigid. Clearly he and Shane were not… friends. Something had happened - but then why would he insist on being with us? How terrible was it that a small part of me hoped that it was a protective part of him, maybe even that… no, no Claire, don’t go that way. One, it would be kind of narcissistic and two.. that idea would be way too complicated. It was a shame though, as terrible as it was for me to think of him in that way at all for so many reasons, including the fact that I was currently on a date with someone else, I’d be lying if I said it never crossed my mind.

I ordered a raspberry tea and the waitress disappeared as quickly as she could. I imagined she could feel the tension too. Logan began his story, and I sat locked in this.. Confused bewilderment, my eyes darting back and forth between him and Shane, who simply laughed silently, smiled a bit and shook his head. The whole thing honestly scared me. I didn’t understand a thing he was saying, I mean, was this all some twisted analogy? Until I started hearing about the thing I never wanted to hear about again. Bodies, spirits, warlocks. Before I knew it I realized I was chewing on my bottom lip, even fighting tears. When would this be over?

I’d all but disappeared when it came to Shane. He smiled, but it was only a thin veil to mask his glare.
”Alright, if that’s how you want it, all cards on the table. But once I lay those cards down, they can’t be unseen. And if you care anything about your friend here,” Shane looked at me. I was sick. What the hell was happening?! ”You’d…. You would have kept this just between the two of us.”

Shane, what’s -
”You know, the world can only fuck you over so much before you break, before you realize that you might have to step on a few backs to get your head above water. Your friend Logan here just happened to be one of those backs.” He looked at me the whole time he spoke. ”Your friend Logan happened to have a pretty strong back, which I thought would have helped me, to be honest. Things didn’t go exactly as planned, but then again they never do, do they?” He chuckled a little.
”I had a service to provide, and to be one hundred percent truthful, I thought Logan might have a little bit more will. I thought maybe our friend Jude wouldn’t quite be strong enough to really… take hold.”
Jude. I knew that name and the feeling was familiar. But I had a habit of pushing back anything that had that familiar or deja vu vibe to it. It was something I had worked on, the faster I could think of something else, the faster I could move on from that flicker of a desire to remember when something tickled a memory, the stronger I felt. But I let go this time.
Classrooms, football fields, yearbooks. Jude Fischer. Teacher. Hippie fuck.
He tried. He tried. I know you’re mad, Eva, but he tried. It wasn’t intentional, she was just stronger than you.

No! It was loud enough for the whole dining room to grow quiet for a second or two then continue on to their chatter after a quick glance.

”You’re remembering, aren’t you, Eva.” He paused, and looked at me, his expression softening as if the next thing he was saying to me was supposed to comfort me. ”I know who you are.”

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Re: [Open 1] The dating/waiting game

Logan Milo Byrne | Human; Citizen

Posted on Sun Oct 16, 2016 2:53 am

Funny, hearing the word ''friend'' come out of your mouth. It's almost believable. But really, you shouldn't use words you don't understand. My leg was bouncing up and down under the table. I was still leaning back in my chair, and my thumb was running circles around the indent of a spoon I didn't remember picking up from the table.  My eyes were dead on Shane's, so unyielding I could feel tears building up in the corners from my refusal to blink lest he stab me in my back, again.

I rolled my eyes. Because keeping her in the dark about him and his impulse to betray those closest to him is what was best for Claire? Hell no. This wasn't about her, as much as it was about me, but I would have been lying if I said I didn't feel... A tiny bit responsible for the woman. I didn't actually do anything to give her the life she had now, but I played a big part in it. Whether it was a curse or a blessing to her, I didn't know. All I knew was it was my job to make sure she could live it. But again, it wasn't about her. This was about him, and me, and frankly I was glad we had a witness, especially one that clearly had no idea about this slimey fucker.

You failed to mention the part where we were friends. What you did would have been wrong no matter who you did it to, but doing it me put you on a whole separate planet of fucked up. I added onto the end of 'his side of things'. It was a very important part to the story, one he'd left out. At least, it was important to me. As was he, once. Don't call her that. Don't call her Eva. I glared, not really knowing why I said it. And not having to acknowledge it after due to Claire's outburst was a gift from heaven.

Why don't you tell her more, Shane. In fact, why don't you tell both of us, seeing as I have no idea why on earth you're here with her right now. So why don't you just tell us. If you know who she really is, then why are you here with her? What do you hope to gain? I mean, fuck... I laughed as I crossed my arms and leaned back in my seat. Don't you think it's a little... I don't know, creepy dude? Getting involved with a chick when you know all this shit about her but not telling her you know? I mean you made it just clear you didn't follow up your insertion into her life with a ''hey I'm Shane, I know about your past life, let's get a burger.'' So what the fuck dude? What is this? Fucking balls dude, I can't even get you out of my past let alone my present.

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Re: [Open 1] The dating/waiting game

Shane Mathis | Warlock; Necromancer

Posted on Mon Oct 17, 2016 7:59 pm

Uh, waiter, please, can you bring us a few xanax? Or maybe some booze to settle these people down? Of course, Claire was scared. Any human being in the room would probably be able to feel that. Maybe even a little angry. Logan was a ticking bomb, about to explode. And I was about to purposefully cut the wrong wires. Why? Because I could. No, I understand it. I just don't need friends anymore. At the risk of sounding like the villain of a Hallmark channel movie, I meant it. They got in the way, they molded you into who they wanted you to be, and they sold you out. I actually learned that when I found Alyssa's picture, snooping around that house with Sam Shah. It hadn't settled in just yet, but it didn't take long to realize that my ex wife was the reason I was always found, it didn't matter which moldy corner of the earth I shoved myself into. And to think I had been trying all this time, eventually to get back to her, when it was Lauren I missed all along. That had been my final straw. So, fuck friends, fuck loved ones, Lauren had been the only one, and she actually died before fucking me over. So no matter who I burn, it has to be fixed.

Oh, please, she can hide all she wants, but there's no changing the past and our true selves. Which, I may or may not know more about than the two of you. But we'll get to that.

I leaned back into my chair, slight grin never leaving my face, listening to Logan's self-righteous rant, glancing over at Claire, who was all but silent except for the occasional peep of her asking Logan to stop.

If you're looking for an apology, Logan, you won't get it here. Sure, I can humor you with an explanation. A somewhat simple one, at least. It boils down to you and Jude. What I needed from Jude and what I knew about you. I sat up again, thinking at this point that the service here was purposefully avoiding our table. That's fine, but I think we all really could have used a drink. And yes, actually, Miss... Claire here played somewhat of a part as well. I prided myself that my story, my turn at the debate podium, was much more composed and calm than that of my opponent. Jude, as far as I know, was a pioneer in a practice now invaluable to me. One that I'm finally working out the tweaks no thanks to him. But I thought he might know, he might be able to show me how to do what I'd seen when I touched the newspaper that day in the break room. I have a few... souls in my life that could use a host, but not until I've got the process ready. At this point I was calm, but... hushed. I didn't need the entire Index dinner rush hearing this. He said he'd help me, but the more we talked, the less results I got for an increasing price tag. He said he was willing to be a guinea pig, if I gave him another ten grand. That's where you came in. As a -former- friend, and I know, slip up on my part, I genuinely smiled, I've seen you in your struggles. If seen you fight the big C word. I just... assumed you would be stronger than you were. I shrugged. But, that's not what I've been just dying to tell the two of you. I paused, but not too long, because I knew Mr. Byrne and I knew his anger and patience were not things that went hand in hand. Your daughter is alive.

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Re: [Open 1] The dating/waiting game

Logan Milo Byrne | Human; Citizen

Posted on Wed Oct 19, 2016 11:00 pm

You don't need friends? Fuck man, I'm not just an old tool you can throw away. I'm a damn person. These are people you're toying with. Sorry you think loyalty and friendship is just a waste of time. I don't see it that way. You think I'd be this angry if anyone else did what you did to me? You think I'd be this angry with some random ass cashier at a convenience store in Ohio doing the shit you've done to me? Yeah, I'd be pissed, but I'm this pissed because we were bros. But now... You're not even human dude. You're something else entirely... I wasn't a sensitive guy. I mean, I took my friendships seriously, yeah, but that didn't mean I was overly emotional. I just cared about my circle of friends like they were family. But hearing his complete lack of empathy... His complete lack of remorse for what he'd done was just a twist of that knife he'd put in my back. It was a cold ass reminder that people weren't always what they seemed.

What do you know of it? I blurted out. I didn't even know myself... Or, I'd felt for the most part I was back to normal. But yeah, something in me had changed. Jude invaded my body, and when he was gone, I got to keep it. And I still felt changed. Eva was put into someone else. I couldn't even imagine waking up and physically seeing a stranger in the mirror. Being Claire I'd always assumed was her coping mechanism. She saw someone else, so she became someone else. I mean it didn't take a damn genius to see the signs. But our true selves? Most people spend their entire lives not knowing who they are. And now he was an expert on the fucking matter? He had no idea what it was like.

You don't feel any guilt? I sat back, arms flopped to my sides in disbelief. How is that even possible? I whispered, mostly to myself. I remember when we were working a late shift, you'd fallen asleep, and I'd covered the floor around you in lube before setting the alarm off. You woke up in a hurry, slipped and broke your pinky, and I spent the next two weeks making it up to you. I felt guilty as hell over something as stupid as a prank gone wrong. Was this going to help him remember at all? Was I wasting my breath? Yeah, probably, but I couldn't believe every ounce of humanity was just gone. I refused to believe it.

What are you even going on about? Just give it to me plainly, what were you hoping to achieve? What was so damn important that you were willing to ruin our friendship for? That you were willing to, for all you knew, kill me for? I mean c'mon Shane, let's be fuckin' real here. I heard what he was saying, but honestly, despite everything I'd seen, it all sounded like the ramblings of a mad man. What the hell was he? I thought he was just... A medium. I never held it against him, in fact I thought the whole thing was cool as fuck. But now? What the hell did I need to be strong for? I didn't get it. I was beyond lost, and not because I wasn't trying either. I just wanted a straight answer. Then I could walk out and never look at this guy again.

And then something else came out of his mouth and my eyes immediately turned to Claire, back to Shane, and back to her again. I couldn't decide who to look at, I didn't know what to feel, what to say, what to do. I opened my mouth, no clue what was going to come out until a moment before it did... I don't believe you. It came out as a statement, but the questioning look on my face directed itself to Claire. What did you do? I asked her pleadingly. What did you do, Eva? I finally used her name, demanding an answer to what Shane had said. Desperately wanting her to tell me nothing, to prove he was a liar.

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Claire Trevino

Re: [Open 1] The dating/waiting game

Claire Trevino | Human; Citizen

Posted on Sun Oct 23, 2016 8:19 pm

I’d barely known Shane, but still I was feeling… used and deceived, so I couldn’t imagine how Logan felt. Whatever had happened, as little as I understood it, was severe. I wanted nothing but to be as far away from Shane as possible, and for today not to have happened. Logan, he’s not- but I wouldn’t have even had anything to follow that with even if I had caught Logan’s attention.

”Humans are boring anyway.” I watched as Shane’s response to Logan’s obvious pain and hurt was a simple yawn. We should just go, Logan. This is - Maybe I did, or maybe I didn’t, but I could swear I caught a flash of something with Logan’s story. Just like he tensed up for a brief moment, a flicker of something in his eyes that disappeared the moment I noticed. As much as I hated to think about what had happened to me, was it possible something had happened to Shane earlier in his life? Or was I just trying to justify how someone could be so cruel?

”If I was willing to kill you, as you say, do you think telling you about my desires and needs is on my priority list? Does a man fucking tell a spider about his hopes and dreams before he stomps on it? Logan - give it up. You don’t get it, do you? I’m not the Shane you know. No more ‘brewskis over a campfire’ and all that shit.” I felt like at this point, by continuing to ask questions, Logan was only torturing himself, but then again, if someone had tried to kill me I would probably want answers. And the answers Logan was getting were just… beyond me. But from my own experience, I knew they were true. It was ruining me, all over again. I remembered my very short days with the army, and why I did it. I wanted to do it all over again, and I felt guilty. I had abandoned my goal of making sure this happened to no one else - ever. I failed completely.

And then, true to the kind of day this had been, the room spun again and the emotional whip snapped again. Daughter? What was he talking about? Who? Was he talking about the little girl I’d seen with Logan? Had something happened to her? Wait - he was looking at me. And I mean Logan. Why was he looking at me?

My fingers tensed, my neck began to hurt and so did my throat. I didn’t understand, and if Logan didn’t understand now, he never would. You know I’m not Eva. And I have no idea. Daughter? Who are you talking about?

The door opened and it smelled like a carpet store or something, and I remembered that Mom just had new carpet put in. She wanted me to see it, that’s why she invited me, duh! But where was she? She wasn’t answering when she called my name.

My fingers dropped from the edge of the table and I scooted back, almost lost in the memory flooding my mind.

I could feel the baby kick, and I yelled for Mom, Dad, even Elisabeth at this point. No one answered. But I walked around the couch and there she lay. A pool of blood saturating the carpet, her jaw hanging slack, her eyes wide open in terror. I instantly fell to my knees as I felt a severe pain in my pelvis. The bloody spot on the ground grew.

Hot tears were streaming down my face and I now realized Shane was standing up with his hand on my back. I jerked it away. Why would you make me remember that? And she didn’t make it, Logan, I don’t know what he’s talking about. I’m so sorry, Logan.

”Her body didn’t, no. But she lives. You’ve both met Michelle, right? Who did you think took over your body, Eva?”

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