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[Open 1] The dating/waiting game

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Re: [Open 1] The dating/waiting game

Logan Milo Byrne | Human; Citizen

Posted on Fri Oct 28, 2016 11:49 pm

Just like that, in an instant, any hope I had for Shane returning to the guy I knew was gone. It was what he'd said, despite his persistent efforts to tell me I meant no more to him than a squashed insect, it wasn't that, it wasn't his blatant and blunt explanations of our lack of a friendship that killed him for me. It was his comment about humans. The man was off his fucking rocker. And not in the cool 'I need to save this guy because he's nuts' kinda way either. There was simply nothing left of him to be saved...

My eyes shot to Claire briefly, but like a magnet, they landed right back on Shane. I knew what she was saying was the right thing to do, and really, I wanted to get her out of here. Seeing how dark Shane had become meant I wanted her to have nothing to do with him. I'm not a spider dude. I'm a fucking person. Just because you went all evil Merlin doesn't mean you're any better than the rest of us Shane. I emphasized his name with as much contempt as I could manage without bursting in anger and pulling a Vincent, flipping the table for effect.

Claire... Eva... Whoever she was... I just didn't understand her. I couldn't tell if she was playing dumb to keep up her new life, or if she genuinely didn't remember. Either way, it stung nearly as much as Shane's betrayal. It was always nice to know those you cared about thought you meant nothing, or thought you meant nothing so deeply, they could absolutely forget about the important moments you shared. And yeah, maybe that was lame, maybe that was I don't know, girly but as I'd said; I actually cared about the relationships I kept.

I glared, looking at her like she was as complicated as a rubiks cube with a hundred sides. Which, she was. But that didn't mean I wanted to torture her like this forever. Shit, as much as I hated that she'd forgotten about us and what we created, maybe I was just jealous. At this point, I would have probably given up my left testicle just to have that ability.

At the sound of her name I didn't even catch on at first. I was too absorbed in Claire's pain to even put a face to the name, or to even think about the name at all. But then it hit me, Michelle. It was funny, as angry as I'd been, that wasn't the emotion that set me off. That wasn't the emotion that transformed me into a pathetic clone of my cousin. No, it was just the feeling of being overwhelmed. Claire's visible emotions only adding fuel to the fire. I was steaming.

I stood up to bring myself to his level, trying to form what I was feeling into words but failing. And that was it, I lost it. Before I even knew what I was doing I was marching in his direction and swinging my fist against the side of his face. I shook my hand, thankful for the pain in my knuckles because at this point, if people weren't watching the play from hell, they sure as shit were now. Claire, I don't know what I am to you, what I mean to you, I just don't know. But what I do know, is right now, I'm better for you than this guy. You can stay, but if you stay, I stay, and I don't want anything more than to leave this place right now and never see his face again, so I'm hoping you'll go too and save me from the torture of even sharing the air he breathes. I extended my hand and waited, hoping she would take it before the scrawny guy in the apron behind her tried to force me out.

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Claire Trevino

Re: [Open 1] The dating/waiting game

Claire Trevino | Human; Citizen

Posted on Sun Oct 30, 2016 7:15 pm

A dam had broken. A dam I had worked so hard to fortify, solidify. Not only did I remember so much, I remembered how I’d felt every other time I had remembered. All of it was pain. All of it. It was all toxic and it cemented further the fact that I’d never felt truly comfortable in my own skin. But it wasn’t even my own skin, was it? I could feel his anger toward me just as much as Shane, which not only confused me, but honestly it infuriated me. What? What, Logan? Do you think I have a fucking manual to tell me how to deal with this? I cupped my mouth over my lips, not at my swear but my outburst in general. He was hurt by all of it, and clearly neither of us had any way of knowing how we should feel about this.

But it didn’t matter, Shane had obviously stolen the show, and before I knew it Logan’s fist was in Shane’s face. I winced, but that didn’t mean I disapproved. My eyes were on Shane, but my ears were listening to Logan’s words, and very thankful for the escape route. I took his hand. Don’t worry, I’m done here, I said, but my eyes were still glaring at Shane. As fucked up as it was, I could see a huge smile even as he clutched his cheek. I finally turned away, stood up, and followed Logan out of the restaurant.

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