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 [Closed] All good things must come to an end

[Closed] All good things must come to an end

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[Closed] All good things must come to an end

Gayle Shaffer | Vampire; Ancient

Posted on Sat Sep 10, 2016 10:58 am

Each place was better and better. I had thought the hot air balloon over Turkey took my already non-existent breath, but then came Salar de Uyuni, and I wondered if I'd found the very inspiration of Salvador Dali. Of course, I went to my home and had the typical experience of finding that nothing yet everything had changed. New Zealand, hell, even Utah had something to offer. I let Noelle go on her own after a while. Not because I didn't want her there, and not because she didn't want to be, but I felt that some of this was something we each needed to experience on our own. Most of the time I wasn't even able to speak. Bloodied tears fell down my face at each new location, as if I'd lost someone dear to me and they were now beckoning me in to the next world. I was absolutely sure that I wasn't going to come back. I didn't even have a care as to what would happen to the Ogma tower in Seattle. I was seeing the world really for the very first time. Pictures had done justice to nothing.

I even thought it might be time to reinvent, decide my new name and my new being. Let Lilith come back, I didn't care. I would just be some hiker with the luxury of going places where humans couldn't survive. And Noelle, of course I had gifted her the absolute best camera made - well, no, I couldn't decide between a few of them, so she had begun her trip with 5 cameras, none of which cost under 20 grand. There was no price I wouldn't pay to make her happy. But I had a feeling her appetite for things dark had not been sated enough to "retire" with me, to reach the crevices of the world that had yet to be reached by any intelligent creature.

I thought at least, I should tell someone if I wasn't coming back, designate a successor, which I'd already had someone chosen. Lilah, unless Noelle wanted it. Too bad for Benjamin - he had no idea the power he was leaving behind when he refused to join my ranks. He could have easily been number two or three. Behind only Noelle and Kyle. Maybe he was still human enough to want other things, either way - his loss. I knew he wasn't deal - Noelle would have known. But he'd gotten himself into something that involved his practical disappearance from the face of the earth. But if Noelle was fine, I didn't give him a second thought. So I returned to Prague, where I'd set up the closest thing to a Base from which I traveled. I left my bags, my things, for my assistant to unpack, and crashed onto the plush bed, lazily looking over to my phone. Dare I turn it on?

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Re: [Closed] All good things must come to an end

Gayle Shaffer | Vampire; Ancient

Posted on Sat Sep 10, 2016 12:08 pm

It was a mistake. I didn't make many, but it was a mistake. I threw the phone across the room as it continued to buzz non-stop until it broke. Go hIfreann leat!!! Couldn't they give me this peace without regret!? But all these years and I'd never been able to completely squash out the guilt in me. Feisigh do thoin fein, Lilith. I said, as I picked up the landline and quickly dialed numbers, trying halt myself from breaking the phone in the process.

Lilah, now!


A part of me wanted to let them drown in the mess that had been created. But there was a part of me who was angry with myself. I had been too invested in my "cure" of sorts to pay attention to the world around me, nor care. I didn't see the match being lit that was to set the world on fire. I was just so close, and so oblivious at the same time. We were way beyond the point of any simple kind of damage control. This was now a war, if what I was hearing was true. Had those foolish cunts really nearly wiped out the wolves? I didn't like wolves any better than the next Upir, but there was a very important reason I let them roam the pacific freely. I did believe in a balance between the species; that's why we were made the way we were to begin with. It was too late for Lilith to back out now, to change her mind about what she'd done and how she'd done it. We all had learned to work with whatever flaws we had, and in my case, to remove them without upsetting the balance. What kind of fucking God was she? And what kind of morons followed an unstable cunt like her? Ursula, that's who. She had thrived on this kind of unnecessary drama even if it meant her own harm. Always, and I had a feeling that night in the fire, there was more to it. She had won herself a place in that fire and scorned me when I couldn't rescue her. This time, if she was going to burn, I was going to be the one to start the fire.

"For the time being that's all I know, Gayle. We tried - "
The collars, Lilah, wasn't there something... I thought I remember something coming to my desk from R&D. Something about a missing schematic. Can you check into that? I suspect those lazy fooks couldn't even devise their own equipment and had to build on to ours.
"Gayle, calm down, go have a drink. You're not going to solve this in a day."
Lilah, the world is on fire. I'm not going to get the sun back just to have the world burn around me. I do need a few small favors, if you can delegate them to the appropriate staff. I broke my phone, so I need a new one sent to me right away, with all of my information. I have too many people to contact, too much to do. I also need you to find someone to keep an eye on the alpha... wait... fuck.. is he still around? Oh, right, right, of course he's still around. Still, I need eyes on him. No contact, I just need information. I'm going to rally up what I can here.
"For what?"
You'll see. Oh, and don't worry about Noelle. I'll contact her.

Go hIfreann leat - To hell with you
Feisigh do thoin fein - Fuck your own ass

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