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 [Closed] Calypso the goddess of sea punk.

[Closed] Calypso the goddess of sea punk.

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[Closed] Calypso the goddess of sea punk.

Calypso Bea Paxon | Human; Citizen

Posted on Fri Sep 09, 2016 10:32 am

Okay so, I'd had my fun with the whole... Wanting to be a witch thing. I didn't want to be a witch actually, I just, I was intrigued by the whole thing. I had my moment of believing light as a feather stiff as a board was legit, and playing with voodoo dolls was fun and shit until I realized I was wasting so much time putting pins in ugly dolls. Honestly, after my trip to Florida my magical experiences were pretty much non existent. I was bored of it now. Nothing had happened. Not a single magical thing had happened so... I hung up my crystal ball, shoved my pentagram harnesses into the drawer, and was back to my cotton candy, bubbly self.

Now, a lot had changed. Not in me personally, I was still Calypso the goddess of sea punk, I was still living with the coolest person in this town, and possibly the world. Even if Michelle and I hadn't exactly had much time to hang out... Which lead me to the next thing. I got a fucking job. No more calling up Daddy to ask for a loan I'd never pay back. All I'd wanted when I moved here to start college was to break myself free of the wealth and trips on the yacht and ridiculously overpriced champagne that frankly tasted worse than the red boxed wine you could get at the supermarket. It was so... Boring. And now I'd done it. I loved Daddy, but he was constantly shoving cash in my face as if I wasn't capable of living on my own. It was insulting. So getting a job at the local curio, witchy business, whatever shop was fucking magical. Even better, it was in the same outdoor shopping thing that Michelle worked at. We were literally job neighbors. She sold music, I sold eye of newt. She had this sexy goth thing going on, I had this rainbow brite's vomit thing going on. Yin and yang baby, it was working.

My love life was... Meh. I mean I wasn't exactly on the hunt for a guy, but even if I was the options in this town sucked. There was one hot as hell dude from Seattle when Michelle and I went to hemp fest. We hung out, never anything intimate, never any dates. I got the feeling he wasn't interested honestly. He was definitely into Michelle, which was cool, I was always down with being her wingwoman. I don't even know if anything happened between them though.

My sex life was sated. Plain and simple. Michelle and I had a unique friendship. The kind that... Basically my friend Jess and I fooled around once, but she got really weird after. I'd call her to hang out, go shopping, whatever, and she'd just give off these fucking weird ass vibes. Like I was asking her on a date or something. It was impossible for us to stay friends after that. But Michelle was on my level, meaning our friendship was totally fine even if we did fool around occasionally.

Other than all of that, I'd decided to take a semester off of school to kinda... Build up my account. It's not like I was getting showered in Benji's but it was building... Slowly. My only obstacle was constantly being teased by Dolls Kill. Which seemed a lot more expensive now that I was using my own money to buy shit. I didn't have a car payment or anything... I was driving a piece of shit white 1988 VW Cabriolet that I bought knowing it had engine problems... It definitely wasn't the Maserati Daddy wanted to get for me. But I looked cute as shit driving it? Which was... Not exactly a perk... But something good, right?

As I thought over how much my life had changed in only months, I don't know, I got weird. I just had a weird feeling, it wasn't until I mentally listed all of the ways I hadn't changed physically, spiritually, and mentally that I managed to roll out of bed with a smile on my face. It was almost noon and I was ready to get to work... Which wasn't actually true, but there was a little sandwich place in the complex that served the best fucking chicken pesto panini in all the realms.

You already take lunch? Guuuuurl I need me some chicken pesto from Sertinos!

I set my phone onto my dresser and started digging through the pile of clothes on the floor for something to wear. Apparently I wasn't allowed to wear half of the shit I owned... Which I didn't get since the owner forced me to wear this boring ass evergreen shit green apron that covered eighty percent of my outfit anyway...

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