Index was once a small and close-knit community, but the town located on the western side of Washington state has grown in recent years beyond anyone's expectations. It is the ideal place for those who work in Seattle but can't afford the city's high real estate prices, and for others the natural beauty attracts them to the town. And Index truly is a beautiful place - surrounded by thick evergreen trees, tall mountains and glistening rivers and lakes. While weather is typically rainy with overcast skies even this does nothing to take away from the beauty of the town, and it is only highlighted further when the heavy snow graces the town and caps the mountains in winter. To many, Index would seem like a paradise. And yet lurking beneath this visual beauty there is more to this town than anyone might ever imagine...

Current Time in Index, Washington:
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PK :)

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Re: PK :)

PistolKitten aka PK |

Posted on Sat Oct 01, 2016 12:16 am


Lilith Alysbury
In This Moment
The Smashing Pumpkins
The Cranberries
The Pretty Reckless
Alice in Chains
The Feelers

Malakai Greenmantle III
The Atari’s
Plain White T’s
Fallout Boy
Good Charlotte
Matchbox 20
One Republic
Blink 182
The Killers
Imagine Dragons
The Fratellis
Franz Ferdinand

Daron Wynyard
Static X
Fear Factory

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Re: PK :)

PistolKitten aka PK |

Posted on Sat Nov 05, 2016 11:21 pm


Daron Wynyard has been a busy Baby, as youngsters usually are. He remembers, at least by name, every single progeny he has, all 34 of them. Some he can recall clearly, others are almost shadows of memories. Below is a list of years, and genders of each of his spawn, as well as VERY LOOSE guidelines as to what criteria he used for turning. While for the most part, Daron is flippant with turning, like most Baby Vamps....he does have a 'type' that tickles his fancy. Most of his 'children' he has a good relationship with, as each one has stayed with him for a minimum of 3 months after they were turned. Though time changes people of course....
All Vampires made during these years were 'Innocents'. Attributes: Mostly Blond or fair haired, Well to do families, Angelic features, lovely calm dispositions before they were turned.
1924 - Male
1925 - Female, Male
1928 - Female
1931 - Male
1932 - Female
1935 - Male, Female
1937 - Male
1940 - Female
1949 - Male, Female
All Vampires made during these years were 'Wild'. Attributes: Adventurous, Rebellious, Free-loving.
1958 - Male
1961 - Female
1962 - Male
1964 - Female
1966 - Male
All Vampires made during these years were 'Abnormal'. Attributes: VERY Young, Physically deformed, Dwarves and/or were genius'.
1972 - Female
1973 - Oren, Turned at 8 years old, Child Prodigy, Current Keyboard player for Laudanum.
1980 - Female
1982 - Male
1984 - Female
All Vampires made during these years were 'Talented Musicians' Attributes: Talented in any instrument, Female could also have been chosen for their outstanding singing voices.
1985 - Kris, Current Bass guitarist for Laudanum, Stands at 6'3
1990 - Sabine, Current Drummer for Laudanum, ex vampire groupie
1994 - Male, Female
1999 - Drew, Current Lead Guitarist for Laudanum, Pisses Daron off big time.
All Vampires made during these years were 'Bodyguards' Attributes: High fitness, physically strong, combat training, arrogant and headstrong.
2000 - Female
2003 - Male
2007 - Female
2010 - Male
2011 - Mafuane, Described by Daron to be a 'Black African Woman built like an Amazonian'
2014 - Mark Stonebridge (Old Played Character)

All Vampires made currently offer Daron something he NEEDS.

2016 - Alyssa, Female Vocalist for Laudanum & Henry Van Garrett, Wealthy Old Tycoon.
If at any point you're interested in making one of Daron's Progeny, then message me in slack :) This offer will be open indefinitely, I'll just update the TAKEN years if he refers to any progeny in RP, making them canon.
Daron is also available as an option for turning current human characters!
Female would be canon right now.

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