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[Private] Misery Business

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Re: [Private] Misery Business

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Sun Sep 11, 2016 2:01 am

Pushing the rewind button and resetting time had a refreshing effect. Murdering my own arm was going to fuel a few more nightmares for nights to come but I had felt like something theatrical was the only way to prove a point. Not that I knew whether it had sunk in. “What can I say, dealing with your fuckery brings out the actress in me.” I flattened the anger in my gut not wanting to turn up the heat again now that the flames had been mostly doused. The more and more we went back and forth, neither gaining the upper hand for more than a split second made me feel shit. It was bringing back depressing thoughts. That I had failed. That I was a fuck up. That I was never going to be good enough. Feeling like that, dwelling on those thoughts weren’t going to help anyone.

“I’m done with this fuckfest, I’m tired.” Actually I wasn’t any longer. That ship had sailed and I was now wired. Fucking stupid shit Fanger Blood. The ghosts of tremendous pain lingered around my arm which wasn’t going to help with trying to get any shut eye anyway. Maybe I’d slip out after Onyx had gone to sleep himself and get a lay of the land. Buy something decent to eat. Get another drink. Even as I thought it my body protested to the idea. I was still exhausted just unable to sleep. “I don’t fucking get it, you don’t fucking get it, it doesn’t even fucking matter anymore. What’s important is Revenge.”

Focusing on the task at hand would blot out everything else. Just as I was about to ask for the lights to be turned out because it was time for him to fuck off to bed….there was a loud knock on the door. “Are you expecting someone?” I didn’t even know what the time was at this point but it was pitch black outside. We had been bleating at each other for quite a while but I would have thought that the arse end of Index residential would be used to domestics. Did someone forget their key? Was it nosy neighbors? I had no idea. “Is this a ‘Luxx hide in a cupboard’ moment?”

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Re: [Private] Misery Business

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Sun Sep 11, 2016 11:37 am

Had you ever met someone so morally, physically, and mentally opposite of yourself that even their very presence sent a cold chill of adrenaline throughout your entire being? That even when the nicest words escaped their shitty mouth you had to fight with every ounce of self control you possessed just to keep from knocking their teeth out? That was the only way I could describe this... Whatever this was. There were moments, redeeming moments, they'd slip in unannounced and I'd get the opposite feeling, even if only for a split second, they would happen. But it seemed to constantly end the same, with me angry, hating her existence, and hating that I needed her because the world was on fucking fire.

I'm sorry. I blurted out, the sincerity of the words making me cringe and shudder. I still stand by what I've said. I tacked onto the end, but it didn't matter, the words had already come out and I'd probably spend the night laying in bed regretting those two little words and stewing over every single reason why I shouldn't have said them. So maybe I was pissed to hell, but that didn't change the fact that my own words were already fucking haunting my ass. Build bridges.

My entire body turned towards the door, the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end, and even more ridiculous, I felt fear. Instead of going over a list of more plausible guests, I thought of only one name, detective Peterson. How fucking shit would my luck be if he had come back with that warrant, and Luxx got to sit back and watch him dig my cousin's body out of the backyard. How the fuck was I going to explain that?

I placed my finger over my lips, telling her to keep it down in the most quiet way I could manage. Just shut up. I whispered sharply, rolling my fucking eyes. Hide in the fucking cupboard? This chick was a fucking cartoon.

I quietly made my way to the door and looked through the peephole... A sigh followed, but not one of relief, one of annoyance as I opened the door. ''What is going on over here?'' It was my snoopy ass fucking neighbor Dianne, the one that had contacted the detective in the first fucking place. There she stood, in a robe and yellow slippers with socks. Fucking hell. Dianne... I looked down, seeing she had dialed nine-one-one but hadn't actually started the call before she shoved passed me and invited herself in. ''Who is this?! I told you Byrne, keep the noise down or I'm calling the police. What happened to her arm! There is something fishy goin' on over here and I demand you tell me before I have you arrested!'' I grabbed her wrist before she could take another step inside. ''Get your hands off of me! This is sexual assault!''

My eyes lit up and locked on hers, but not before she could get another word out. ''Demon!'' She gripped the cross around her neck and her entire body stiffened up as she backed up against the wall. Shut the fuck up, mind your own business, and go back home. You heard and saw nothing. Now fuck off. The second she blinked my compulsion was done, and she smiled at Luxx, then at me, ''Sorry to have bothered you folks.'' she nodded her head, slipped out the door, and I closed it behind her.

When I turned around I started my feet straight for my bedroom, but stopped before I disappeared from sight. It's not useless. Was the last thing I said before slipping into my room and closing the door.

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Re: [Private] Misery Business

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Mon Sep 12, 2016 2:28 am

Once his bedroom door had shut I giggled to myself and muttered “Personally I would have just eaten her.” That would have gone down like a bag of dildos I’m sure. The hilarity of yellow slippers with socks didn’t last as long as I wanted it to since my brain really wanted to become fixated on Onyx’s I’m Sorry. Fuck me sideways that had actually sounded real. No sarcasm dripping from his words like cheese from a burger. No eye roll afterwards like candy rolling from a packet. No smug expression like…holy shit I was hungry. I had to be delirious at this point. A sick combo of lack of sleep, Fanger juice, a mayo sandwich and just having stabbed myself in the arm not five minutes ago. Fuck, I was going to think about this all night. Wondering if in some way he did get me, even though it didn’t seem like he did, because he was doing the same thing I did. Be an asshole to force someone to grow a fucking pair. He wasn’t that smart to understand that though was he? See? FUCK! Luxx this shit doesn’t matter. Who gives a shit if that shithead likes you. Great, now I’m giving myself pep talks punctuated with the word shit.

Getting up I occupied myself with finding a writing utensil and paper. It took twenty fucking minutes to locate a pen and two napkins. One had ‘Tracey’ and a smudged phone number on it. Both looked like they had been lost in the chaos for months. On the blank one I began writing myself a reminder.

Make Dinner Reservations
Buy New Clothes
Buy New Cell phone
Buy Map
Check in with X
Give Address to Dealer
Clean Onyx’s Shithole

By the time 5am rolled around, which in reality wasn’t all that long I was going mad. I had gone over and over in my head everything of importance Onyx had told me during the evening and I was feeling absolutely disgusted in myself. This is what bitches did who were fawning over some dick. Lay awake taking apart everything they had said to analyse it. I didn’t have a choice though, I literally couldn’t sleep. Growling I tossed off the blanket and gathered up my belongings. The necklace pendant, my cell phone, the dog collar and credit card. Getting some fresh air was all I needed. Slipping out the door I made sure to close it softly but securely.

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