Index was once a small and close-knit community, but the town located on the western side of Washington state has grown in recent years beyond anyone's expectations. It is the ideal place for those who work in Seattle but can't afford the city's high real estate prices, and for others the natural beauty attracts them to the town. And Index truly is a beautiful place - surrounded by thick evergreen trees, tall mountains and glistening rivers and lakes. While weather is typically rainy with overcast skies even this does nothing to take away from the beauty of the town, and it is only highlighted further when the heavy snow graces the town and caps the mountains in winter. To many, Index would seem like a paradise. And yet lurking beneath this visual beauty there is more to this town than anyone might ever imagine...

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 [Closed] Her Heart is an Empty Room

[Closed] Her Heart is an Empty Room

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[Closed] Her Heart is an Empty Room

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Sat Aug 27, 2016 2:21 am

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Outer forest leading towards Index | Cloudy verging on Rain | Dusk

- Burn it down till the embers smoke on the ground. And start new when your heart is an empty room. With walls of the deepest blue. – Your Heart is an Empty Room by Death Cab for Cutie.
Breathing was a curious thing. Normally I didn’t even concern myself with the act of sucking in air and pushing it back out but it had a calming sedative effect. Plus it was something to do, something to think about that wasn’t anything to do with the nightmare behind me. Every pack I had passed was gone. Vacant den sites littered the landscape. Dances in the dirt inscribing struggles. Dried blood to mark the instances of battle. Grave-sites, some unmarked to the untrained snout. My deposition had gone from manic crazy fucking scared, livid and desperate, to a zombie emptiness. Nothing was cutting through. Not even the harsh stab from my injured arm. Blood was no longer dripping down my fingertips as it hung limp at my side but I knew that it wasn’t pretty. It wasn't healing on it's own.

Am I the only one?

While the odd scent of wolf had tingled my nostrils, chasing them was like tracking ghosts. Every time I had exhausted myself following a tendril I was met with nothing but stale memories. Loneliness stronger than anything I had ever felt gripped my stomach with icy fingers. Or it could be lack of food and water? Whatever, it was hell. Day turned to night on a rinse and repeat. Sleeping came when I passed out in the odd bush. I avoided main roads heading in the same definitive direction as if on auto pilot.

Index had never been a home. I didn’t imagine there was going to be a grand rolling out of red carpet for my return. As long as someone was there to flip me the bird I was going to be happy. I’d suck the resentment right off their finger and give them a snog for their troubles. Couldn’t tell you why I was heading in this direction to be brutally honest, maybe it was because this pack was huge. The Great Pacific Pack. More Wolves than New Zealand had sheep, which had to mean that some of them had to be alive.

He had to be.


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