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[Private] Suicide Mission

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Re: [Private] Suicide Mission

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Wed Oct 12, 2016 1:00 am

Yeah well... Suck it up, we'll be at your place soon enough where we can pump you full of Tylenol and liquor to numb the pain. I spoke quickly, easing up on the pedal as she requested but not too much. The sooner we got to where we were going, the sooner she could take something, and I could make sure she wasn't hiding any surprises, which was more or less the true reason behind my careless and fast driving.

You're fine, everything's fine. Just fuck! I took one last turn, heading down the road that lead to her place. You're a wolf, a warrior, and you're definitely not fucking broken, just... I hit my breaks and shut off the engine, running around to the other side to open her door. Walk it off, and when we get inside, you're gonna talk it off. I guess the aim was to distract her from whatever fucking shit was going on inside of her. I could see the damage on the outside, but from the way she was talking made me wonder what kind of shit they pumped into her system before dropping her off.

After helping her inside and ordering her to sit down, I went in search of painkillers and booze. Maybe it wasn't what the doctor ordered, but I wasn't a fucking medic, and aside from stitching up wounds and letting the wolf do the rest, shitty painkillers and liquor was all I knew. Fuck, it was all I ever needed.

After finding what I was looking for I grabbed a glass, dampened a towel, and carried it all back to her. It was all fucking bullshit. I'd been playing doctor too fucking much lately. These... I dumped a few pills into my hand and dropped them into hers, Aren't going to do shit for your pain... But mixed with this... I spoke as I eyed the glass and filled it about half way with liquor, ...Well, it'll do something. It's not gonna be oxy but it'll have to do until whatever... The fuck is going on inside of you has passed.

And this... I held up the towel, Is for clean up, I don't think you'll need stitches... I reached forward and placed my fingers on her chin, moving her head from side to side just to make sure. Maybe medical tape... I spoke as I examined the damage. You got a med kit around here? We should probably get you sorted... Maybe get some more liquor in you too before I tell you just how long you've been gone...

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Re: [Private] Suicide Mission

Haven Everett | Wolf; Warrior/Fighter

Posted on Fri Oct 14, 2016 8:13 pm

I really wanted to believe him, I really did. But take a good fucking look at me. Do I look fine? And don't even get me started on whatever the hell is going on inside my mind, because it isn't fine in there either. He could try to nail that phrase through my skull as much as he wanted, but it was just a lie. It was comfort for him, honestly. Whatever you say, chief.  I uttered, grabbing ahold of his shoulder and groaning as he helped me out of the truck.

The photos on the wall, this oddly comfortable couch, I don't remember any of it. I tuned out the shuffle of Vincent in the other room fetching who knows what for my deadbeat ass. I looked around to the random leather jackets and shirts draped over furniture and the coffee mugs scattered across the table before me. Did I drink coffee? Was I this untidy? But what caught my attention next was the stack of mail piled beside the coffee table. I leaned forward about to grab the envelope sitting on the very top when he sat on the wooden surface directly in front of me with goodies and I blinked up at him. Good to know I'm not entirely useless. I said in regards to the pills and alcohol he had in hand.

I popped the pills onto my tongue, bringing the glass to my lips and gulping back the pills with liquor. I coughed once as the liquor aroma filled my nostrils, sending a chill down my spine. Whiskey was it? If there was one thing I remember of course it was my love for booze. But shit you know it's been a while if I could barely take in my drink. 

I just sat on my cushion and let him take the reigns of being doctor. Med kit? Couldn't tell ya. But I think that stack of mail next to your foot can give me an idea of how long I've been go- Everything went black the second his fingers touched my chin, but when light returned I wasn't in my living room... I was in a bathroom with Vincent, whose face was all beaten and bruised, sitting on the counter as I stood in front of him with a towel cleaning up his busted lip.

"We need to stop meeting like this." I charmed, lightly patting his lip and chin with the towel.
"You should see the other guy." He cooed with that smirk of his, gets me every time. I stared at his lips for a moment as I lowered the towel before glancing up to this eyes which were already staring back at me. His fingers softly gripped my chin as our faces inched closer.

Then reality clicked back in, and I was back on the couch with Vincent still holding my chin. I immediately pulled away from him, not only was my heart pounding out of my damn chest, but there was a feeling in the pit of my stomach... A feeling I know I shouldn't be experiencing for him. What the hell was that..  I uttered under my breath.

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Re: [Private] Suicide Mission

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Sat Oct 15, 2016 2:23 pm

This whole thing was really fucking fucked, and it'd taken me all of two seconds to make a really fucking big decision. To put off the news of our pack for another day. Preferably a day far into the future. In fact, the news was a fucking ant on the horizon. It was there, she just wasn't going to see it until I was good and fucking ready to show it to her. Maybe it was selfish, but I was going to pass it off as long as I fucking could as a favor to her. The last thing she needed right now was a speech about how our family was very possibly dead or gone and never coming back. So really, when I looked at it that way, withholding was a favor to her in her current state. And yeah, maybe I'd told Luxx, but she wasn't a fucking packmate so it didn't matter as much.

I frowned, eyes catching hers for a minute when she suddenly stopped speaking. A moment passed, and I split my attention from her abrupt weird behavior and examining her scrapes. What? I glared as I removed my hand from her face and took a step back. I was just making sure the damage was cosmetic... Fuck... Well shit got fucking awkward real fast. I made a personal note to avoid touching her in the future so we wouldn't have to repeat the awkwardness as I put another steps distance between us and made a mental checklist. Painkillers were in her, liquor was in her, and I no longer needed to tell her how long she'd been gone, since she'd figured that out all on her own. Which meant it was time to get answers, or try to at least.

You can't tell me anything? If you can't recall the last thing you remember then what does that mean? I asked, finding the idea of her not remembering anything really fucked. I mean... Can you even remember shit from a year ago? Two? Ten? Give me something to go on. I don't know enough about you to fill you in. I moved over, finding myself a seat next to her as I scanned her face for a reaction, anything indicating that light bulb above her head was turning on, and as I began realizing asking her the same question a million times wasn't going to grant me a different answer, I sighed and leaned back, chewing on my lip as I prepared myself for what I was about to say.

Vampires. I blurted out, without elaborating or even giving her a visual hint as to what the fuck I was talking about. It turns out they have uh... Government? I don't know if that's what it is. It's money, it's power, it's an organization of individuals... I mean, what else would you call it? I shrugged my shoulders as I made the connections aloud, more for my own benefit than hers. You've been held captive... For... well you have the papers there to tell you just how long. And I guess they wiped your memory of the whole thing... Admittedly I didn't know much about her other than the fact that she didn't really leave a lasting impression. Which wasn't an insult, considering wolves that left lasting impressions were usually wolves that made it perfectly clear they hated my fucking guts. But you're back now and... I frowned, trying to soften the blow by basically telling her everything was hunky-fucking-dory wasn't gonna fly. Physically, you're in one piece... I broke eye contact, realizing that probably meant jack shit when her brain had been figuratively scooped out with a wooden spoon.

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